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Norwegian Recipes | Allrecipes

For the main meal, the English tend to eat turkey. Americans veer towards ham, roast beef, or goose. But Norwegians have totally different traditions for their Christmas dinner. Things are also quite different when it comes to the food and drink eaten throughout the season.

A traditional Norwegian Christmas recipe. By RETTTS. Pepparkakor . Rating: 4.33 stars. 3 . Pepparkakor are Swedish Christmas cookies. By Mill City Wini. Orange Spiced Krumkake . Rating: 5 stars. 2 . This recipe is for use with a krumkake iron. The rich smell of orange and spices will fill the air.

Smultringer (donuts) or, tying for first place, hojortetakk (crullers made with hartshorn salt, that is, ammonium… Sandkaker (almond cookies baked in fluted tins, more familiar to Norwegian Americans as Sandbakelse or sandbakkels) Sirupssnipper.

For the Swede Mash – Rotmos Peel your vegetables and chop coarsely into even-sized pieces. Boil until tender in lightly salted water. Leave for 3… Serve with.

Christmas Food in Norway Festive food traditions in Norway. I grew up in the UK celebrating on the 25th December. I know some of you reading this… Ribbe. The most popular Norwegian Christmas Eve dish, ribbe is eaten by more than half of.

However, the clear favourite, eaten by as many as six out of ten households, is ‘Ribbe’ – roast pork belly. Traditionally served with boiled potatoes, sausages, meat cakes, prunes, lingonberries and pickled cabbage, ‘Ribbe’ and its heavenly aroma is sure to bring a bit.

Christmas Dinner

35+ Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Recipes Serinakaker – Norwegian Christmas Cookies. Recipe here. Joulutorttu – Finnish Christmas Tarts. Recipe here. Swedish Creamy Meatballs. Recipe here. Scandinavian Holiday Bread. Recipe here. Danish Christmas Kringle. Recipe here. Swedish Tea Ring. Recipe here. Traditional Swedish Christmas Meatballs. Recipe here.

  1. Julekake (Norwegian Christmas Bread) Unlike traditional British fruitcake, which is .
  2. Fattigman. Fattigman are fried quickly in hot oil, instead of baked on an elegant .
  3. Norwegian Krumkake Cookies. Norwegian krumkake (pronounced kroom-ka-ka) are .
  4. Kransekake (Norwegian Ring Cake) Ring cake, or kransekaka, is the signature, .
  5. Skolebrød (Norwegian School Bread Dessert) Norwegian school bread is more like a .
  6. Berlinerkranser (Norwegian Butter Cookies) Despite the fact that the name .
  7. Scandinavian Almond Cake. Bake this popular Scandinavian-American cake for .
  8. Scandinavian Rosette Cookies. You don’t have to be Norwegian to enjoy these .
  9. Scandinavian Sweet Soup. Sweet soups made with dried fruits, tapioca, and .


The Scandinavian and Nordic Christmas is just full of hygge and love. On this page you can find the BEST and most popular Nordic Christmas recipes. The Nordic christmas is full of old and fantastic traditions. If you are looking to make a real Scandinavian.

During the day: Biscuits. Norwegians traditionally cook up 7 different types of biscuits during Christmas time. We bought a box of Pepperkaker (gingerbread) and.

  1. Norwegian Waffles. What are Norwegian waffles? And how are they different from .
  2. Norwegian Fish Soup. This creamy soup brings together so many delicious flavors. .
  3. Norwegian Meatballs. These savory meatballs are served smothered in an .
  4. Norwegian Flatbread. This thin and crispy flatbread is the perfect addition to any .
  5. Lefse. Similar to the traditional flatbread listed above, lefse is a thin flatbread made .
  6. Surkal. Every culture has some form of fermented vegetable, and this is Norway’s. .
  7. Lutefisk. Lutefisk is a flaky fish fillet that is baked in the oven. This dish is .
  8. Norwegian Oatmeal Molasses Bread. How delicious does this sound? Hearty .
  9. Sveler. Sveler are Norwegian pancakes from the northwestern coast of the country. .
  10. Norwegian Potato Dumplings. Dumplings are always a favorite comfort food, and .


15 Traditional Norwegian Recipes

Norwegian Christmas Cookies: Norwegian Butter Cookies Fattigmann Norwegian Ginger Cookies Goro, Norwegian Christmas Cookies Krumkake Recipe Lemon Almond Cookies Merengue Norwegian Sugar Cookies Norwegian Pepperkaker Sandbakels/Sandkake.

