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How Is Christmas Celebrated In Australia?

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Australia?

Being a summertime celebration, Christmas decorations in Australia involve plenty of bright hues and summery fragrances with Christmas tree, nasturtiums, wisteria, honeysuckle, Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly and pinecones being the major Christmastime attractions .

  • Carols by Candlelight. Popularized in Melbourne in 1938 by radio announcer …
  • Myer Christmas Windows. One city-specific tradition is the Myer Christmas …
  • Adelaide Christmas Pageant. Each November since 1933 the Adelaide Christmas …
  • Chocolate Calendars. In the lead up to Christmas, Australian’s count the days using …
  • Festive Food. Around the world, food plays a huge part in Christmas celebrations, …
  • Christmas At The Beach. Elsewhere in the world, Christmas is blanketed by snow …
  • Boxing Day. Boxing Day in Australia is the equivalent of Black Friday in the United …


Christmas in Australia. In Australia, Christmas comes in the towards the beginning of the summer holidays! Children have their summer holidays from mid December to early February, so some people might even be camping at Christmas. Because it’s so hot at Christmas time in Australia, there are quite often massive bush fires across the country.

  1. Sing along with carols by candlelight.. A popular tradition in Australia is Carols by Candlelight, which .
  2. Enjoy Christmas parties and celebrations.. In the weeks leading up to Christmas (and even the days .
  3. Attend church.. On Christmas Eve, many Australian families attend church to pray and sing.


Christmas in Australia is never a white Christmas as it is celebrated in the first month of southern summer when the entire continent is parched by the blazing sun. Even though Christmas in Australia falls during summer, the traditions and celebrations are perfectly in.

Christmas In Australia

Most of Australia’s immigrants came from England and Ireland, bringing their Christmas customs with them. Australia is the Land Down Under, where the seasons are opposite to Americans. When Australians celebrate Christmas on December 25, it is during summer vacation.

  1. Christmas Starts Early in Australia. The Christmas season starts quite early in Australia! Usually, the .
  2. It’s the Summer School Holidays! Christmas also occurs during the major holiday period in Australia. .
  3. And a Holiday for Businesses. Christmas is also a popular time for many businesses to shut down. .
  4. Let there be Christmas Lights! Christmas lights are popular in Australia, with many families .
  5. What Happens on Christmas Eve? While Christmas Eve is often the most important part of .
  6. Up Early on Christmas Day! The main Christmas festivities in Australia take place on Christmas Day. .
  7. Are There Any Traditional Christmas Dishes? Usually the biggest Christmas meal takes place on .
  8. Seafood Galore! As Christmas occurs during summertime in Australia, cold options including .
  9. Christmas Desserts in Australia. It’s also not surprising that the traditional desserts served up on .
  10. Dreaming of a Hot & Sunny Christmas. Instead of wishing for a white Christmas, with snow on .


  1. Surfing Santa. Traditional Santas wear bright red fleecy suits, lined with white fur and big black .
  2. Eating prawns. While our British and American friends are feasting on roast turkey, baked potato .
  3. Street parties. It’s summer in December in Australia, so street parties are very popular. Sometimes in .
  4. Boxing Day barbecues. Boxing day, the day after Christmas, is traditionally another day of .
  5. Festive road trips. Depending on where your family lives, Christmas Day may involve a long road trip. .
  6. Carols by candlelight. Most cities in Australia host their own Carols by Candlelight and there will .
  7. Christmas lunch. If we believe everything we see on television, it would appear that most Christmas .


  • 1. Pavlova What else could have taken the top spot? No Australian Christmas would be complete …
  • 2. Seafood Platter We’ve all heard the famous “shrimp on the barbie” line from Paul Hogan in the …
  • 3. Christmas Ham A roast ham at Christmas is generally quite traditional in many…
  • 13. White Christmas


20 Popular Christmas Foods in Australia

Christmas in Australia. Christmas in Australia is often very hot. Whereas the northern hemisphere is in the middle of winter, Australians are baking in summer heat. It is not unusual to have Christmas Day well into the mid 30 degrees Celsius, or near 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Much like the rest of the world celebrating Christmas, Australians love to come together and sing carols. Towns, large cities and schools will host Carols by Candlelight . The big events are often televised, with local bands and choirs performing Christmas Carols and singing songs.

