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Filled Ornaments.
– Candy-Filled Glass Ornaments. The holidays are all about the candy, so celebrate that by filling your clear glass ornaments with candy! These would …
– Ribbon Glass Ornaments. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just pick out your favorite ribbons and stuff them into glass ball ornaments.
– Snowman Ornaments. Fun for kids to make or just to marvel at, these snowman ornaments will be a hit with everyone.
– Melted Snowman Ornament. Add a little humor and levity to your Christmas tree with these hilarious melted snowman ornaments!

  • Christmas Candy DIY Ornament.
  • Baby’s First Christmas Ornament.
  • Sequined Filled DIY Unicorn Ornament.


  1. Place Cards. Unusual and ingenious, use clear glass bulbs as place cards for a Christmas party. Fill .
  2. Ombre Glass Ornaments. A clear glass ornament is a perfect canvas for paint- and especially for .
  3. Melted Crayon Bulbs. Something as simple as a handful of crayons melted together can create a .
  4. Mercury Glass Ornaments. My favorite hack to turn the simplest, plainest of glass baubles into ones .
  5. Glitter filled Glass Ornaments. Glass ornaments, that are filled with varying shades of powdered .
  6. Marbled Glass Ornaments. Marbling is arguably the best effect a clear glass ornament could .
  7. Glass Float Ornaments. Glass Float ornaments are clear glass ornaments, with a very light coat of .
  8. Stained Glass Ornaments. As someone whose earliest memories of Christmas are associated with .
  9. Swirly Metallic Ornaments. This one is for the art enthusiasts- for the ones to whom innovation .
  10. Quilted Glass Baubles. Give your glass baubles a protective layering for the winter. Sewing and .


Filled Ornaments Candy-Filled Glass Ornaments. The holidays are all about the candy, so celebrate that by filling your clear glass… Ribbon Glass Ornaments. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just pick out your favorite ribbons and stuff them into… Snowman Ornaments. Fun for kids to make or.

Dec 16, 2020 – Explore Janet Stowe’s board “Glass ornaments DIY“, followed by 210 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ornaments, ornaments diy, christmas ornaments.

Natural, Rustic & VintageClear Glass Christmas Ornaments. Natural Ornaments (source unknown) clear craft ornaments + evergreen sprigs, holly berries, etc. Christmas Ornament Looking Glass from Down Time Upcycle. Burlap Christmas Ornaments. clear.

120 DIY Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

  1. Create Place Cards for a Holiday Table. Fill a clear glass bulb with greenery and a personalized .
  2. Grow a Little Plant Inside. Crafting a mini terrarium with clear glass ornaments is easier than you .
  3. Turn Glitter Into a Galaxy. “The Starry Night” is not only Van Gogh’s masterpiece, but it’s now yours in .
  4. Perch Some Love Birds on a Branch. This display of perched snowbirds is inspired by a ship in a .
  5. Give the Gift of Hot Cocoa. Turn your ornament into a practical gift by filling it with something the .
  6. Brush on Some Gold Leaf. If you want to create a Christmas tree like an interior designer, then make .
  7. Add a Name for a Personalized Touch. This idea is perfect for families with children. You can easily .
  8. Gather All Your Excess Ribbon. If you are on a budget and short on time, this idea helps you create a .
  9. Speckle on Some Sequins. Add some sparkle to your holiday decor by filling the ornaments with .
  10. Express Yourself With Ornament Emojis. These emoji ornaments will resonate with your kids and .


  1. Art Glitter Tree Ornaments. from: ArtGlitterBlog.
  2. Mercury Glass Ornaments. from The Frugal Homemaker.
  3. Gift Bow Christmas Ornaments. from: Whey Beyond the Naked Truth.
  4. Yarn Ornaments. from: Thanks, I Made it.
  5. Melted Snowman Ornaments. from: Turnstyle Vogue.
  6. Make a mini Christmas Tree with a Sprig of a Tree and Dirt Inside the Ornament. from: My Paradissi.
  7. Glass Popcorn Ball Ornaments. from: The Ornament Girl.
  8. Crayon Drip Ornaments. Tfrom: The Swell Designer.
  9. Fill Empty Glass Ball Ornaments with Vintage Sheet Music. from: Reloved Rubbish.
  10. Nail Polish Ornaments. from: Beautylish.


