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Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Diy Projects Craft Ideas &

Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Diy Projects Craft Ideas &

10 Unique and Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas
– 1.Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ringing. Gift in a sleigh, how fun! …
– 2.Candle Combo. Packaging that doubles as a gift! …
– 3.Put a Pin in It. Make it special with a pin! …
– 4.Brown Paper Packages. Add a key to your gift wrapping? …
– 5.Poster Package. Use poster to wrap your gifts! …
– 6.Dragon Tales. …
– 7.Bring Home the Beach. …
– 8.Feminine Touch. …
– 9.Turtle Mail. …
– 10.Beautiful Box. …

See More Photos: 10 Creative Tips for Holiday Gift Wrapping. Turn a Paper Bag Into Pine Cones. To create pine cones, cut a tall triangle out of brown paper bag or grocery sack. Trim one long edge with scalloped scissors, then darken it by running a brown marker.

When it comes to gift wrapping ideas, there’s nothing quite like brown paper for a rustic, homemade vibe. Adding a holly sprig (real or fake) with a green or red ribbon makes even those oddly.

There are plenty of unique ways to wrap presents beautifully. The quickest way that doesn’t even require a box: Create a gift bag out of another household staple, like an old (but clean) pillowcase or a brown paper bag..

  1. The Rosy Black Gift Wrap Idea. This elegant gift-wrapping idea by windblownideas is a unique twist .
  2. The Oh-So-Christmasy Gift Wrap Idea. Adding gift toppers is another fantastic way of wrapping .
  3. The Printed Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea. Using printed gift wrapping paper rather than plain .
  4. The Tiny Bear Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea. How about adding an adorable touch to your gift wraps .
  5. Paper Animals Christmas Gift Wrap. How about greeting your loved ones with cute reindeers, polar .
  6. The Faux Natural Gift Wrapping Idea. This minimal idea by windblownideas uses monochromatic .
  7. The Last Minute Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea. This Christmas gift wrapping idea by .
  8. The Natural Toppers Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea. Ditch the traditional gift bows and opt for .
  9. Recycled Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea. Wrap smaller gifts using the leftover wrapping paper from .
  10. The Effortless Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea. These effortless, colorful, and super adorable .


If you are done shopping for presents, it’s high time for Christmas gift wrapping! Before you choose your wrapping papers and other décor, here are.


Honeycomb Ornaments: Cut 1 ½” and 2 ½” half circles from honeycomb paper. Hot-glue one side of folded half circle to package; unfold and glue other side of sphere to box. Use a silver paint pen to draw ornament hangers. Paper Straw Christmas.

Feb 9, 2021 – Explore Sharyl Bussen’s board “Christmas Wrapping Ideas”, followed by 380 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas wrapping, christmas gift wrapping, creative gift wrapping.

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  1. Furoshiki Cloth. Furoshiki is originally a Japanese fabric used to wrap commodities, then why not try .
  2. Polka Dot Gift Wrap. Polka dots are always in vogue and they could take your wrapping game to a .
  3. Jingle Bell Ornament Wrap. Christmas is incomplete without the bells and so is your gift wrapping. .
  4. Gold Tipped Paper Flowers. Isn’t gold an all-time high in terms of embellishments? Well, of course, .
  5. Star Garland Gift Wrap DIY. Use this star garland to enhance the look of your wrappings without .
  6. Glamorous Christmas Wrap. Print this glamorous Christmas wrap and use it with your usual .
  7. Letter And Number Gift Tags. Personalize the gift wrappers by using the initials of the recipient or .
  8. Black Paper And Pinecone Gift Wrapping. Enough of all the shimmers and glitters, it’s time to switch .
  9. Christmas Tree Bags. If you’re already done with wrapping up all the gifts and want to dazzle it up, .
  10. DIY Stitched Up Gift Wrap. Stitch those gift wraps on your own to customize the wrapping paper and .


Creative Gift Wrapping with Cricut from Frog Prince Paperie. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree from Midwest Living. Snowman Stacked Christmas Gift Boxes (source unknown) Peppermint Candy Gift Wrap from Midwest Living. Festive Wreath Gift Bags from Damask Love. Christmas Shirt Gift Wrap from How to Decorate.

  1. Wrap in Your Theme. You don’t have to be super-creative with this. You really can just find some .
  2. Free Printable Scandinavian Christmas Tags. Photo Credit: If you are into .
  3. Paper Bags Adorned With Greens. Photo Credit: How I love the look of this! Natural, .
  4. Decorating Presents with Leaves. Photo Credit: If you like a lot of natural, evergreen .
  5. Star Garland Gift Wrap DIY. Photo Credit: How beautiful is this string garland? .
  6. Burlap Sack Gift Wrap. Photo Credit: I love, love, love the rustic feel of this .
  7. Fabric Ribbon. Photo Credit: Fabric ribbons is another great way to add .
  8. Gift Wrap with Ribbon. Photo Credit: Using ribbon is another fabulous .
  9. Red Buffalo Check Stacked Gifts. Photo Credit: You don’t need to stick to just .
  10. Sheet Music Gift Wrap. Photo Credit: How beautiful is this! I love the .


