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The Best 22 Christmas Breakfast Recipes

The Best 22 Christmas Breakfast Recipes

5 things to cook for your family on Christmas breakfast 1. , fruit, and yogurt breakfast in a jar 2. Prosciutto, pea, and parmesan crostini 3. Maple and peanut butter French toast 4. Banana pancakes with agave syrup 5. Bacon-wrapped omelet rolls

  1. Cinnamon Roll Wreath. This cinnamon roll wreath is as beautiful as it is festive, and .
  2. Make-Ahead Pecan Sticky Buns. These easy pecan sticky buns are perfect for .
  3. Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole. Most breakfast casseroles use eggs and sausage .
  4. Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. Browned butter and cream cheese bring this .
  5. Panettone French Toast Bake. Italian families may already know the wonders of .
  6. Danish Kringle. A traditional recipe in Denmark, Danish kringle is also an official .
  7. Gingerbread French Toast. What’s more Christmas-y than gingerbread French toast? .
  8. Unicorn Doughnuts. For a twist that’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, serve .
  9. Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole. Simplify breakfast on a busy cooking day by .
  10. Dutch Baby Pancake. This is one of those mix-and-bake recipes that you can’t .


Breakfast Casseroles. Italian Christmas bread in a decorative paper baking form, with a wedge cut out. Christmas Bread. Shredded potato hashbrowns on a square white plate. Breakfast Potatoes. A wedge of green-flecked quiche on a white plate with two.

Will Dickey. 2 of 60. Bacon Brunch Ring. Special holidays call for special breakfasts—like this bacon and egg wreath wrapped with flaky puff pastry. It’ll be a hit.

21 Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipes

  1. Christmas Breakfast Casserole. Filled with eggs, potato puffs, ham, bacon, and cheese, this .
  2. Swedish Tea Ring. A Swedish tea ring is like one giant cinnamon roll, beautifully stuffed with dried .
  3. Pepper, Shallot, and Mushroom Frittata. Frittatas are somewhere in between a baked omelet and a .
  4. Mock Cheese Soufflé. Imitate the texture and flavor of a cheese soufflé with simple white bread, .
  5. Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. Browned butter and cream cheese take this Raspberry .
  6. Sausage Cheddar Biscuits. Instead of shaping and cutting individual sausage sandwiches, this .
  7. Cranberry Bread. This delicate cranberry bread, studded with pecans and lemon zest, is a bright and .
  8. Crock Pot Cinnamon Rolls. Don’t bother cranking up the oven—these cinnamon rolls cook to tender, .
  9. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Crescent Rolls. Roll up these beautiful bacon, egg, and cheese crescent rolls .
  10. Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole. Using the Instant Pot is a perfect solution when your oven is filled .


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If you’ve been looking for a new holiday tradition to share with your family, whipping up a batch of eggnog recipes in the form of French toast or cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast will be something they’ll treasure for years to come. View Gallery 64 Photos. BRIAN WOODCOCK. 1 of 64.

  • Pecan Sticky Buns. Easy and delicious, these pecan sticky buns make for a super sweet holiday …
  • Carrot Cake Vegetable Crepes with Berries. If you love crepes and the flavor of carrot cake, you are …
  • Chocolate Strawberry French Toast Casserole. Sweet and chocolatey, this overnight…


30 Best Christmas Brunch Recipes | Food Network

This breakfast bake includes everything you love from a traditional diner breakfast—hash browns, cheese, eggs and sausage—baked up in a Bundt pan..

  1. Caramel Apple Breakfast Cobbler. This cozy, sweet-and-savory make-ahead cobbler .
  2. Giant No-Flip Blueberry Pancake. Making one giant pancake instead of a bunch of .
  3. Simple Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust. The Topanga Living Cafe in Topanga, CA, .
  4. BA’s Best Morning Buns. Too many morning buns for your crowd? This recipe .
  5. Fresh Tomato Eggs in Purgatory with Chickpeas. Peak-season tomatoes along with .
  6. Fully Loaded Everything Bagel Quiche. There isn’t anything more perfect than a fully .
  7. Monkey Bread. The key to the buttery flavor of monkey bread is the brioche dough. .
  8. Salad for Breakfast. Eggs on toast with quick-pickled veg and marinated feta. View .
  9. Gluten-Free Apple and Oat Muffins. Spiced with just enough cinnamon and .
  10. Crustless Quiche. Whip this up with whatever you have in the fridge already. View .


Christmas Day brunch can either be a sleepy breakfast, with a few tasty treats and hot coffee, or a spread of a few of your favorite casseroles and frittatas for a sit-down affair. We’ve got Christmas brunch ideas for every type of Christmas morning.

Christmas kedgeree breakfast tarts. Spiced veggie rice with poached eggs. Mushroom sourdough bruschettas. Cranberry & cinnamon swirl buns. Smoked salmon omelette with sprouts. Cranberry granola. Boxing day quesadillas. Goodness breakfast with maple pears. Green eggs & ham.

