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Russian Blue Temperament And Personality

Russian Blue Temperament And Personality

Russian Blue temperament and personality
– Playfulness, Training and Intelligence. …
– Easily startled (cautious and quick foottheed) It is being told that at some point of their history, long before they have become home pets, Russian Blues were hunted for their …
– Reserved, shy and nervous with strangers. …
– Loving, affectionate and empathetic with everyone they care about. …

It is being told that at some point of their history, long before they have become home pets, Russian Blues were hunted for their soft and unique silver coats. This theory is supported by the modern attitudes and characteristics of russian blues, such as intelligence, quick-footness and keen senses.

The Russian Blue is a bit of a mysterious feline because there aren’t any exact dates to indicate when the breed first became available. However, it is one of the first fully recognized cat breeds, known for its love of playing fetch, and it’s affectionate nature. Most Russian blues get along with children and other pets (including dogs).

Cats doing dog tricks! These twin sister Russian Blue cats were quick and easy to train to do all sorts of tricks you usually only see dogs doing. Very sma.

Russian blues tend to shy away from visitors and may hide during large gatherings. Living With: Russian blue cats are highly intelligent animals and require physical and mental stimulation, so it’s important to give them access to toys at all times. They retain a strong hunting instinct, so a feathered fishing pole toy is the perfect plaything.

In the Warner Bros hit movie Cats & Dogs, a Russian Blue cat is featured as a trained assassin. Russian Blues are blue because of a diluted gene. The gene responsible for their blue-gray coloring is actually a form of the black-hair gene.

  1. They’re blessed with good looks. There’s a reason why Russian Blues often appear in TV adverts .
  2. Their size is deceptive. Russian Blues have a plush double coat that makes them look bigger than .
  3. They have unusual colouring. Forget boring black and white moggies – the Russian Blue has blue, .
  4. Their eyes are captivating. As Russian Blues mature, their wide, soulful eyes become a vivid green .
  5. They’re naturally well behaved. Unlike more temperamental breeds, Russian Blues are easy to train. .
  6. They’re curious and playful. Russian Blues can be shy and reserved at first, but once they get to .
  7. They love sunshine. Put a Russian Blue in a patch of sunlight and it’ll happily sit there for hours, .
  8. They make adoring companions. This is one breed of cat that loves human company, often .
  9. They’re low maintenance and like to stay clean. Unlike longer haired cats (yeah, we’re looking at you .
  10. They’re the cutest kittens. Okay, so most kittens are cute by definition, but Russian Blues have an .


The Russian Blue is a beautiful cat, and it’s a breed that makes a wonderful pet. Its beauty and personality make people want this breed, but there are a few things you should know before you make the decision to bring home a Russian Blue. Being a cat owner is more than just providing food and shelter; it’s about caring for your cat.

Meet Misty, a Russian Blue Cat for adoption, at Raining Cats and Dogs in Boca Raton, FL on Petfinder. Learn more about Misty today.

About the Breed. The Black Russian Terrier is a large, immensely powerful worker of heavy bone and coarse all-black coat. BRTs are known for their courage, confidence, and intelligence. Bred to.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Information

In 1871 a Russian Blue was shown at the first cat show at the Crystal Palace in London, under the name Archangel Cat. At this point, Russian Blues were shorthaired, solid blue felines with foreign body types. From photos and published sources of the time, the original coat was thick, dense, glossy, and colored a.

All our animals are raised in a rural family environment with exposure to all sorts of other animals and well handled by our 1 yo daughter. British Shorthair, Russian Blue Kittens – Quarterash Russian Blues, Maine Coon Cats and Border Collie Dogs. Farm Animal Breeders in Moore, QLD. Phone: 0407 191 420. This Profile viewed: 16761 times.

  1. Intelligent. Russian Blue cats are very smart and attentive. Cats in general are perceived as being .
  2. Extreme Good Looks. This cat really sets a record when it comes to elegance and sophistication. It .
  3. Unusual Coloring. The term “blue” in referring to the animal’s coat actually means a grey color. This .
  4. Unique eye color. The eyes of the Russian Blue cat is very striking. As a kitten, the eyes will be .
  5. Their smile. The triangular head and pointed ears of the Russian Blue cat gives it a sophisticated .
  6. Appear larger than they are. Their dense double layer coat can make them appear bigger than they .
  7. Well behaved. Good looks and good manners in the same cat! Not only is this regal animal beautiful, .
  8. Can be left alone. For animal lovers who live alone, it can be challenging to find a good and .
  9. Playful. Though very regal, the Russian Blue cat is not above a good play. In fact, it will want to play .
  10. One man cat. Though friendly in general to humans, Russian Blue Cats tend to connect most .


The Russian Blue is also accepting of other animals, including dogs, as long as they aren’t chased or menaced by them. Introduce pets slowly and in controlled.

Russian Blue Cat Breed Information, Pictures

A solid blue coat, with no markings, and green eyes. ‘The coat is double with a very dense undercoat and stands away from the body: the whole coat is very fine, short and soft with no harsh feel to it, very different in texture from any other breed and the truest criterion of the Russian.’.

Other Quick Facts. The Russian Blue has a luxuriant silvery-blue coat, glowing green eyes, and long legs and body. His moderately wedge-shaped head is not too long and not too short. The large ears are wide at the base with tips that are more pointed than rounded.

Russian Blues have wide-set eyes that evolve from yellow with green rims to bright green as kittens age into adult cats. The striking color of the breed’s eyes is among its most distinctive features. Life Expectancy. Healthy Russian Blues live between 10 and 15 years on average with some living as long as 20 years or more.

In addition, they cause more allergies than dogs. Like other cats, Russian Blue hypoallergenic cats produce Fel d 1 in their salivary and sebaceous glands. Cats also produce a lipocalin allergen called Fel d 4 (Fel d 1 is a protein). The allergens are mostly found in skin, hair and saliva.

Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats Personality, Adoption

The Russian Blue is one of the most beautiful cat breeds around: the stunning, plush double-coat of blue tipped with silver, the shining emerald eyes, and the large elegant ears are easy to fall in love with. Russian blues can be shy, especially around strangers, but don’t mistake their reserved personality for a.

Russian Blue can also be combined with all the markings including Irish, Variegated, Bareback, English Irish, Dalmatian, Capped, Berkshire, Hooded, and Masked and all the coat types as well as Dumbo and Tailless. Showing. Showing Russian Blues is similar to showing most of the other dark colors of rats.

Russian Blue. Other names: Russian, Maltese Blue, Norwegian Blue. This elegant feline with a dark blue coat, which appears to be sprinkled with silver, loves to cuddle. Quiet and reserved, the Russian Blue will be the perfect companion to anyone that will offer their time and a tranquil home. This cat is not designed for a hectic and busy life.

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