Peacock feathers inside glass ornaments, and hung in a cluster together. Simply STUNNING. And here are a couple of ornaments I’ve come up with in the past: Seashells and sand inside an ornament makes a great vacation keepsake: Fill an ornament with holly berries: Or if you’re a Barbie fanatic like me, fill an ornament with Barbie shoes!.

Christmas Decorations. Simply Klassic Home -. DIY “crackled cystal” snowball ornament: Add a little water to a bowl of Mod Podge, just enough to thin it out a bit. Pour a little in a clear glass ornament, swirl it around to coat the inside, and let the excess drip out.

Nov 3, 2021 – Explore Lori Brabo’s board “Christmas Glass Ornaments” on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy christmas ornaments, ornaments, christmas ornaments.

24 Christmas Glass Ornaments ideas in 2021 | diy

Get the tutorial: Winter Woodlands DIY Ornaments. Glitter Peppermint Ornaments by Artsy Fartsy Mama. Lindsay made these cool glass peppermint ornaments with the help of her Cricut Explore. Get the tutorial: Glitter Peppermint Ornaments. DIY Snow Globe Ornaments.

  • Painted Glass Ornaments. These marbled DIY glass ornaments are made with… wait for it… nail …
  • Alcohol Ink Ornament. These look just like glass blown ornaments from an expensive Christmas …
  • DIY Glitter Ornaments. Make these lovely copper glitter ornaments with paint, glitter, white glue and …


DIY Snow Globe. Add a two-inch layer of artificial snow along the bottom of a clear glass or plastic ball ornament, and suspend miniature holiday figurines from the ornament’s foil or metal cap using fishing line. Once hung, this simple, clear ornament takes on.

Today, Marianne shows you 10 glamorous and simple ways to dress up a plain, clear ornament! Which one is your favorite? Share below!Follow us on Twitter for.

7. Glass jar Christmas crafts – A diy luminaries with pine cones! Pin It. 8. Mason jar Christmas DIY candle craft with a red ribbon and deers. Pin It. 9. Mason jars Christmas DIY centerpiece craft with glazed cranberries and pine sprigs inside. Pin It.

Glass Jar Christmas Crafts

  1. Floating photo ornament. When making DIY ornaments, one tool you’ll find yourself using a lot is the .
  2. Wood slice ornament with photo. When you think of iconic objects associated with Christmas, your .
  3. Photo block ornament. What’s better than a memorial ornament with a photo of your loved one? A .
  4. Black and white photo ornament. Not super crafty? You can always purchase a photo frame .
  5. Fabric ornaments. When you think of your late loved ones, you might remember a piece of clothing .
  6. Fabric-filled ornament. You can use glass or plastic globe-shaped ornaments that unscrew at the .
  7. Fabric-wrapped ornament. Filling traditional globe-shaped ornaments can be a fussy process. .
  8. Stitched fabric ornament. Are you fond of sewing or knitting? If so, you can put together a sweet .
  9. Hand-painted ornament. Sometimes, a memorial ornament can be a little more subtle. Instead of .