More Nordic Christmas Food? Creamy rice porridge Danish rice pudding (ris a la mande) Scandinavian smorgasbord Mulled wine with ginger Norwegian sweet lefse Cinnamon cookies (Berits brune pinner) Christmas fruit salad.

  • Klippfisk – Green pea soup with dried cod and bacon. Add dryed cod or ‘Klippfisk’ …
  • Lapskaus – Norwegian stew. Lapskaus is a very traditional Norwegian dish made of …
  • Norwegian Meatballs. Mums meatballs or ‘Mors Kjøttkaker’ as we call them is …
  • Sourcream Porridge. 1/2 Liter Sour-cream 1/2 Liter Milk 2 dl All purpose white flour …
  • Norwegian Waffles. Scandinavian style waffles are thin and heart-shaped with a …


A guide to the traditional Norwegian holiday fish dishes Lutefisk. Lutefisk is possibly the most characteristic fish dish eaten in Norway, with records going back to at least… Rakfisk. Another fish dish with a punchy smell, rakfisk is a traditional Norwegian meal with roots dating back to the…

If you want to add a little bit of Norway to your Christmas festivities this year, try one of my favorite Norwegian Cookie recipes. Pepperkaker. Sandkaker. Krumkaker. Coconut macaroons. Hazelnut macaroons. Brune Pinner. Sirupssnipper. «.

Norwegian Christmas Cookie Recipe Roundup

  • milk, sugar, pudding, cream cheese, nuts, oleo, flour, powdered sugar and 1 more.
  • condensed milk, fruits.
  • ladyfingers, sugar, eggs, instant coffee, condensed milk, cornstarch and 2 more.
  • eggs, sliced almonds, dulce de leche.
  • condensed milk, cream, gelatin, gelatin sheets.
  • raisins, pine nuts, prunes, dried figs, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and 1 more.
  • whole milk, sugar, rose water, cornstarch.
  • lime, lime slices, mint leaves, icing sugar, avocadoes.
  • honey, walnuts, persimmon, cinnamon.
  • graham cracker, marshmallow crème, candy melts, popcorn.


In a small bowl, whisk together flour, cardamom, salt and baking powder. Add the dry ingredients a bit at a time, alternating with the melted butter, adding a little more flour if needed to make a dough that will roll well, but work the dough just as little as needed. Refrigerate overnight.

Rating: 4.48 stars. 46. This recipe is from the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Cookies and recipes were handed out at a cultural event that my family attended a few years ago. All Norwegian homes must serve at least 7 kinds of cookies at Christmas. This recipe is different from other pepperkaker recipes on this web site because it calls.

Krumkake (pronounced kroom-kah-kay) is a traditional Norwegian waffle cookie, similar to the Italian Pizzelle but much thinner and crisp. This Norwegian Krumkake Recipe is traditionally served with whipped cream & berries. #norwegian #norway.

It’s an outstanding guide to traditional Nordic breads, cookies and cakes ($19). Shop: We ordered our gingerbread house cutter ($12.50) and snowflake cookie stamp ($10) from Ingebretsen’s, a treasure trove of Scandinavian gifts and.

11 Scandinavian Christmas Cookie Recipes | Midwest Living

Turn this year’s Christmas cookie-baking extravaganza into an international affair with these world-famous traditional cookie recipes, including krumkake, crescent cookies, pizzelles, rugelach, lebkuchen, and much more. Explore flavors from around the world with these top-rated holiday cookie recipes. Start Slideshow.

The meringue, vanilla cream and almond-packed sponge cake is known and enjoyed throughout the land and considered by some to be Norway’s national cake. The key ingredient is eggs. The whites are used to make the crisp, chewy almond meringue, and the yolks to make both the sponge base and the custard filling.

A Christmas tradition in countless Norwegian homes is to prepare Risengrynsgrøt, or rice porridge, for lunch during the day of Christmas Eve. White rice is cooked in milk for nearly an hour until tender and thick, then salt and sometimes sugar and vanilla is added.

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Christmas Dinner – The Norwegian Way. Unlike Britain, the main Norwegian Christmas celebration takes place with a big Christmas dinner on 24 December, Christmas...