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Company Christmas Party Ideas During Covid19

Company Christmas Party Ideas During Covid19

The 2020 company Christmas party will certainly look different than previous years, but that means there is also room for new, fun and creative ideas that are COVID19 safe. Above we discussed three company Christmas party ideas during COVID19 , but they aren’t just for pandemics and social distance.

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, your company’s favorite holiday tradition probably isn’t in the cards this year. There will be no secret Santas in 2020. No catered.

The 2020 company Christmas party will certainly look different than previous years, but that means there is also room for new, fun and creative ideas that are COVID19 safe.

To help you jingle the festive bells, we’ve collected the newest and brightest ideas for holiday parties. Below you’ll find HR approved ideas everyone can enjoy, ideas to life the adult spirits, food-centric themes, gala glitz, and some fun Christmas party themes.

Virtual holiday party ideas are specific games, activities and themes for your holiday gathering. These events give remote employees the chance to relax and reconnect with coworkers. These ideas are similar to virtual Christmas party ideas, virtual.

  1. Kara-offkey. Turn your corporate holiday party into the good old days when MTV actually played .
  2. Game time. Snag some retro games on eBay, or raid your parents’ closet for classics like Grape .
  3. Food+ Drink: 90’s Eats. We’ll help you book a food truck that can whip up 90s-inspired food. Create .
  4. Attire: Throwback ‘fits. Luckily (or maybe not so much) the 90s are back in fashion, so employees .
  5. Who has #88302? Give everyone a raffle ticket as they enter, then a few times during the evening, .
  6. Up the ante. It’s easy to bet big when you’re playing with fun money. Set up slots, poker tables, and .
  7. You won’t believe your eyes (or ears) A talented magician is always a corporate holiday party .
  8. Live music. There’s nothing like a blast from the horn section to keep the energy up at the craps .
  9. Food + Drink: Casino Bites. With all eyes on the cards, you’ll want to make sure food is edible in .
  10. Attire: Glam. Ask attendees at your corporate holiday party to jazz it up. Guests can put together .


77 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love (2021)

Here our list of holiday party entertainment ideas for this year’s corporate event. Category #1: Live Bands Cover bands. Hire a cover band to play at your corporate function if you want to sing along to holiday favorites from well-known artists. Cover bands offer an extensive list of.

Corporate office party games, activities, and ideas are critical for workplace celebrations. An effective work social event provides the opportunity for employees and staff to connect on a personal level while participating in fun work party activities that are great for a large group setting.

  1. Virtual work Christmas party This is one of the more convenient office Christmas party ideas. Only .
  2. Online Secret Santa ‍ ‍ As suggested earlier, you can still host the traditional Secret Santa and deliver .
  3. Zoom Karaoke jingles night This office Christmas party ideas requires a lot of participation. Test .
  4. Gingerbread house decorating party at home Another favourite of office Christmas party ideas is .
  5. Virtual wine and cheese party Swap pub crawling to a virtual wine and cheese party from .


  1. Private Cocktail Party. As long as social distancing continues, maintaining a healthy distance will be .
  2. Contactless Cookie Exchange. Invite your friends and guests for a contactless cookie exchange .
  3. Christmas Movies & Carols Night. Bring back the nostalgia with a dinner theater show that follows .
  4. Ice Skating Adventure. Lace-up your skates and hit the ice ring with your group of friends or just your .
  5. Gift A Toy. Spread the joy by giving unwrapped toys or used toys to charitable institutions. Nothing .
  6. Virtual Games Night. Begin your holiday season with a Holiday game night. Lineup a set of games .
  7. Photo Booth. If you have event attendees and friends who love taking pictures, host a Photo Booth .


Keep your party modest and simple to avoid any potential issues with the IRS. Rule 3: The Invitation Most important, extend your holiday party invitation to all employees. A holiday part is intended to acknowledge your employees’ hard work and celebrate the company’s existence.

Holiday Office Party Deductions: 4 Rules | LawInc

  1. Online Holiday Bingo. Online Holiday Bingo is a fun and familiar game you can play at your virtual .
  2. Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt. Virtual scavenger hunts are fun and active ways to spend time on a .
  3. Cheery Holiday Playlists. December is the only month of the year with a special soundtrack. Virtual .
  4. Virtual Holiday Party (Fully Hosted!) We run fully hosted virtual holiday parties via our sister .
  5. Virtual Christmas Trivia. Trivia is a great option for any virtual holiday party or online meeting. .
  6. Virtual Christmas Party Invitations. Because your virtual holiday party takes place via video call, you .
  7. Virtual Holiday Icebreakers. One of the drawbacks of virtual Christmas parties is that while video .
  8. “Christmas in my Town” Icebreaker. The members of remote teams often live spread across .
  9. Craft Festive Ornaments. Though you and your remote colleagues may not share an office .
  10. Make a Company Christmas Card (Creative) Chances are, your remote team is rarely in the same .


