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Easiest Ever Christmas Dinner

Easiest Ever Christmas Dinner

Just cut ripe yet firm pears into wedges and toss with some lemon juice to prevent them from browning. Lay a slice of pear, a piece of arugula, and a piece of blue cheese on a strip of prosciutto, then roll it up. Secure with a toothpick if necessary for the perfect two-bite hors d’oeuvre .

Your timeplan to eat at 2pm. 11am Take your turkey out of the fridge. 11.30am Heat the oven. Prepare the rosemary butter and rub underneath the turkey skin. 12pm Put the turkey in the oven to roast. 12.15pm Boil the potatoes and root vegetables. Make the harissa & orange marmalade glaze. Chop the.

How do I prepare veg for Christmas dinner? 4) Prep your veg the night before: Peel potatoes, carrots, parsnips and any other veg you’re having and leave them in pans of cold water overnight. This will save you a lot of faff and additional mess on Christmas morning.

  1. Make a list (and check it twice) A day or so before, write yourself a game plan. First of all you need .
  2. Pre-prepare foods. Is there anything you can make in advance and freeze? Sitting in our freezer right .
  3. Peel your veggies on Christmas eve. Sprouts, carrot etc can be peel chopped and stored in ziplock .
  4. Delegate. Don’t slave away in the kitchen on your own. Grab yourself a little Christmas helper elf, to .
  5. Let the turkey rest. Your turkey should rest for around 45 minutes after cooking, to allow the meat to .
  6. Plating up production line. Plating up is time-consuming and if you take too long your dinner might .
  7. Set a timer on your phone. If you’re likely to be leaving the kitchen (and you should when you’re able .
  8. Clear up as you go. Try and keep your surfaces as clear as you can and put things in the .
  9. Don’t overdo the booze before cooking. Sounds obvious, but you know, don’t go crazy with the ol .


25 Easy Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas | Allrecipes

From appetizers (like this Traditional Christmas Cheese Ball ), to main courses (this Easy Slow Cooker Ham comes together without the fuss that is typically associated with holiday hams), to desserts (your Christmas table wouldn’t be complete without a classic Pumpkin Pie ), simplify your meal with our 25 best easy Christmas dinner menu ideas.

  1. Make a plan. Write down everything you plan to make for your Christmas dinner. Don’t forget: the .
  2. Have a practice run. Once you have a plan, have a practice run. Either cook the whole dinner from .
  3. Enlist help. Don’t do it alone! Even if your family/guests are not much use in the kitchen, you can .
  4. Simplify! Do you really need 3 different meats, 5 different sauces and 17 different vegetables? As a .
  5. Cook for the number of people who are actually coming. I am as guilty of this one as the next .
  6. Get ahead. There is so much that can be done a day or two ahead of time: stuffing can be prepared, .
  7. Cheat. You don’t have to make it all! These days absolutely everything can be bought ready-made or .
  8. Don’t cook turkey. For many it’s the stress of cooking a turkey that causes the most angst. Why not .
  9. Do something totally different. And while we’re at it, why not go for a whole different meal? If you .
  10. Make a really good shopping list. Avoid that awful feeling on Christmas Day when you realise you .


  1. Chef John’s Perfect Prime Rib. The key to a perfect prime rib is not a ton of spices, sauces, or .
  2. Honey Glazed Ham. Ham is a Christmas tradition, and for good reason: sweet, crackling skin and .
  3. Slow Cooker Herbed Turkey Breast. If you don’t want to bother with cooking the whole bird and .
  4. Simple Savory Pork Roast. A simple combination of fresh and dried herbs and savory spices, this .
  5. Stuffed Acorn Squash. If you’re planning a vegetarian dinner for the whole gang or just a few non .


Easy Christmas dinner menu: soul food desserts. The same classic Southern soul food desserts – with a new contemporary twist! From Black folks banana pudding and Instant Pot banana pudding made from scratch. Strawberry pretzel salad – also known as strawberry pretzel pie.. Here’s a list of Black folks’ easy Christmas dinner menu favorite desserts.

8 simple tips for a stress

  1. Organisation! This is number one on our list, and the most important tip of all. In the days leading up .
  2. Brine your Turkey on Christmas Eve: As turkey is a lean meat, it can become dry quite quickly, so Ian .
  3. Have you got the right equipment for the job? Make sure you’ve got plenty of oven trays, pots and .
  4. Prep your veg the night before: Peel potatoes, carrots, parsnips and any other veg you’re having and .
  5. Get your timings for the big day sorted: Plan exactly how long everything takes to cook and make .
  6. Keep it fun, get the family involved: Christmas is all about seeing family and friends, and enjoying .
  7. Buy a Christmas Pudding to cook in the microwave: By doing this you’ll save over an hour, as .
  8. Wash as you go: If like us, when you cook a roast dinner you use every pot, pan and utensil in sight, .


Put some vegetable oil on a rag and polish red and green apples. Place in a bowl and fill in the spaces with greenery. Wrap some of the pictures you have hanging on the wall to look like packages. This can be a really cute and inexpensive… Send your Christmas packages early. This may seem like an.

OK we’ve got your Perfect Christmas dinner sorted we’ve teamed up with Hastes Kitchen to teach you how to give your family full bellies and smiles on their f.

