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How To Hang Christmas Lights On Brick Walls (The Best Way)

How To Hang Christmas Lights On Brick Walls (The Best Way)

What adhesive will stick to brick?
– Clean the bricks with a rag, brush or broom (to get all dirt and debris off the surface of the bricks)
– Wet a sponge and wipe across the surface of the brick.
– Spread a thin layer of glue on the wet part of the brick (more is less in this case)
– Press and hold the item to stick to the brick. Ideally, use a clamp or other tool to hold the item in place for 1 hour.

What adhesive will stick to brick? Clean the bricks with a rag, brush or broom (to get all dirt and debris off the surface of the bricks) Wet a sponge and wipe across the surface.

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22 Hang Garland Close to the Ceiling. Experience Interiors. Christmas lights are always a win, but classic garland is just as worthy of attention. If you’re working with a brick wall that’s already full of character, hang the garland across the very top of the ceiling to avoid detracting from its aesthetic.

35 Best Christmas Wall Decor Ideas and Designs for 2021

We have come up with a complete shopping guide filled with so many Christmas wall decoration ideas for any home decor. No matter what decorating scheme you want to go with, there is something for everyone here. If you want to decorate Christmas in a religious style or just for the fun and beauty this holiday season has to offer.

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  1. Garland ↑ We tend to think of garland in its pom pom form for children’s rooms, but there are plenty .
  2. String lights ↑ Similar to garland, string lights come in all sorts of sophisticated varieties these days, .
  3. Lanterns ↑ Another way to use light is by hanging lanterns from the ceiling. This alleviates the need .
  4. Hanging plants ↑ This is the same idea as the lanterns — use the ceiling as your surface instead of .
  5. Unframed pictures ↑ Hanging unframed pictures, papers, and postcards doesn’t have to look messy. .
  6. Lightweight frames ↑ Simple wood or plastic frames don’t weigh much, so can be hung up with .
  7. Fabric and curtains ↑ Because they’re so light, curtains or large fabric panels make great wall art. .
  8. Ladders ↑ If you don’t want to adhere anything at all to your brick wall, consider a decorative ladder. .
  9. Leaning pictures or mirrors ↑ Oversized pictures and mirrors don’t always need to get hung up. .
  10. Backless bookcases ↑ You can still display all your books and keepsakes while letting the brick .


Make a Christmas display of garland anywhere, even on a brick wall or mantle. Hanging garland from nails is the easiest way to add holiday décor to your home, but if your home has a brick exterior, you know that nails will not penetrate, and glue does not hold.

How Do You Attach Christmas Decorations To Brick Walls

Mount beautiful decorations this Christmas directly onto brick walls (and NO DRILLING REQUIRED.) Pick Mounting Points: Based on the weight and shape of your decoration, decide how many places and where you need the decoration attached to the brick wall. Use Clothes Pins to Fill each Mounting Point: Between the bricks are mortar joints that are recessed a bit.

page_type: page_browse_photo. Whether you want inspiration for planning a living room renovation or are building a designer living room from scratch, Houzz has 1,089 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Brickworks Building Products and mokadeco.

Feb 13, 2021 – Ideas for holiday mantles on a red and white-washed brick fireplace-similar to my own. Plus, other mantle ideas that I might try in my home. See more ideas about mantle decor, fireplace mantle decor, fireplace decor.

Trying to attach decorations to a brick house? No problem! Check out this quick and easy solution and time saver! Please subscribe and share if this has been.

15 Christmas Decoration Hanging Hacks

Follow these 15 hanging hacks to spruce up your house this Christmas without damaging walls, door frames, or windows. These tips show you the.

The red color, you can get it from red beads are large enough, or red flowers. Secondly, you can also use a pine cone. Set the Pinecone in a beautiful container, or make the pine seeds as a wreath or circle ornament in front of your house. Third, use recycled items to.

Everyone loves decorating for Christmas. Grab your garland and get ready for wreaths, because here, the editors of Southern Living share some of their favorite new ideas for Christmas decking the halls. These decorating ideas for your mantel, front door, mailbox, Christmas tree, and more will surely fill you with Christmas cheer and get you into the holiday spirit.

  1. Rustic Bedroom with Brick Wall. Vintage-inspired ghost signs look really striking when painted onto .
  2. Cozy Warehouse. This space was once a factory and is now a beautiful home! via
  3. Exposed Brick Walls In The Industrial Kitchen. This loft mix a chic industrial style with exposed brick .
  4. Brick Wall & Greenery. Brick wall exposed in living room with rich color palette and tall indoor plants. .
  5. Brick Wall in Living Room. Vintage brick clad was reserved to give the room a cool textural look. via .
  6. Romantic & Industrial Living Room. Solid materials such as rustic brick paired with soft whites and .
  7. Scandinavian Living Room with Brick Wall. A modern Scandinavian inspired living room will become .
  8. Brick Wall Library. Modern looking living room with small home library and exposed brick accent .
  9. Red Brick Kitchen Accent Wall. A warm red brick wall perfectly foils the white color scheme of this .
  10. Living Room with Brick Wall and Small Rug. Break the monotony with warm colours like orange and .


Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Ideas

Mix the two styles together by accenting traditional pieces with more sculptural ones. Whitewash the exposed brick to take it up another notch. Maintain a warm color palette by decorating your room with wood pieces to further complement the brick. Keep sofas and chairs neutral to balance out the strong colors.

  1. Lean into it. An easy and super versatile way to decorate a brick wall with larger prints is to lean .
  2. Incorporate mirrors and metal. A great way to make any space feel larger (and brighter) is to .
  3. Use open-backed shelving. Want in on a great design secret? You can have plenty of storage and .
  4. Add bold colors and bright accents. Maybe all your brick wall needs is a pop of color. Go for bold .
  5. Introduce soft lines and textures. Sometimes the rugged look and feel of bricks can be too .
  6. Mix up your materials. Variety is the spice of life—so it can also liven up your interior wall art and .
  7. Keep it classic with black and white. Black and white artwork stands out beautifully against brick .
  8. Create a mini gallery panel. A mini gallery panel is a great way to decorate a brick wall, but what if .


Decorate with candles. You can use candles to decorate the mantel and make it glow. Use candles of different shapes and sizes and votives and arrange them as you find it fit. You can also use a few other things in between, like pine cones, Christmas.

Looking to show off your Christmas decorations with fireplace Christmas decor? Turn your hearth into a Christmas fireplace and make it the focal point of the room. Rarely do you see magazine-worthy images of beautifully decorated Christmas trees that don’t include a fireplace right near the tree. Between the twinkling lights of the tree, the fire burning in the fireplace, and a few simple.

4 Ways to Decorate Brick Walls

  1. Mounting Wall Art With Screws Download Article Measure where you need to drill holes to hang your .
  2. Hanging Interesting Wall Decor Download Article Hang up framed artwork to accentuate your brick .
  3. Adding Complementary Accents Download Article Lean large accent pieces against your brick walls .
  4. Painting Brick Walls Download Article Paint your brick walls white to brighten the room. Brick walls .


Here is a list of outdoor decorating ideas fro Christmas you can instantly use to make your porch look chic and modern during Christmas time! Jessica Shin. Creative. Double Door Wreaths. Hanging. Lime Green. Christmas. Home Decor. Home Décor. Christmas Decorations. Hanging Wreath. Wreaths.

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