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How To Feed Dwarf Hamsters: 12 Steps (With Pictures) – Wikihow

How To Feed Dwarf Hamsters: 12 Steps (With Pictures) - Wikihow

– 1.Feed your dwarf hamster commercial hamster food. Dwarf hamsters have a similar diet to other hamster varieties.
– 2.Give your hamster fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables add extra nutrition as well as variety to your hamster’s diet.
– 3.Include a good protein source in your dwarf hamster’s diet. Protein is an important nutrient for your dwarf hamster.
– 4.Add fiber to your dwarf hamster’s diet. Natural sources of fiber, such as timothy hay and alfalfa hay, are good sources of fiber.
– 5.Feed your dwarf hamster hard treats once a week. Hard treats help your dwarf hamster keep his incisors filed down, which is good for his overall dental hygiene.
– 6.Provide your dwarf hamster with fresh water. Water is just as important to your dwarf hamster’s diet as food.
– 7.Learn which foods you should not feed your dwarf hamster. …

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  • Nuts. Your hamster will definitely enjoy all sorts of nuts. They’re a natural source of …


A tablespoon per hamster per day is the rule of thumb when it comes to feeding your dwarf hamster. This should of course be supplemented with the odd treat and piece of fruit. This rule is also the same for Syrians, dwarf hamsters usually have a faster metabolism which allows them to match a Syrian’s eating habits. The daily intake may fluctuate.

Fruits are also an ideal snack for dwarf hamsters but because they contain high sugar content, you should only give these to your pet in moderation – about twice a week at most, in order to reduce the risk of diabetes. Vegetables. Vegetables are probably the best complimentary food for.

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Feeding Your dwarf hamster should have access to a bowl of clean drinking water and food throughout the day. You can feed them once a day, ideally during their active hours in the evening. You can buy a commercial hamster food, specifically formulated for dwarf hamsters.

Dairy Product. Unsalted cheese, yogurt. Grains. Oatmeal, Rice Pilafs. In the wild, Chinese Dwarf hamsters feed on seeds and grains. However, in captivity, their diet is a lot more varied as they can be fed things such as fruits, vegetables, and meat products like cooked eggs or boiled chicken breast. Chinese Dwarf hamsters are a popular pet and can be easier to care for than some other rodents.

Choosing the best dwarf hamster diet for your pet is extremely important. Dwarf hamsters are very prone to diabetes so low-sugar foods are the way to go. In the wild, dwarf hamsters will regularly eat fruits, nuts, grains, seeds and insects. It’s best to try and recreate this diet as closely as possible.

Fresh Foods and Treats for Hamsters. You can feed your hamster a variety of human foods as long as you limit the treats to no more than 10 percent of your hamster’s diet. Skip the junk food and stick to healthy things like whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruit (in moderation, otherwise diarrhea may result).

Your furry friend will absolutely love them, but it’s important to remember that carrots are full of natural sugars and should be provided as a treat, not as part of a hamster’s regular diet. Other fruits and vegetables that your hamster will like include cauliflower, broccoli, pear, peach and banana..

Feeding your hamster

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots? Carrots are safe for hamsters to eat, however, they should be given in moderation, said Dr. Carol Osborne, owner of Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Because carrots have sugar in them, they may not be the ideal snack for dwarf hamsters, which are prone to diabetes.

Dwarf Hamster food formula should be the staple of any dwarf hamsters diet – specially formulated dwarf hamster food contains the right amount of proteins and vitamins essential for a healthy hamster . Typically hamster mix contains nuts, seeds, pellets and grains. The pellet nature allows your pet to gnaw on the food making it beneficial to dental hygiene.

  1. Feed your dwarf hamster commercial hamster food. Dwarf hamsters have a similar diet to other hamster varieties. A mainstay of your dwarf hamster’s diet should be commercial hamster food, which you can purchase at your local pet store. Commercial hamster food comes in pelleted form and typically consists of seeds, pellets, grains, and bits of cracked corn.[3] X Research source Commerci.
  2. Give your hamster fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables add extra nutrition as well as va.


Proper Nutrition. Dwarf hamsters do well on a quality hamster mix containing seeds, grains, cracked corn and pellets. You may supplement their diet with small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, like apple, spinach, lettuce and carrot, however not too much.

It’s important to feed your hamster properly, and that’s why it’s best to feed it with a hamster mix. You can also feed them fresh food, seeds, whole grains, fresh green vegetables, and boiled eggs. After the mother has given birth, you should supply her daily with a slice of bread soaked in cow’s skim milk.

Ultimate Guide to Breeding Dwarf Hamsters

Continue offering this milk bread until the pups reach four weeks. To minimize disturbing the mother after the pups are born, stock the feeder with food. You will be offering the milk-soaked.

Try limiting your Syrian hamster to about two tablespoons of food once a day to begin with. If he builds up a big store in a few days, then cut down on those quantities. Dwarf hamsters will need a little less, and Robo or Chinese hamsters may only need a single tablespoon of food once per day due to their tiny size.

In general, they will not harm a hamster. What food is best for dwarf hamsters? Fresh (rinsed with water) veggies are good, and examples include carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, romaine lettuce, spinach and other greens. Fresh fruits (rinsed in water) are good too, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes and most berries.

The truth is, dwarf hamsters are active during the day, waking up every few hours for a stretch, drink and a bite to eat. In the wild, hamsters will forage for food during the night and wake up throughout the day to enjoy their findings.

Dwarf hamsters are a small species of hamsters which grow just about 4 inches in size. These hamsters absolutely love to eat, and as pet owners, you like to feed them! A regular, balanced and nutritious diet is essential for your little hamsters, so in this article, you will find out the best dwarf hamster food, healthy and tasty treats for.

How To Choose Dwarf Hamster Food?

Safe Food: You can feed the dwarf hamster with basil, flaxseed, oatmeal, sesame seed, spinach and green beans. The best way to give food without bothering about the.

Russian dwarf hamsters, also known as Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters, are relatives of the Syrian hamster. Although not as common as the Syrian hamster, Russian dwarf hamsters are becoming pretty popular pets, since they are easy and relatively inexpensive to care for .

Continue Reading. There a quite a number of fruits and vegetables they can eat. If your hamster is a winter white, campbells, or Chinese hamster, only feed a couple small pieces of fruit a month. Too much fruit or other sugary foods can cause them to get diabetes.

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When choosing the best food for The Winter white dwarf hamster, also known as the Russian dwarf hamster, Djungarian hamster, striped dwarf hamster, Siberian...