  1. Pinecones And Berries Christmas Centerpiece. julieblanner. Whether you are looking for DIY .
  2. Christmas Centerpiece Under $5. cleverlysimple. When it comes to cheap DIY Christmas .
  3. DIY Tree Centerpiece With Bunting. baysidebride. These rosemary trees that double as tiny .
  4. Kiss-Mas Tree Centerpiece. kitchenmeetsgirl. The ladies at my lodge love Hershey’s Kisses, so when .
  5. Simple Cranberry Centerpieces. rosyscription. I love cranberries. I love to eat them in my yogurt or .
  6. Shabby Christmas Centerpiece. confessionsofaplateaddict. If you need a quick DIY rustic, country .
  7. Easy Hershey’s Kisses Holiday Centerpiece. smartschoolhouse. If you are ever feeling stuck and do .
  8. Silver And Blue Christmas Centerpiece. twotwentyone. I have a really big dining table and needed a .
  9. Fun And Festive Christmas Centerpiece. southernhospitalityblog. I saw this DIY centerpiece idea on .
  10. Easy DIY Christmas Card Centerpiece. funwiththefullwoods. This is one of the cutest, cheapest and .


Fingerprint Snowman Salt Dough Christmas Ornament. This fingerprint snowman salt dough ornament is a great idea to make with your kids! They make great decoration piece for Chritmas tree or used as the holiday gift. DIY instructions via crafty morning. Save. 18.

An inexpensive paint brush (the brush will not be usable after) Glass or plastic clear ornaments. (preferably glass) Small container 1. Protect your surface with drop cloth or plastic bag. 2. Place some brown, yellow and red paint into a small container. (2:1:1 ratio) Add a few drops of the lightening medium to your liking. Stir it all together.

  1. Glitter-on-the-Inside Clear Christmas Ornaments by me. These glitter ornaments are so easy but so .
  2. Easy Red and White Ornaments by Girl Just DIY. These easy red and white ornaments by my friend .
  3. DIY Clear Glitter Ornaments by Jennifer Rizzo. These DIY Glitter Ornaments by Jennifer Rizzo are .
  4. Simple Greenery-Themed Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me. These winter-themed ornaments .
  5. Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments by My Wee Abode. These Easy DIY Coastal Christmas .
  6. Living Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas. Absolutely loving these living Christmas ornaments by .
  7. Fabric Wrapped Christmas Ornaments by Two Bees in a Pod. DIY Fabric Wrapped Christmas .
  8. Abstract Alcohol Ink Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me. I have been wanting to try alcohol ink .
  9. Grinch Bath Bomb Clear Ball Ornaments by Shrimp Salad Circus. These Grinch bath bomb .
  10. Hand-Lettered Ornaments by Lemon Thistle. My friend Colleen is so good at hand lettering! She c .


21 easy and gorgeous clear Christmas ornament ideas!

DIY Cricut Christmas Ornaments. Making your own DIY Cricut Christmas ornaments is a great way to create new decorations for your tree during the holiday season.And since there are so many wonderful ways to use your Cricut to make your own holiday decor, you have a variety of Christmas ornament ideas and decoration ideas to choose from.

  1. How To Make Glitter Ornaments. I want to share with you an easy DIY glitter ornament that you can .
  2. DIY Glitter Ornaments For Beginners. This video walkthrough will guide you on how to make this .
  3. How To Make Glitter Ornaments For Beginners. You know the magical feeling that comes with .
  4. DIY Best Glitter Ornaments. Right here you will see how to create this beautiful and cheap ornament .
  5. DIY Glittery Wood Slice Ornaments. This beautiful pre-sliced birch would make a perfect ornament .
  6. DIY Colorblock Glitter Ornaments. This interesting post will definitely inspire you or anyone to craft a .
  7. DIY Modern Rustic DIY Glitter Ornaments. I love how shimmery and beautiful these ornaments .
  8. DIY Glitter Ornaments. Right here I’ll be sharing with you how to make a giant gumdrop ornament .
  9. DIY Glitter Ornaments. It’s nearly impossible to have boring trees with no decoration of any kind, it .
  10. How To Glitter Christmas Ornaments. In my opinion, kids will have the fun of their lives working on a .


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How to make these homemade Christmas decorations: Cut a 1cm strip of paper along the longest edge of an A4 sheet . Thread a...