28 Classic Christmas Dinner Recipes. When it comes to the main course, Christmas calls for something special. These easy-yet-impressive dishes like juicy prime rib are sure to stand out on your holiday table.

Easy Christmas Dinner Menu and Recipes

  1. Pear and Greens Salad. Start your Christmas dinner with this elegant looking salad that you can put .
  2. Baked Ham With Fruit Glaze. Just three ingredients go into this baked ham with fruit recipe that .
  3. Simple Orange Glazed Pork Roast. Pork roast makes a flavorful entree that smells wonderful while .
  4. Herb Roasted Turkey. Have you always been intimidated by the idea of roasting a whole turkey for .
  5. Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes. Make Christmas dinner easy on yourself by getting some of the .
  6. 10-Minute Roasted Asparagus. Roasting asparagus brings out all the best flavors of this vegetable .
  7. Steamed Green Beans. Green beans go beautifully with meat or turkey main dishes, making them a .
  8. Basic Bread Stuffing Recipe. Stuffing is definitely a “want to have” item, rather than a “need to have.” .
  9. Easy Baked Apple Crisp. What would Christmas dinner be without dessert? Here’s a stress-free .
  10. Easy Sugar Cookies. Easy sugar cookies are a Christmas dinner favorite and are great to have on .


Cranberry sauce and brown sugar create a tangy glaze for moist meatballs that are good Christmas appetizers or Christmas dinner ideas. We love them so much, I prepare them year-round. —Joyce Bentley, Redlands, California.

Since greens are…well green, make sure you use different sizes, textures and color to add dimension to the centerpiece. Add organic touches like pinecones, rustic Christmas ornaments, faux berries, etc. Christmas Dinner Easy Table Setting Idea. Now that we have the centerpiece designed it’s time to set the table.

Creamy Dill Dip with Honey Mustard New Potatoes. A simple creamy dill dip made with a mix of cream cheese and Greek yoghurt and served with honey mustard roasted new potatoes makes the easiest of nibbles to serve on Christmas morning.

Easy Christmas Dinner Tips

Great Christmas recipe tips for planning an easy Christmas dinner with the help of Great British Chefs and Season Cookery School. Clare Gazzard Having attended cookery courses in South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand and the Caribbean, Clare is always looking to expand her culinary know-how and improve on recent kitchen disasters.

Make a change. Take one task that drives you crazy during the holidays and tackle it in a new way. A fresh approach just might make a difference. For example, if you dread having to send out.

Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Pizza Bites. This is a very easy food idea for a Christmas dinner. A pull-apart appetizer recipe with mozzarella and pepperoni stuffed inside pizza crust dough and served with seasoned tomato sauce for dipping. A pizza that can also be a Christmas tree and it’s a bite-size.

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  • Let’s get started with these easy Christmas dinner menu ideas!
  • Appetizers.
  • Cranberry Orange Meatballs. The cranberry combined with the orange make these meatballs tangy …
  • Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball. Everything is better with bacon! This cheese ball is packed with flavor …
  • BBQ Little Smokies. You just need 3 ingredients for this simple but amazing BBQ Little Smokies …


60 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas

  • Get the recipe for Pepper-Crusted Prime Rib »
  • Get the recipe for Glazed Green Beans »
  • Get the recipe for Easy Vegetarian Lasagna With Spinach and Broccoli »
  • Get the recipe for Eggnog »
  • Get the recipe for Beef Wellington »
  • Get the recipe for Creamy One-Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes »
  • Get the recipe for Vegetable Torte »
  • Get the recipe for Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough »
  • Get the recipe for Mary Pickford »
  • Get the recipe for Pineapple-Glazed Ham »


Re-watch the second Christmas Live with @KrissyTwinkl and learn how to make a simple Christmas cracker at home. Make your own jokes or write a nice message.

BUTTER COOKIES. Butter Cookies are soft and buttery, and are a MUST in my house when the holidays come around. These are really kid-friendly because they are the PERFECT cookies to cut.

7 of 45. Boston Cream Cupcakes. It is so easy to turn Boston cream pie into other fun desserts, like this insane lasagana. These cupcakes are just.

The Best 19 Christmas Dinner Ideas | Greedy Gourmet

  • Christmas Rice. Christmas rice is a classic side dish which is full of protein, nuts and other …
  • Homity Pie. Homity pie is a traditional shortcrust pastry pie with a vegetable filling, topped off with …
  • Cod Au Gratin. This cod au gratin is an excellent idea for pescatarian eaters. It gives your guests …
  • Baked Cod with a Parmesan and Parsley Crust. This baked cod with a Parmesan parsley crust is an …
  • Salmon Confit. This salmon confit is a pescatarian alternative to the traditional duck confit one …
  • Smoked Chicken. If you are just a small family of two or three, there is no need to smoke an entire …
  • Whole Smoked Turkey. A whole smoked turkey is what one would expect to see on the dining table, …
  • Beef Fillet with Garlic & Mustard Butter. You can never go wrong with a beef fillet with garlic …
  • 7 Hour Slow-Roast Shoulder of Lamb. Now we’re talking! This is one of the best Christmas dinner …
  • Lamb Noisettes with Rosemary Sauce. Serving these precious lamb noisettes with rosemary sauce …


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Traditional Christmas dinner features turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables such as carrots, turnip, parsnips, etc. Other types of poultry,...