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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree | 20 Beautiful Trees

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree | 20 Beautiful Trees

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro
– 1.Hang Your Christmas Tree Lights The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the lights. …
– 2.Add Christmas Tree Garland There are no firm rules for decorating a Christmas tree when it comes to draping garland. …
– 3.Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

Plan on using about two strands of garland for every vertical foot of tree. You can also decorate with ribbon in addition to or rather than garland by loosely wrapping a wide patterned ribbon around the entire tree in bands. Use the ribbons to create big bows to decorate the tree branches.

Today I show you how to properly decorate a Christmas tree. It’s that time of year again! Time to put up and decorate your Christmas tree. Unfortunately 80%.

Designer Monica Mangin from “The Weekender” shares 7 trend-forward style ideas for decorating your Christmas tree right. Shop Christmas Decor – https://low.e.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro. Step 1: Hang Your Christmas Tree Lights. The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the lights. Tree lights typically come on green … Step 2: Add Christmas Tree Garland. Step 3: Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments.

I recommend a collection of 3-4 different kinds of ornaments in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to add dimension and variety to your tree! Start off with your biggest ornaments, filling in the biggest holes first, and work down to your smallest ornaments to fill any remaining gaps.

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree (Like A Pro)

  1. Ice Cold Ornaments Make for a Warm Tree. Leave it to CB2 to create an ingeniously contrasting .
  2. Sweet and Sparse. Above, Francois et Moi demonstrates how to upgrade a Charlie Brown tree into .
  3. Go for the Gold. Remember: metallics are neutrals. Here, Marie Flanigan Interiors employs metallics .
  4. One for the Kiddos. A big tree for you, a little one for the, well, littles. Any kiddo would be delighted .
  5. Add Texture, Texture, and More Texture. Notice how The Lily Pad Cottage’s Christmas tree décor is .
  6. Go Full Glam. You don’t need a penthouse on Park Avenue to create a super glam Christmas tree, .
  7. Don’t Overdo It. Minimalist? Your Christmas tree can be too. Here, Craftberry Bush highlights how .
  8. Keep it Classy. White kitchens never go out of style, and neither do white Christmas trees. For a no .
  9. Start an Ornament Tradition. Each Christmas Waiting on Martha adds another ornament to her tree, .
  10. Reinterpret “Tree” With Paper Pom Poms. Not the traditional type? Follow along with Sugar & Cloth’s .


Make a graphic visual statement with matte ornaments in every color of the rainbow. Starting at the top of a white tree, layer red, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple and pink ornaments in color-blocked sections, finishing the look with silver and gold tinsel garland. Make an Individual Statement.

3 Ways To Decorate A Christmas Tree With Ribbon . 1. Decorate The Ribbon Vertically Down The Christmas Tree. Once you’ve picked your Christmas ribbon, design experts suggest cutting six to eight pieces of ribbon that are about a foot longer than the height of your tree. For example, if you have an 8-foot tree, cut at least six strips that are.

  1. READY THE TREE & GATHER SUPPLIES. Maybe this goes without saying, but fluff all of the .
  2. START AT THE TOP. The Christmas tree topper is considered the crowning glory, is usually a bit .
  3. ADD THE GARLAND. A lush, full garland can make a huge impact on a tree! These tips are referring .
  4. ADD OVERSIZED DECORATIONS. To make a real statement and really give your tree a designer look .
  5. ADD FILLER. Add less expensive Christmas ornaments, such as plain round ones, deep inside of the .
  6. ADD ORNAMENTS. Now that you’ve filled the inside of the tree with inexpensive ornaments, add the .
  7. ADD DIMENSION WITH PICKS. Give your Christmas tree more dimension, fill in holes and make the .
  8. EMBELLISH THE TREE WITH EXTRAS. Add decor embellishments such as ribbon, lightweight .


Top 6 Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree. written by Stephanie Hanna November 17, 2021. I’m sharing my top 6 tips for decorating a Christmas tree for the holidays. I love to decorate for the Holidays but it can be a little overwhelming. Over the years I’ve learned a few money saving tips and tricks while keeping with my style.

Top 6 Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree

  1. Build a theme. Firstly, you need to choose a theme. For a Christmas tree to look professionally .
  2. Start with classic ornaments. When decorating for Christmas, choose ornaments in a classic color .
  3. Shape your tree. Fluffing and shaping may take long, but they’re essential aspects of the decorating .
  4. String the lights. Before stringing lights on a tree, check that they’re in working order. Then, start .
  5. Divide the tree into sections. To decorate like a professional, view your Christmas tree in sections: .
  6. Hang ornaments strategically. There are no hard and fast rules to hanging ornaments. However, .
  7. Cluster decorations. Add flair to your display with ornament clusters. For instance, group ornaments .
  8. Style with ribbons. You can decorate a Christmas tree like a professional by using Christmas tree .
  9. Fill in gaps with picks. Christmas tree picks and sprays add texture to your tree. Furthermore, they’re .
  10. Add interesting details. Intricate accents are one way to elevate the look of your tree. Many heirloom .


The tree stand isn’t something you want on display, so use Christmas tree skirt ideas to cover it up until it gets hidden behind a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts.

In this video, I continue the series of Christmas crafts and show a new idea of how to decorate a Christmas tree. Such Christmas birds can serve as a new ide.

First, start with taking your tree out from it’s box or bag and attach the base to the bottom pole. From there, fluff the bottom tier of the tree until it looks more full. Then, attach the middle tier and also fluff that section. Repeat that for the top tier as well.

Remodelaholic. Decorating a Christmas tree is a snap with these five easy steps, according to Cassity at Remodelaholic. First, add twinkling lights —it doesn’t matter if they’re white or colorful. Next, fill gaps or holes between the branches with filler, such as frosted stems or floral sprays.

33 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

  1. Get Into Shape. FAUX: Even the best faux trees need fine-tuning. Lift and separate the branches and .
  2. Light It Up. FAUX: Many faux trees come with lights already attached. (Which means they don’t .
  3. Put On the Garland. Start your garland at the top and place it as far out toward the end of the branch .
  4. Accessorize with Ornaments. Arguably the most fun element of the tree, ornaments are special .
  5. Choose a Tree Skirt. The tree skirt provides as much fashion as it does function. It catches needles .
  6. Top It Off. The topper is the finishing touch to your tree. Familiar and seasonal symbols – like .


Step 1, Test your Christmas lights before you hang them on your tree. Plug your Christmas lights into an outlet. Ensure that you don’t have any burnt-out bulbs.Step 2, Put lights on your tree..

Cool or warm colors. If you want a tree that’s a little more diverse, try sticking to colors that are either cool (with blue undertones) or warm (with red undertones). For instance, a warm tree.

Consider trying to deck your tree with rose gold colors this year, or even walk on a bolder side by opting for blue Christmas decor. You can also deck your tree with ribbon, or try one of these glitter Christmas ornaments if you want to add some sparkle to your spruce.

When you add strands of Christmas lights this way, you can add way more lights and the entire tree gets a beautiful glowy look. Just wrap your lights around each branch moving from the tip back toward the trunk of the tree, then continue to the next branch.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree: 10 Tips for a Beautiful

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