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Holidays | Official Gazette Of The Republic Of The Philippines

Holidays | Official Gazette Of The Republic Of The Philippines

Regular holidays January 1 (Friday) – New Year’s Day April 1 – Maundy Thursday April 2 – Good Friday April 9 (Friday) – Araw ng Kagitingan May 1 (Saturday) – Labor Day June 12 (Saturday) – Independence Day August 30 (last Monday of August) – National Heroes Day November 30 (Tuesday) – Bonifacio Day December 25 (Saturday) – Christmas Day December 39 (Thursday) – Rizal Day

Eid’l Fitr (Feast of Ramadhan) May 13 (Thu) Independence Day. June 12 (Sat) Eid’l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) July 20 (Tue) National Heroes Day. August 30 (Mon) Bonifacio Day.

Holidays and Observances in Philippines in 2021. Date. Name. Type. Details. Jan 1. Friday. New.

Compensation for National Special Holidays. a. If unworked. No pay, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on … b. If worked. First eight (8) hours – plus 30% of the daily rate of 100%. c. Falling on the employee’s.

The colorful Masskara festival is hosted by Bacolod City in the Negros Occidental province of the Philippines. The literal translation, ‘festival of many smiles’ takes place the third week of October every year and celebrates the strength of the human spirit in times of adversity.

Philippines Holidays and Festivals

Bonifacio Day. November 30. Andres Bonifacio is one of the most prominent figures during the Filipino people’s revolt against the Spaniards in the 19th century. He is known as the Father of the Philippine Revolution and it is only fitting that a day be dedicated to honor the birth of such man.

Aug 21, 2019 · Labor Day – A tribute for Filipino workers and commemoration of the fight.

  • Christmas Food in the Philippines. Here are a few of the foodstuff and beverages that Filipinos …
  • Noche Buena: Filipino Christmas Eve. Noche Buena derives from the Spanish for “A Good Night.” It …
  • New Year’s Eve in the Philippines. Media Noche (Spanish for “midnight”) or Bisperas ng Bagong …
  • Filipino Christmas Traditions. Being mostly Catholics, Filipinos start a novena (a series of nine …
  • Chinese New Year in the Philippines. Lunar New Year 2022 starts on Tuesday, February 1. In the …
  • Holy Week in the Philippines. Good Friday 2021 was on April 2. Kwaresma is Lent. It is the season …


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Important Philippines Dates. By jeremycorbin. Mar 11, 1512. Arrival of ferdinand Magellan Marked begining of Spanish interest in Philippines Mar 31, 1521. First Mass in the Philippines It was held in Limasawa, an island in Southern Leyte. Symbolized the conversion of many Filipinos to.

Important Philippines Dates timeline | Timetoast timelines

  • January. Fireworks and Baby Jesus. New Year’s Day. Like most people around the world, Filipinos …
  • February. Flowers and Balloons. Panagbenga Festival. In the northern part of Luzon, the mountain …
  • March. Holy Week and Moriones. Holy Week. The Holy Week is one of the most important religious …
  • April. Commemorating Battles. Day of Valor. Every April 9, the Philippines commemorates the fall of …
  • May. Mangoes and More. Labor Day. Like many countries worldwide, the Philippines also celebrates …
  • June. Independence Day. The Philippines celebrates its Independence Day every June 12th. It …
  • July. Sandugo Festival. No real blood is shed nowadays but the Sandugo Festival is an annual …
  • August. Kadayawan sa Dabaw. Every third week of August, the city of Davao in Mindanao …
  • September. Tuna Festival. If you love sashimi, then you must go to General Santos City in …
  • October. Masks and More. Lanzones Festival. People in the small island of Camiguin have no need …
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Events, Festivals and Holidays. Why Fiestas are Important to Filipinos. September 9, 2021, 3:48 pm July 11, 2014. The whole year round Philippine fiestas of all kinds mark the Filipino calendar. Not only popular saints but also the most obscure ones are given a place for celebration. Why has this practice been imbedded in the Filipino culture?.

  1. New Year’s Day. This celebration falls every 1st day of January, where Filipino families gather .
  2. Holy Week. The Holy Week is observed between the months of March and April. The Lenten Season .
  3. Independence Day. Celebrated every 12th day of June. It is a very important date for Filipinos, .
  4. All Saints and All Souls Day. Filipinos pay their respects to the dead during All Saints and All Souls .
  5. Christmas Day. Christmas is the most important celebration for Filipinos and known as the longest .


Marking the fasting month of Ramadan, Eidul Fitr is an important celebration for Filipino Muslims. Ninoy Aquino Day. A national non-working day in the Philippines, this holiday commemorates the day former senator Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. Eidul Adha.

New Year’s Holiday in the Philippines starts from January 1 to January 2. It is marked by festivities, a fireworks show, and more. Chinese New Year. It is one of the most important holidays among the Chinese community in the Philippines. People Power Revolution.

Philippines School Holidays in 2021 (Full List)

  1. Ati Atihun: Celebrating infant Jesus. Come January, people begin preparing for the Christian festival .
  2. Kaamulan: Experience tribal culture. Image Source. Malaybalay City, Bukidnon is the venue for its .
  3. Anibina Bulawanun: Extol rich harvest. March brings in its wake the resplendent festival of Anibina .
  4. Moriones Festival: Mourning Christ’s sacrifice. April sees masked men and women in costumes .
  5. Flores de Mayo: Invoke Blessings of Virgin Mary. This is a month-long festival held in the entire .
  6. The Pineapple (Pinyasan) Festival: Relish the Pineapple season. The Pineapple Festival is held every .
  7. Bocaue Pagoda: Journey into Bocaue history. Just as July knocks on the door comes Bocaue River .
  8. Pangapog: Thanking the harvest. August welcomes Pangapog Festival in Samal City, Davao del .
  9. Hin-Ay: Rejoice in Rich Reaps. Hin-Ay or Paray festival is celebrated by the land-locked, rice .
  10. Halaran Festival: Travel Back in Time. The arrival of October brings the festival of Halaran in Roxas .


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August 30 (Monday) – National Heroes’ Day. Number of long weekend: 1. August 21 Philippine holidays are also among the most fun time to spend 2021 holidays Philippines because there are two celebrations: Ninoy Aquino Day and National Heroes’ Day. Ninoy Aquino Day is a regular holiday so as the National Heroes’ Day.

Overview of holidays and many observances in Philippines during the year 2020.

The Philippines celebrates different types of public holidays every year. Some of the most important ones include Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday, Bataan Day, and Ninoy Aquino Day. Bataan Day or the Day of Valor in the Philippines is celebrated every April 9.

Among the religious holidays officially observed in the Philippines are Christmas and Easter, as well as Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Other major holidays include New Year’s Day, Labor Day (May 1), and Independence Day (June 12).

In the Philippines, there are a number of traditional holidays that are celebrated or commemorated. Philippine independence ( Araw ng Kalayaan ) is celebrated on June 12 of every year (and not July 4, the day Philippine independence from American rule in 1946 was formerly celebrated).

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