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Fun Ways To Decorate Your Flower Pots

Fun Ways To Decorate Your Flower Pots

13 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Flower Pots
– 1.White-Dipped. Modern and chic, dip your classic clay pots in a bit of crisp white paint for a posh look around the home.
– 2.Floral-Covered. Grab some fabric scraps and get to work. …
– 3.Golden-Ombre. …
– 4.Chalkboard-Made. …
– 5.Puffy-Printed. …
– 6.Pastel-Colorblock. …
– 7.Stencil-Adorned. …
– 8.Gem-Embellished. …
– 9.Face-Planted. …
– 10.Twine-Wrapped. …

  1. Marble your boring flower pots with your old nail polishes: Tutorial:
  2. Turn a plain terra cotta flower pot to a cute fairy cottage: See the tutorial: .
  3. Rope-wrapped and painted terra cotta planters will bring a nautical feel: See the .
  4. Cover The Flower Pots in Crochet
  5. Cover the PVC pipe with Broken Tiles and China Plates to make these tall planters: .
  6. An easy project to bring in a touch of gold here and there in your home: Tutorial: .
  7. Give your old flower pot a bold color and decorate with a little lace trim: more .
  8. Add a bit of Nautical-style to your home with these Sand Covered Pots: Tutorial: .
  9. Gild white pots in silver or gold with gilding sheets: Tutorial:
  10. Glam up some plain pots with stencil: Tutorial:


By Taysha Murtaugh. Feb 24, 2017. Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pretty up those planters! Whether you want to decorate your.

13 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Flower Pots 1. White-Dipped.. Modern and chic, dip your classic clay pots in a bit of crisp white paint for a posh look around the.

Using burlap and ribbon you can make your flower pots look cute and elegant. Basically you just have to cut a piece of burlap and wrap it around the pot, leaving the top and the bottom exposed. Tie some ribbon around to keep the burlap in place. {found on thehankfullhouse } View in gallery.

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100 Best DIY Plant Pot Decorating ideas in 2021 | crafts

  1. Making A DIY Bird Feeder Is One Of The Many Ways To Use Flower Pots. Speaking of birds, they’re .
  2. Party-Themed Flower Pots Condiment Station. Paint flower pots according to your party or holiday .
  3. Creative Plunger Holder Courtesy Of Your Flowerpot. I am a sucker for unique decor. Imagine using .
  4. DIY Outdoor Cooker Using A Clay Pot. Nothing gives a homely, night-in-the-woods vibe like some .
  5. Terra-cotta Bathroom Organizers. Add some bright paint to create pretty organizers for cotton balls, .
  6. These Terra-cotta Food Covers Are Pure Genius. Add a coat of paint to your flower pot and a piece .
  7. Use A Flowerpot To Roast S’mores – Yum! Set up a little s’mores roasting station using a terra cotta .
  8. Love The Sound Of Birds Chirping? This Birdbath Is A Must Have. Do you have a habit of constantly .
  9. Create Your Own Flowerpot Fridge. Ever wondered why ancient communities had a lot of .
  10. From Flower Pot To Fire Pit. Turn a giant flower pot into a small fire pit for the backyard or patio. .


Rope on Plastic Flower Pots Rope can be twisted around the pots and fixed on with hot glue. A thinner rope or twine can be used to make different shapes on a painted pot. Twine can also be twisted into a pattern of any kind and glued over the rope that is positioned horizontally around the… Rope.

Yarn Wrapped Flower Pots by Celebrations at Home Blog; Chalkboard Planters with Folkart Stencils by Tried and True Blog; Ice Cream Painted Flower Pots by Fresh Mommy Blog; DIY Geometric Painted Terra Cotta Pots by; Birch Covered Pots by Craft Berry Bush; DIY Gold Foil Lettering on Flower Pots by Nest of Posies; Gold Leaf Flower Pots by Brit & Co.

Thread together a few small, painted terra cotta pots and string them with beads from a garden tripod frame to make this Terra Cotta Bell Tower Chime. Full tutorial at Garden Muse! Welcome friends and family to your home with a beautiful DIY Terra Cotta Wreath from Curbly. Customizable and easy to make!.

13 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Flower Pots. Grace Lynne Fleming . Classic flower pots are versatile and perfect pieces to get your hands dirty in the DIY world. Of course, they’re great for planting flowers, small vegetables and herbs but they’re also great to use in craft rooms, kitchens and in some other surprising ways around the home.

Another creative way to decorate flower pots, is to use chalkboard paint and then write whatever you want when it’s dry. The most important thing to consider before decorating your flower pots, is to empty them from any flowers or plants, so as not to harm them from any paint or glue, etc.

  1. Flower Pot Decoration Ideas. Three flower pot decoration ideas including paint and stencils, washi .
  2. Dripping Paint Clay Pot. Photo Credit: Turn a clay pot into a bright and whimsical .
  3. Photo Flower Pot. This Mod Podge DIY flower pot is a great Mother’s Day gift for moms and .
  4. Shabby Paisley Clay Pots. Photo Credit: Create this shabby clay pot using stencils .
  5. DIY Chalkboard Clay Pots. Photo Credit: Create DIY chalkboard clay pots you can .
  6. Colorful Cactus Painted Pots. Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls. Make these easy painted pots using .
  7. Mod Podge Terra Cotta Pots. Use pretty fabric on these Mod Podge terra cotta pots for the perfect .
  8. Rainbow Painted Flower Pots. Photo Credit: Jacy Pulford. Use a variety of colors to make painted .
  9. Lighthouse Bird Feeder. Learn how to make a lighthouse out of terra cotta pots – and use it as a bird .
  10. Queen Anne’s Lace. Photo Credit: Do I love the texture of this clay pot painting? .


how do you decorate clay pots? You can decoupage or paint terra cotta flower pots. To prepare the pots, you should smooth the pot with sandpaper, seal the pot if using outside, then apply acrylic craft paint or spray paint, OR decoupage with Modge Podge .

You can use spray paint, acrylic paint or paint markers to help decorate your terracotta pots. The sky is the limit. You will be surprised how fast acrylic paint will dry. Just make sure you do not use tempera paint as it will flake off.

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Burlap is inexpensive, easy to work with and makes great pot covers. This versatile fabric can be personalized to fit practically any type of style with the addition of a fabric bow, tied ribbon or even lace. The threads can simply be pulled to create ruffles or loop holes to gather the fabric around the pots.

#HandmadeThings #DIYCraft #DIYProjects20 Quick Easy DIY Flower Pot Ideas !!!Stay tuned with us for more quality DIY art and craft videos.If you have any sug.

20 Quick Easy DIY Flower Pot Ideas !!!

  1. Clean your flower pot. No matter what material your flower pot is made from, make sure the areas you want to paint are clean. Use soap and water if there is any lingering dirt or dust. A spotless surface will help your painting last. Remove any stickers or price tags. If you’re painting a terracotta pot, soak it in water for a few hours first. Scrub the entire thing with a stiff brush to .
  2. Choose acrylic paints in the colors of your choice. The color possibilities are pretty much endless, bu.


It can fabulously cohesively unite mismatched plastic planters. You may want to decide if you want to satin finish or a gloss finish ( or metallic) both might be available in a wide selection of colors. Heres my results with plastic friendly spray paints, I used oil rubbed bronze with hand painted decorative accents.

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– 1.Remove old or dead plant growth from a mid-sized planter or pot around mid December. Leave the soil in the pot. – 2.Spread...


17 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Flower Pots. – 1. Marble your boring flower pots with your old nail polishes: Tutorial: – 2....