30 Elegant Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas (You Can Use

  1. Scandinavian Style Gift Wrap
  2. DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper
  3. Paper Straws Star Wrap
  4. DIY Scandinavian Pattern Paper & Gift Tags
  5. Polka Dot Wrapping
  6. DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap
  7. Mini Wreath Gift Tags
  8. DIY Tree Gift Toppers
  9. DIY Twig Trees Gift Toppers
  10. Rustic Gift Wrapping With Green Ribbon


  1. Cut Out Gift Wrap. highondiy. When I saw this, I said “Oh, WOW!” and then I wondered why I had .
  2. Furoshiki Gift Wrap. evermine. I first saw Furoshiki wrapping at this amazingly decadent Japanese .
  3. Linoleum Hand Stamped Gift Wrap. cottonandflax. This clever wrapping idea is a lot of fun to make, .
  4. DIY Gift Bag Tutorial. hellosandwich. Warning: Before you look at this tutorial, know you are likely to .
  5. How to Wrap A Gift. DIY JOY. Need present wrapping basics? Here is an awesome Youtube video .
  6. Holiday Gift Wrapped 3 Ways. liveitloveitmakeit. “One of my very favourite things about buying gifts, .
  7. Magazine RIbbon Gift Bows. 100layercake. I love DIY bloggers. These are my people. Who else .
  8. Matchbox Suitcase Gift Wrap. craftster. I found the perfect DIY gift wrapping for someone going on .
  9. Polka Dot Gift Wrap. stylecaster. I love DIY gift wrap and I have never found one easier than this .
  10. Origami Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes. linesacross. Love free printables? I am a huge fan of making .


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I feel like this year we can make our gifts extra special, therefore in this article, you will find some unique DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas that you can use. Contents DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Felt or Fabrics.

Step outside of the box with your gift wrapping and get creative. {My brothers will just cringe with #10!} 1. Wrap it up in that old shirt that is always the brunt of some joke. 2. Wrap it up with your own mug shot. {Get custom photo wrapping here!} 3. Crazy faces 4. Lionel Richie love with a cassette tape bow 5. Cardboard telephone 6. Emoticon boxes 7.

Sea Star (Michael’s has single ones that you can purchase for a few dollars) Blue Ribbon. Glue Gun. Note: Wrap the little shipping tube with brown Kraft paper (on the bottom, you can fold the paper into the tube and then pop the bottom cap back in to hold the paper securely in place).

Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas DIY Projects Craft

  • washi tape
  • stamps, stickers and stencils to personalize your gift wrap
  • christmas ornaments
  • kids’ fidget toys
  • candy & chocolate
  • textiles & fabric scraps
  • Faux florals and greenery


3D Gift Wrap. Instead of some simple paper and bows, make the wrapping paper interactive by taping 3D objects like crayons, candy, or, in this.

  1. Make a monogrammed jingle bell topper. I love a gift wrap that’s actually a present. These .
  2. Cut letters out of cards. Those old Christmas cards from last year? Trace a letter on the cutest one .
  3. DIY wreath present topper. This is the cutest idea and SO EASY. Loop a ribbon through both ends of .
  4. Stamp a wood slice for a tag. Quick wood slice tip: if you are going to get your Christmas tree from a .
  5. Add scrabble letters and jute twine. I love this paper. You won’t find it in the gift wrap section. It’s in .
  6. Make a twine Christmas tree for the top of the package. Wrap the twine vertically around the .
  7. Craft paper and book page houses. Easy and cute. Yes, please. Wrap the gift with craft paper, cut a .
  8. Tie on a galvanized letter tag. You can find these letters in the dollar section of the store. Then just .
  9. Make mini boxwood wreaths. You can make these for free. Cut boxwood clippings from the yard. .
  10. Tie on greenery. You can also simply tie on greenery from the yard with ribbon, too. Twist leftover .


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1 Christmas Tree Stamp. Mara OhlssonGetty Images. It doesn’t get any easier than this: Wrap each of your gifts in a used brown paper bag and stamp them with.

  1. Recycle in Style. Design your own festive gift wrap from a material you already have: paper shopping .
  2. Tea Towel Wrap. Choose a gift wrap idea that also doubles as a gift: a tea towel. Bundle a bottle of .
  3. Colorful Hodgepodge. Gather your paints, paintbrushes, and sponges. Use white or solid colored .
  4. Baked Goods Boxes. Take empty cardboard boxes from rolls of parchment paper or foil. Paint them .
  5. Holiday Lights. Christmas lights aren’t just for hanging on your roof. Cut open brown paper bags to .
  6. Paper Bows. Cut bow shapes out of colored cardboard construction paper. Use an online printable .
  7. Add a Tag. Dress up brown paper gift wrap with fine string or ribbon. Add a gold foil holiday tag for a .
  8. Washi Tape Weave. Washi tape isn’t just for home decor. You can use it to dress up your gift .
  9. 3D Wrapping. Wrapping gifts for your kids, grandchildren or nephews? Create your own interactive .
  10. Origami Bows. Add a little fun to your gift wrapping project by designing bows out of origami paper. .


20+ Gift Wrapping Ideas: Easy, Creative and Inexpensive

Adding pine cones to your gift is another natural looking way to use of garden greenery. In this look, two green pine cones and pieces of fresh pine branch tips are added to the top of some plain colored paper. Tie the whole thing with kitchen twine and add a couple of bells for a delicate, rustic look.

Now take a peek at all 24 creative gift wrap ideas below. There are so many fun and unique ideas…. I can’t wait to try out a few this year! 1. Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Gift Wrap by Let’s Wrap Stuff. 2. Embroidered Wrapping Paper by Lines Across. 3. Holiday Lights Gift Wrap by Burlap and Blue.

Add a special touch to your Christmas presents this year by trying out some of these 11 creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas!Timestamps0:07 – Mini Pom Pom.

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20+ Gift Wrapping Ideas: Easy, Creative and Inexpensive – 1.Recycle in Style. Design your own festive gift wrap from a material you already have:...


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