Today at 9:05 a.m. EST. The first rainfall of the wet season on Australia’s Christmas Island has begun, which means one thing is certain: Millions of.

Australians also sing carols by candlelight and decorate their homes with flowers and other plants. Generally, Christmas is celebrated along traditional lines and families often travel great distances to be together. Church is attended in great mass on Christmas Day. Services are often held very early in.

That is the point: because the seasons are opposite to Europeans, Australians celebrate Christmas on December 25 during summer vacation. As Christmas falls in summer, Australians prefer spending time outside rather than watching television inside or playing cards as the Europeans use to do because of the cold.

Christmas in Australia | LetsGoPlanet

Each year Australia‘s northwestern Christmas Island is flooded with millions of red crabs migrating to the ocean. Highways and roads are shut down, storefronts find red crabs in their lots and.

Flowers are always a special feature of Australian Christmas decorations. There’s a perfect and popular summer plant we call Christmas Bells, the Blandfordia nobilis with funnel-shaped petals. It’s a type of lily, with delicate red flowers ending in golden tips, the colours of Christmas time.

  1. Blue Mountains: Enjoy A Traditional Roast. Although many Australians still celebrate Christmas in .
  2. Sovereign Hill: Experience The Lights. An open-air museum located in Ballarat, Victoria, Sovereign .
  3. Perth: Explore The Nightlife. Perth is a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas in July. But if you .
  4. Queensland: Enjoy a Sicilian Themed Party. Do you want to see Christmas decorations Australia that .
  5. Lord Howe Island: Meet Santa. Celebrating Christmas Day on an island may not have crossed your .
  6. Melbourne: Go On A Cruise. If you are not in the mood to cook or clean when celebrating Christmas .
  7. Perth: Visit Wellington Square. Are you looking to do something meaningful this Christmas? Then .
  8. Sydney: Experience A 65-Year Old Boxing Day Tradition. Have you put away the last Christmas .
  9. Australia: Check Out The Christmas Lights. There may not be snow in Australia during the holiday .
  10. Melbourne: Spend Christmas in Luxury. Are you looking to treat yourself to a little luxury this .


Christmas in Australia is celebrated during our Summer Months. No snow and log fires for us, though. our Christmas Cards and traditions usually depict those of colder climates. Australia is a multicultural. country and with this, our traditions are often mingled and derived from a mixture of other countries. Yes. we have Christmas Trees, Father Christmas, Christmas Carols and gifts which are a familiar Christmas.

Christmas in australia for kids Christmas in Australia: Lesson for Kids Instructor: Jennifer Lowery Show bio Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master’s degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction . Christmas In Australia For Kids Camping. Going camping over Christmas is an Aussie tradition. Beaching. All Aussies hit the beaches at Christmas, it’s.

Christmas In Australia For Kids

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! This video is a more informative version of a past Aussie Christmas video I did. Big shoutout to carultch who gave.

Christmas in Australia. If dazzling festivities and fervor make a festival, the Christmas celebrations in Australia quite equal the observances of the festival in Western cities like New York, London, Paris or.

Where Australians celebrate Christmas in July 2021. by Angela John. October 26, 2021. 0. We all know that Christmas in Australia comes in the summer therefore Aussies have now started to celebrate Christmas in… Read more. Christmas in Australia.

Going camping over Christmas is an Aussie tradition. Everybody is on annual leave, kids get five weeks off from school during this time and that makes camping a great opportunity for a family outing in the bush. Venturing off the beaten path and enjoying a camping trip is the most Australian thing to do, given that an overwhelming number of people in Australia love camping and fishing.

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