  1. Beautiful Santa Selfie Lighted Lantern Snow Globe. This is undoubtedly an amazing perfect .
  2. Tasty Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket. This grand holiday bundle with delicious .
  3. Iron Flask Vacuum Insulated Sports Water Bottle. The iron flask vacuum water bottle is an elegant, .
  4. Wireless Charger with Adjustable Stand and Angle. In today’s fast-paced world, the fear of missing .
  5. Stunning Colorful Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe. Granted most information is readily .
  6. Exquisite Whiskey Stones and Crystal Shot Glasses Set. Give your colleague or business client who .
  7. Tactical Multi-Tool Pen For Self Defence. This innovative pen is more than just for writing. Made of .
  8. Ethel M Assorted Premium Dark Chocolate Luxury Selection. Assorted premium dark chocolates .
  9. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebooks Set With Pens. Rocketbook brings along the most .
  10. Life Hacks 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar. We all need help to navigate through life. A life hacks 2022 .


California. OUE may be sleek and modern, but its ability to take your company to new heights will be the defining factor in planning this annual holiday party. OUE is located 1,000 feet above ground floor and offers 360-degree views of the Los Angeles skyline. It’s time to take your employees to the next level.

The Company Christmas Party in 2020 – Time for Virtual! The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have put a stop to the annual office party and have forced employers to think of alternative ways to wish employees a happy Christmas and to boost morale. Christmas parties. Employers are allowed to.

The Company Christmas Party in 2020 – Time for Virtual!

Virtual Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas. Finally, in 2020, most companies and organizations are having a virtual Christmas party. All of the above are available and more for virtual holiday parties. You can see some ideas here. Email or give Funny Business Agency a call for the Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas for your event.

2020 has been a year of upheaval, and it’s not done with us yet – the traditional end-of-year office shindig is one of its latest victims. According to a survey, 89% of companies in the UK plan to have virtual company Christmas parties this year due to lockdowns and social distancing requirements. If yours is one of them, you don’t need to look any further for celebratory ideas that offer a fun, safe end.

  1. Virtual Drinks. Take your work’s Christmas drinks online and enjoy the company and chat of your .
  2. Hosted Wine Tasting Workshop. Take the virtual drinks party further with an organised wine tasting .
  3. Fancy Dress Video Calls. Offer prizes for best dressed, creative headwear, best makeup, or most .
  4. Long Distance Secret Santa. You can still organise a group Secret Santa gift exchange. Using online .
  5. Virtual Karaoke. This one still has Christmasphere HQ divided. Some of us love a silly session of .
  6. Virtual Christmas Dinner. Send out a mini hamper of edible treats to the group and hop on a group .
  7. Online Escape Rooms. Take all the fun of figuring out clues in an escape room and do it together .
  8. Online Zoom Games. We have made a list of 10 games you could play with family and friends on a .


But, like much of 2020, this year’s Christmas party will be very different — thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. … Functions and corporate events can host a total of 300 people, as long as they. | 6 Corporate Christmas Party Themes for 2020 | As the year slowly draws to a close, offices are gearing up for their annual Christmas parties before heading home for the holidays. Putting together a memorable Christmas party with a fun theme is a completely different beast compared to hosting a personal celebration.

6 Corporate Christmas Party Themes for 2020

  1. Christmas Ice Breakers. What better time of the year can there be to break ice? This is especially .
  2. Virtual Christmas Quiz. You probably noticed this already, but Zoom quizzes really took off in 2020. .
  3. Christmas Karaoke. We don’t have to miss out on any drunk, spirited singing this year. It’s perfectly .
  4. Virtual Secret Santa. Okay, so not technically free, this one, but it can certainly be cheap! Virtual .
  5. Spin the Wheel. Got an idea for a Christmas-themed gameshow? If it’s a game worth its salt, it’ll be .
  6. Origami Christmas Tree + Other Crafts. There’s nothing to dislike about making an adorable paper .
  7. Make a Christmas Present(ation) Been quizzing since the start lock down began? Try mixing it up by .
  8. Christmas Card Competition. Speaking of creative virtual Christmas party ideas, this one can get .
  9. Wrapping Paper Recreations. Ever watched a kid have more fun with wrapping paper or a cardbox .
  10. Christmas Cookie-off. Laptops in kitchens guys; time to make some really simple Christmas cookies .


As much as you must play by the book during your business COVID-19 Christmas party, ensure to put your best foot forward. The following pointers can steer you towards planning a safe and special 2020 Christmas party. Keep up with CDC real-time updates. When planning for your office Christmas party, you should have CDC real-time updates in mind.

Movie night. If you’re looking to host a unique Christmas party in London in 2020, why not arrange a Christmas movie night with friends and colleagues! The Cutting Room at The Grubstreet Author is a restored vintage cinema, enhanced with the very best audio visual technology. With tiered red velvet seating and a separate lobby for guests to.

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