The 13 Best Christmas Breakfast Recipes | Greedy Gourmet

  • Brioche French Toast Casserole. Christmas is all about indulgence and this is one way to start the …
  • Crempog. A traditional Welsh recipe consisting of thick pancakes stacked on top of one another, …
  • Savoury French Toast. As great as the sweet stuff is, savoury French toast bake makes for an …
  • Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes. Light, fluffy and a sweet surprise for anyone averse to anything …
  • Dairy Free Waffles. Crusty, sweet and chewy, these dairy-free waffles are a great way to start your …
  • Zucchini Waffles. Also known as courgette waffles, depending on where you are in the world, this is …
  • Dried Fruit Compote. A simple recipe that goes deliciously well with yoghurt, banana bread, …
  • Lobster Benedict. As decadent Christmas brunch ideas go, this one takes some beating. An …
  • Oeufs en Cocotte. Another supremely classy egg dish that’s up there with the best brunch ideas, …
  • Bacon, Cheese & Potato Ostrich Egg Frittata. Have you ever eaten an ostrich egg? When made into …


Hi Guys !Hope you all are doing well. Chirstmas is knocking our door , So in this video I have shared Christmas special breakfast recipe within 10 minutes.

  1. Sausage and Gravy Breakfast Casserole. I love biscuits and gravy, but I don’t always feel like slaving .
  2. Egg Croissant Casserole. Buttery croissants, spinach and mushrooms, eggs, and gruyere cheese- .
  3. Apple Cider Donuts. This is one of those spend-time-cooking-on-Christmas-morning kinds of .
  4. Baked Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast. Some people say that pumpkin flavors have lost their .
  5. Bacon and Egg Puff Pastry Breakfast Tart. There is absolutely nothing I hate about perfectly cooked .
  6. Make-Ahead Whole-Grain Pancake Mix. Did you know that you can mix together the dry ingredients .
  7. French Toast Bake. This recipe for baked French toast is the best way to use up leftover bread. You .
  8. Cranberry Ricotta Scones. Scones are absolutely, definitely not something I make on a regular basis. .
  9. Easy Cheesy Breakfast Casserole. If you want to make your life really easy on Christmas morning, .
  10. Eggnog Coffee Cake Muffins. Eggnog is a Christmas essential. We always drink it on Christmas eve .


Make Christmas Breakfast extra-special for the kids with these Cinnamon-Sugar French Toast Mittens. Dust them with a little powdered sugar for a frosty effect. – Happy Hooligans. Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Bowls – Serve fresh fruit salad in these edible bowls on Christmas morning.

30 easy Christmas breakfast recipes | BBC Good Food

  • Christmas morning spiced bread. A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.9 ratings. This festive bread can be …
  • Gingerbread pancakes. A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.11 ratings. The ultimate Christmas breakfast …
  • Stollen muffins. A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.9 ratings. These little cakes are filled with all the festive, …
  • Eggs benedict with smoked salmon & chives. A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.34 ratings. Get your …
  • Cranberry & white chocolate panettone. A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.7 ratings. The perfect treat to …
  • Parsnip hash browns. A star rating of 4 out of 5.13 ratings. These crispy hash browns can be made …
  • Rudolph pancakes. A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.4 ratings. Make Christmas breakfast fun with fluffy …
  • Stollen spirals. A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.9 ratings. Bake a batch of these sweet German buns …
  • Mincemeat banana bread. A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.17 ratings. Start Christmas Day with a …
  • Cured salmon build-your-own bagel board. A star rating of 5 out of 5.2 ratings. Gather the family …


Snowman pancakes with orange and spice. Add some festive spice to fluffy pancakes with cinnamon and orange zest. The perfect breakfast for Christmas morning.

13 hours ago  Whether you want to entice your family to gather around the table on a weekend morning, or serve a Christmas breakfast that is sure to become a tradition, this Breakfast Casserole fits the bill.

Christmas Breakfast Casserole. Spicy sausage, herbs and vegetables fill this casserole with hearty flavor. I like to make it for my family’s Christmas breakfast or it’s also a fabulous Christmas brunch idea! —Debbie Carter, O’Fallon, Illinois. Go to Recipe.

30+ of the Best Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Christmas Breakfast Recipes. The feeling of waking up on Christmas morning is the best – especially when you’ve got a warm and delicious breakfast waiting for you. My boys are always excited for breakfast on the Holidays. We have our favorites and always throw something new in every year.

  • Easy Grinch Cinnamon Rolls. This simple cinnamon roll recipe will have your tummy growling and …
  • Stacked Tree Pancakes. How high can these tree pancakes be stacked? I MIGHT be a bit …
  • Mini Santa Pancakes. Holy moly, these mini pancakes are beyond adorable. I can’t tell you much I …
  • Christmas Tree Waffles. No matter if you’re a fan of pancakes or waffles, there’s a way to decorate …
  • Penguin Porridge. This little guy looks pretty easy to make – and porridge with fruit seems like a …
  • Red Velvet Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls. I might be a little bias on this recipe because this one made …
  • Christmas Angel Fairy Bread. Just when you thought that some of these Christmas recipes might …
  • Christmas Morning Monkey Bread. Oh Monkey Bread, you bring back memories. I can still …
  • Elf on the Shelf Pancake Breakfast. If you do the Elf on the Shelf in your house, why not keep going …
  • Tray of fruit – laid out like a Christmas tree! This is SO EASY, but super cute – and definitely a …


One more fun opportunity to have a fun Christmas breakfast is on the big day itself. We LOVE to have something fun on Christmas morning. So whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for fun ideas, let’s get this party started!.

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