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Kfc For Christmas In Japan? – Tankenjapan.Com

Kfc For Christmas In Japan? - Tankenjapan.Com

Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas day has become a popular tradition in Japan as the country views the celebration more as a commercial holiday than a religious one. Families will place orders far in advance (up to a week) and lines outside each franchise often extend out into the streets.

In Japan, Christmas is a time to feast on KFC. CNN Travel explores how the American fast food chain grew to be synonymous with the holiday seeason.

Today KFC spans the entire country from Okinawa to Hokkaido and the concept of KFC on Christmas is a nationwide tradition. KFC in Kyoto Japan. Currently, Japan has over 1100 KFC locations in cities large and small. In 1972, 1978, and 1980, Harland Sanders the founder.

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Why Japan celebrates Christmas with KFC

Every Christmas season, an estimated 3.6 million Japanese families treat themselves to Kentucky Fried Chicken, in what has become a nationwide.

The chain launched its first Christmas campaign on December 1, 1974, and has continued to do so every year at all its outlets. In 2018, KFC Japan posted all-time high sales of roughly ¥6.9 billion for the five days from December 21 to 25. That’s about 10% of its annual sales revenue.

From December 23rd to the 25th, KFC makes 1/3 of its annual sales in Japan. Menu options are typically split into the aforementioned party barrels (パーティーバレル) and “ Christmas packs ” (クリスマスパック). Party barrels are either “original” or “variety,” referring to the type of chicken and come with a salad and a cake.

Japan. This year, millions of people across Japan will celebrate Christmas around buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Families will order “Party Barrels” weeks in advance, replete with this.

Why Japan Is Obsessed With Kentucky Fried Chicken on

But Japan’s love of American fast food does not dim with the Christmas lights once December 25 has come and gone—KFC’s ability to take it’s.

  1. IT IS NOT A HOLIDAY. Although the 23 of December is a national holiday, it has nothing to do with .
  2. CHRISTMAS DOES NOT HAVE ANY RELIGIOUS MEANING. The major religions in Japan are .
  3. IT IS NOT A FAMILY OCCASION. Christmas in Japan is a special time for couples, just like .
  4. CHRISTMAS SONGS. “Koi-bito ga Santa Kuroosu (恋人がサンタクロース)” is one of the most .
  5. CHRISTMAS FOOD. As Christmas is not really a Japanese custom, unlike New Years, there is no set .
  6. CHRISTMAS GREETINGS. Christmas Greetings.There is no such thing in Japan. In fact, people say .
  7. CHRISTMAS CARDS. Various kinds of Christmas cards are available online or at shops in Japan. .


According to Japan Today “The tradition of eating KFC at Christmas started when an expat customer at the chain’s Toyama store observed that,.

In 1974, KFC Japan launched a massive national Christmas marketing campaign and proved to be a huge success. Today, it is a core part of their tradition and has become the most popular meal for Christmas in Japan. Although being a pricey tradition, it really is.

The One Country Where KFC Is A Traditional Christmas Meal

Not only is the brand popular on a daily basis, but one country in Asia has made KFC a Christmas tradition. Here is the full story. As reported by the BBC, KFC has been hailed as a Christmas tradition in Japan for years. Around 3.6 million families in the country order KFC meals every year, marking the festivities with fried chicken.

The Japanese will hand out presents and send Christmas cards, and there are Christmas markets and Christmas cakes. Bizarrely, KFC is the number one Christmas meal, while no Christmas holiday is ever complete inJapan without a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Here’s everything you need to know about Christmas in Japan.

In France, they enjoy the lavish Réveillon on Christmas Eve. Over in South Africa, it’s all about outdoor braais, or barbecues. And in Japan, Christmas means KFC. On December 25th every year, you’ll find millions of Japanese people sitting down to a hearty meal of KFC fried chicken, with orders placed with the restaurant months in advance.

5:19. KFC is preparing for Wednesday, typically among its most profitable days in Japan as a bucket of fried chicken has become – through savvy marketing, lack of cultural awareness, and some deception – a traditional Christmas dinner. On its Japanese website, KFC sells a variety of “party barrels” and family packs to celebrate the.

The curious tale of how Japan got hooked on KFC at Christmas

Each Christmas Day, the Japanese get KFC. To understand why, we must travel back in time to December 1974, when KFC Japan, a company run.

Japan’s Christmas KFC tradition began in 1974, when the company launched a new holiday marketing campaign. So when Japan’s foreign Christian population couldn’t get their hands on any come December, they settled on the familiar fried chicken brand instead – the next best thing to turkey.

In the 1970s, this phrase, along with a bit of adverstising dollar, managed to convince Japanese people that they should have a bucket of Chicken for Christmas, (not Turkey, which is a.

Fun Fact: KFC Japan still uses the motto “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”Subscribe for more Tokyo! more KFC Videos in Japan below.

How KFC turned Christmas into a day that’s all about

Over the last four decades, KFC has managed to make fried chicken synonymous with Christmas in the country. An estimated 3.6 million Japanese families eat KFC during the Christmas season, reported.

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KFC has convinced Japan that fried chicken is the traditional Christmas dinner in America, or at least they did in December of 1974. Their...