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Should Christmas Be A Federal Holiday? | Debate.Org

Should Christmas Be A Federal Holiday? | Debate.Org

No, of course Christmas shouldn’t be a federal holiday. While non Christians may have been unheard of in these great states during the Civil War era, Grant was certainly misguided in stepping around a systemic and vital tenant of government in order to appease the majority and making Christmas a federal holiday..

Christmas Day is one of eleven federal holidays recognized nationwide by the United States Government. All non-essential federal government offices are closed on Christmas Day, and all federal employees are paid even if they receive the day off. Many private-sector employees will also receive paid time off or special holiday pay on Christmas Day. Christmas is a Christian holiday commemorating the birth of.

Quoting LolaMcKitten:” Christmas specifically – no. A “Holiday Break”, sure. We have “Holiday Vacation” listed on our school calendars – I think that’s the right way to approach it. “But here we are on the 4th day of Hanukkah and most kids are still in school. It says holiday break, but it’s still the same break as when it was called Christmas.

Christmas Should Not be a Federal Holiday

Christmas Should Not be a Federal Holiday. If a holiday is not celebrated by everyone, it should not be a federal holiday. Period, end of story. Christmas is a federal holiday that is unconstitutional, if for no other reason it’s a religious holiday symbolic only to Christians.

The federal government officially recognizes December 25, along with nine other days, as a holiday. Federal statute provides: “The following are legal public holidays . . . Christmas Day, December 25.” 5 U.S.C.A. § 6103.

I believe that Christmas should not be a national holiday in the United States. CMV Of all the holidays that are considered “National Holidays”, Christmas is the only one that is premised off of religion.

The religious meaning of Christmas has already been largely diminished by the commercialization of the holiday, and declaring it to be an official secular holiday would do nothing to prevent Christians from celebrating it as devoutly as they wish.

The President Who Made Christmas A National Holiday

Christmas is an oddly new national holiday. The bill that made Christmas a holiday wasn’t passed until 1870, signed by President Ulysses S. Grant. As we know it today, Christmas is a time to gather with friends and family for feasts, Christmas carols, tree decorating, presents, and of course, celebrating Christ’s birth.

The kids deserve a holiday somewhere between Christmas and summer break, during that long dry spell between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day. I think it’d be good to have it recognized as a federal holiday (unlike Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, which are nati. Continue Reading.

The United States currently has 10 national holidays, including Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Christmas Day. [ 6 ] Election Day could be made a holiday if a bill were passed by the House and Senate then signed into law by the president.

A new article in TIME magazine today opines that Christmas should not be a holiday and that, in fact, no religious observance should be a federal holiday. In so doing they fail to look at what established Christmas as a holiday in America in first place.

How is Christmas’ status as a federal holiday legal?

This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful. Bookmark this question. Show activity on this post. It seems the United States federal government’s establishment of Christmas, a religious holiday, as a federal holiday would be illegal under the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

Advertising. 1. Holiday music is so happy and cheerful (mostly). People tend to love the music until it’s over-played. As long as it does not become too repetitive, we don’t get bored or annoyed by it. Christmas music often creates a feeling of nostalgia and lifts the spirits of many people.

23 hours ago  National View: No, it’s not too soon to ‘get jiggy with your tree-trimming;’ Thanksgiving, Christmas ought to be one long holiday From the column: “The two holidays already have a.

Even when the holiday name is shortened—for example, from New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Day) to New Year’s—capitalize the shortened name. Most holidays on which businesses are closed (think national holidays) are capitalized. Most church holidays and holy days are capitalized, whether or not those days are recognized by governments.

Federal holidays in the United States

Christmas Day as a federal or public holiday is also sometimes objected to by various sources, usually due to its ties with the Christian religion. In December 1999, the Western Division of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, in the case Ganulin v.

  1. Family Time. For those who get homesick easily, college was a tough transition. With the final days .
  2. Avoiding Responsibilities. Christmas break also means college students can go home comfortably, .
  3. Snow. Not the freezing cold weather, I’m talking about the nice snowfall. The days where the .
  4. Presents. You know you’re in college when you get excited over getting fuzzy socks for Christmas. .
  5. The Birth of Christ. Christmas is more than a guy dressed as Santa, or a Rudolph with a mutatious .
  6. Christmas Music. There are a lot of great artists who are putting their Christmas music out. You .
  7. Christmas Movies. Now, you can binge watch classics such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The .
  8. Food. Holiday cookies, candy, peppermint bark, Christmas ham, and more cookies.
  9. Christmas is the one of the few holidays you can give someone a gift. Whether they’re your family or .
  10. No assignments. With the semester ending, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can relax, .


Answer (1 of 6): Christmas is not a christian holiday. Jesus was not born on December 25th. What is called Christmas now is a pagan holiday celebrated in 2 different dominant cultures even before christianity 1) It is celebrates as Saturnalis in Europe. It is a pagan festival of Saturn God Satur.

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Religious Holidays | The First Amendment Encyclopedia

In 1998, Richard Ganulin, a Jewish lawyer, filed suit against the U.S. government alleging that the law making Christmas day a legal public holiday violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment. Ganulin based his complaint on the fact that Christmas is a Christian holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

They all have to work on every Hindu festival day or they have to apply for leave.Therefore, logically in India, which is a nation of few million Christians, Christmas should not be a holiday. According to the official statistics, the Christian population in India is about 5% or less of the total population.

Republic Day (January 26), Independence Day (August 15) and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2) are the three national holidays observed in India. On these days all institutions, irrespective of under which law they are covered, or whether they are public or private organizations or MNCs should necessarily remain closed.

This celebration deserves to be recognize as a federal holiday in the United States, where families and friends may take the day off to revel in the activities only offered by.

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Private businesses often observe only the “big six” holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Some also add...


Private businesses often observe only the “big six” holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Some also add...