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September National Days – National Day Calendar

– National Professional House Cleaners Day
– National Apple Dumpling Day
– Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
– National Monte Cristo Day
– National Tradesmen Day – Third Friday in September
– National POW/MIA Recognition Day – Third Friday in September
– National Hug Your Boss Day – Changes Annually – Friday, September 17, 2021

  • The Month of September. September’s name comes from the Latin word septem, …
  • September Calendar. September 6—the first Monday in September—is Labor Day. …
  • Holiday Traditions Around the World. Mid-Autumn Festival: September 20–21, …
  • September Astronomy. Full Harvest Moon. September’s full moon, the Harvest …
  • Recipes for the Season. We like to think of September as the month of apples, as …
  • September Gardening. The garden may be winding down, but there’s still plenty left …
  • Everyday Advice. If you’re planning on baking some apple pies, try consulting our …
  • Folklore for the Season. Heavy September rains bring drought. September dries up …
  • September Birth Flowers. September’s birth flowers are the aster and the morning …
  • September Birthstone. The September birthstone is the sapphire, which was once …


Fun HolidaysSeptember; Date Weekday Holiday name; Sep 1: Wednesday: Emma Nutt Day: Sep 1:.

September 2021. Int’l. Bacon Day. Int’l. Day of Charity. Nat’l. Cheese Pizza Day. Brazil Indep. Day.

September 2021 National Holidays. This Labor Day falls late this year on September 7, 2021, which is a great way to ease into month. At work, you should observe Swap Ideas Day with other departments to see. Set up a putt-putt course in the office to enjpoy Mini Golf Day. Celebrate the strong and powerful career women on September 22nd for national Business Women’s Day and show your.

September 2. World Coconut Day. September 3. Bring Your Manners to Work Day. Doodle Day. Skyscraper Day. Lazy Mom’s Day. Pressed Pennies Day. September 4. World Beard Day. Writing Day. Spice Blend Day. Newspaper Carriers Day. Franchise Appreciation Day. Cowgirl Day. Play Outside Day. Tailgating Day. September 5. Be Late for Something Day. International Day of Charity. Bacon Day.

September Theme Days: Funny, Silly, Offbeat September

Wed, September 1 National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day Thu, September 2 Bison Ten Yell Day: Sun,.

About National Today. We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar.

List of September 2022 Holidays. In an effort to simplify this massive list of holidays, I’ve.

September 2022 Weekly Holidays *International Enthusiasm Week: 1-7 *National Nutrition Week: 1-7 (UNICEF-India) Link *Self-University Week: 1-7 Link Chuckwagon Races: 1-4 ( Thursday – Sunday of Labor Day Wkd.) Golden Onion Week: 1-5 (Labor Day Weekend) US Snow Shoe Days: 2-3 Link Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: 2-6 Link (Labor Day Weekend + Winter Holidays).

September 2022 Official, Fun, Crazy and Bizarre Holidays

The holidays are in full swing and while you probably have a to-do list that’s a mile long, it’s important to remember what this season is truly about. We want to help you slow down and spend those special moments with the ones you love, which is why we’re sharing 12 ideas for holiday fun at home.

September social media holidays. World Alzheimer’s Month. National Hispanic Heritage Month (US) September 12: National Video Games Day #NationalVideoGamesDay. September 21: World Alzheimer’s Day. September 30: International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay. October social media holidays. Black History Month (UK) Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

We compiled a laundry list of fun, weird, crazy, wacky, and even bizarre holidays that are happening in 2021. If there’s anything this year has taught us, it’s that the small things make a big difference, especially if it’s in the name of honoring the doughnut (June 7, btw).

September 2 2021 Popular Holidays Observances Worldwide Industrial Day Día de la Industria – Argentina. Fun Holidays on September 18 2021. Source: Guy Fawkes Day November 05 2021. List of dates for other years. United States Postal Service. It is a day off for the general population and schools and most businesses are closed.

Other Fun Holidays around November 20 18 Nov Push Button Phone Day. Commemorate the humble push button phone on November 18 or Push Button Phone Day. 18 Nov Use Less Stuff Day. Cut down on your carbon footprint by using and buying fewer things on this environmentally conscious holiday. 20 Nov National Absurdity Day.

Fun Holidays

2021 FUN HOLIDAYS; Date Day Holiday Name; January: Jan 01: Friday: Polar Bear Plunge Day: Jan 02: Saturday: Buffet Day: Jan 02: Saturday: Run It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day: Jan 02: Saturday: Science Fiction Day: Jan 03: Sunday: Fruitcake Toss Day: Jan 03: Sunday: Festival of Sleep Day: Jan 04: Monday: Trivia Day: Jan 05: Tuesday: Bird Day: Jan 06: Wednesday: Bean Day:.

September 2021 Weekly Observances. National Assisted Living Week (September 12-18) National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 12-18) National Farm Safety and Health Week (September 19-25) National Security Officer Appreciation Week (September 19-25) National Surgical Technologists Week (September 19-25).

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. 26 Tue. National Spouses Day. 26 Tue. National Green Juice Day. 26 Tue. International Customs Day. 27 Wed. International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Although we feature mostly the unusual, fun, silly and unknown observances, etc. we still do the traditional holidays too. Christmas , New Years, Valentines , St. Patrick’s Day and St. Urho’s Day, Easter , Halloween, 4th of July (and other patriotic holidays) Thanksgiving, Ramadan, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa + Graduation Day (some consider a holiday.

September holidays — 2021. September 1st – National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day-This day aims to recognize words in the English language that have no rhyme, such as “orange” and “wolf.”; September 4th – National Wildlife day – This is one of two National Wildlife Days per year (the other is in February) founded to bring national and global awareness to endangered animals.

September Holidays and Newsletter Ideas — 2021 | Constant

2022 Holidays + Fun, Weird and Special Days Are you a small business owner or marketer looking for holidays or special dates to celebrate on social media? Marketing your business on social media just got a lot easier with this complete list of more than 3,200 holidays, observances, and special dates for.

This holiday only occurred in 2021. List of dates for other years. Nicaragua holidays 2021. Nicaragua holidays 2022. Is September 10, 2021 a Public Holiday? This is a holiday for the public sector and government employees, so most non-essential government offices will be closed. Private sector offices and stores may have reduced hours.

September 8: National Date Nut Bread Day; September 9: National Wiener Schnitzel Day; September 10: National TV Dinner Day; September 11: National Hot Cross Bun Day; September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day; September 13: National Peanut Day; Bake some cherry popovers for National Cherry Popover Day, September 1st (photo © Elephantine Blog).

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