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Christmas In Mexico – Wikipedia

Christmas In Mexico - Wikipedia

The Nochebuena (poinsettia) is native to Mexico and is widely used as a decoration during Christmas time. Christmas in Mexico is celebrated during a season that begins near December 12 to January 6, candlemas on February 2. During this entire time, one can see nativity scenes, poinsettias and Christmas shoes. The season begins with celebrations related to the Virgin for life, the patroness of Mexico, followed … is observed from December 12 to January 6, with one additional celebration on February 2. Traditional decorations displayed on this holiday include nativity scenes, poinsettias, and A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as a spruce, pine or fir, or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas, originating in Northern Europe. The custom was developed in medieval Livonia, and in early modern Germany where Protest… .

  • Ornaments and Lights. Christmas ornament with a Mexican flair add a rustic beauty …
  • Poinsettias. Few people realize that the poinsettia, the most recognized flower of …
  • Pinata. The pinata originated in China, but became popular in Mexico as a religious …


  • Handmade Nativity Scenes. A nativity scene, or el Nacimiento, is probably the most …
  • Christmas Piñata. Celebrated each evening from December 16 through 24, its nine …
  • Path of Luminarias. A small bonfire or lit candles in paper bags, also called faroles, …


Mexican Christmas ornaments and decorations are mostly hand created by folk artists in painted tin, clay wrought iron and hand blown glass. Other decorations include typical Mexican ornaments made of paja or straw, a star or an angel on the top of the tree, Christmas lights, and silver streamers wrapped around the tree to simulate snow.

Mexican Christmas Decorations – Zinnia Folk Arts

The Christmas decorations of Mexico vary by region but are always colorful and festive whether made of tin, paper, wood, textiles or clay..

The tradition of Christmas poinsettias originated in Mexico, where they are called flores de Navidad, or Christmas flowers. Mexican Christmas ornaments are handmade and they are valued throughout the world for their craftsmanship.

On each night of the Posadas, a different family holds a party, where there is food, drinks, music, piñatas, and fireworks. 4. Another classic Mexican Christmas custom is Las Pastorelas. These Christmas plays depict the Shepherds’ journey following the Star of Bethlehem to find the Biblical Nativity.

A pre-arranged fiesta then takes place – a true Christmas in Mexico! Christmas in Mexico is unique from what we are used to in the United States. Lighting fireworks, breaking piñatas, and writing to the Wise Men by leaving “requests” in your shoes are just some of the interesting traditions a Christmas in Mexico celebrates.

Christmas in Mexico: What’s It Like?

Over the years, Christmas trees have become more popular in Mexico. Although Christmas trees have gained popularity, el Nacimiento is still the centerpiece for Christmas in Mexico. Christmas trees are decorated with handmade ornaments or handmade paper mache. The trees are also covered in tinsel and garland.

  • Las Posadas. What are the traditions in Mexico for Christmas? Well, you’ve probably heard of the 12 …
  • Christmas Eve traditions in Mexico. The last posada takes place on Christmas Eve (known as …
  • Mexican Christmas Day Traditions. After such a late night on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day in …
  • El Dia De Los Tres Reyes. The holiday season comes to a close on January 6 during El Dia De Los …
  • Barceló holiday offers and packages. Now that you know all about Mexican Christmas, why not plan …


Some traditional Mexican Christmastime dishes include: Bacalao, or salted cod. It’s usually served as a salad in Bacalao la Vizcaina which is with capers, olives, tomatoes,… Ensalada de Noche Buena is usually served on Christmas Eve and is made with lettuce, beets, jicama, oranges, and/or…

  1. Nacimientos: Mexican Nativity Scene. Christmas rituals in Mexico is a different kind of treat, the .
  2. A Mexican Christmas Posada. The Mexican Christmas Posadas comes nine days before Christmas .
  3. Pastorelas. The next Christmas special Mexican tradition is a unique one called – Pastorelas . .
  4. Villancicos. Christmas without carols are impossible, it’s mundane, it’s sad, it is unimaginable. In .
  5. Nochebuena Flower. How about spending the perfect Mexican Christmas eve, the Mexican have a .
  6. Mexican Christmas Food: Buñuelos. You cannot have a Christmas without all the right Christmas in .
  7. Fireworks In Los Cabos: Año Nuevo. Most Mexicans celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a late-night .
  8. Día De Reyes. In Mexico, January 6th, the day of the Epiphany is celebrated as Día de Reyes in .
  9. Día De La Candelaria. It’s the day when Christmas is finally over. It’s traditionally a sad day, but what .


21 Mexican Christmas Decor ideas | mexican christmas

Borracho (Drunk Man) Mexican Loteria Christmas Ornament. Colorful little pillow on a ribbon loop for hanging, approximately 2″ x 3″ (2″ x 6″ with loop). Mexican Christmas Decorations Holiday Decor Christmas Holidays Christmas Ornaments American Country Vintage Marketplace Mexican Art Day Of The Dead Handmade Gifts.

Red and white stripe christmas ornaments glass balls, set of 12, hand crafted and painted in mexico, 2.4 inch (6 cm), ideal for christmas tree ornaments decor $39.99 $ 39.

Christmas in Mexico – Everyone Totally Respects and Worships Jesus A Family-Centric Holiday. Mexico’s rich and vibrant culture is best seen when observing how traditions and customs are… Traditional Decorations. As early as November, decorations can be seen being put up all throughout the country.

Sep 17, 2021 – Explore Andrea’s board “Mexican Christmas Decorations” on Pinterest. See more ideas about mexican christmas, mexican christmas decorations, christmas decorations.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico. Contents. 1 Christmas season in Mexico. 2 Nativity scenes. 3 Pastorela. Christmas season in Mexico. Nativity scenes. Pastorela. Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Yani’s Gifts Mexican Tin Ornaments, Mexican Art (Set of 4), Mexican Christmas Ornaments, Hand Painted Red Hot Chili Pepper, Donkey, Sleeping Mariachi, Cactus Christmas Decorations, Southwestern Decor.

Christmas is a long season in Mexico, running from the 12th of December through to Epiphany with yet another celebration to mark Candlemas on February 2nd. Important festive dates for Mexico: Mexican Christmas Holidays. Date. Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) 24th December.

While Independence Day calls for tinsel, Christmas calls for string upon string of vivid Christmas lights that form ornate mosaics and patterns on some of the city’s biggest and best buildings which surround the central square.

Mexican Christmas Ornaments and Southwest Decorations

Our Mexican Christmas ornaments are hand created in painted tin, hand-painted clay and blown glass. Offering hand crafted angels, nativity scenes and rustic metal Christmas trees. Add Mexican and Southwestern flair to your holiday decorating with these unique handcrafts from Mexico.

Traditional decorations displayed on this holiday include nativity scenes, poinsettias, and christmas trees. 28/11/2019 the celebration of the posadas is an important mexican christmas tradition and features prominently in holiday festivities in mexico (and more and more north of the border as well).

While the Christmas decorations are up and there is a definite uptick in traffic and foot traffic in stores, there is a notable absence of holiday frenzy in the village. Posadas. Mexican Christmas celebrations begin on December 16 with posadas commemorating Mary and Joseph’s search for a place for their child to be born.

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