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Traditional Christmas Dinners Around The World Gallery

Traditional Christmas Dinners Around The World Gallery

A traditional British Christmas dinner is likely to include roast turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in a blanket, parsnips, stuffing, and gravy . Yorkshire pudding is a common English side dish consisting of a baked pudding made from batter consisting of eggs, flour, and milk or water. It is a versatile food that can be served in numerous ways depending on the choice of ingredients, the size of the pudding, and the accompanying components of the … , more typically an accompaniment to roast beef, is sometimes served with the turkey. Desserts might include trifle and mincemeat pie.

  1. Turkey. This one is probably one of the most popular dishes at Christmas because it is usually the .
  2. Roast Potatoes. There is nothing like scoop of properly roasted potatoes! These are often cut into .
  3. Stuffing. Stuffing is another dish that can vary from region to region. Interestingly, in North America, .
  4. Pigs in Blankets. Pigs in blankets are another quintessentially British part of Christmas dinner! .
  5. Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire pudding originates from England, and is made from a batter that .
  6. Gravy. Gravy is actually a type of sauce that comes from the drippings of the turkey when it is .
  7. Cranberry Sauce. Cranberry sauce is another type of sauce that is made from, yes: cranberries! .
  8. Brussel Sprouts. This polarizing vegetable is a key part of a traditional British Christmas dinner. .
  9. Christmas Pudding. Christmas pudding is a dessert that is made from dried fruit and is normally .
  10. Mince Pies. Mince pies are tiny pies that are filled with fruits such as raisins, cranberries, and .


We’ve gathered together all the fixings for a traditional British holiday feast, featuring classic dishes like holiday roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, braised red cabbage, and pureed parsnips, plus classic English Trifle and Christmas plum pudding. And.

In England, you’ll find roast turkey wrapped in bacon, bacon-wrapped sausage, bread sauce, and more. Here’s what a classic Christmas dinner looks like across the pond.

Traditional Christmas dinner menu

Serve your centrepiece with all the trimmings. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the much-debated Brussels sprouts, but parsnips, carrots and potatoes are all solid choices, along with one of our favourite parts of Christmas: pigs-in-blankets. Brussels with chestnuts & sage; Chunky roast potatoes; Honey-roast carrots; Crisp honey mustard parsnips.

In medieval England, the wealthy dined on goose, woodcock, venison, and with the king’s permission, swan. If the poor folk were lucky, they might get some of the “pluck” from the venison—the heart, liver, tongue and brain. Known as ‘umbles, it would.

  1. Yorkshire Pudding. Your family might be surprised to find out that Yorkshire .
  2. Leek and Potato Soup. This simple and festive soup will start your meal off right .
  3. Scottish Smoked Salmon and Dill Sauce. Start with a fresh Scottish smoked salmon .
  4. Roast Beef. When you’re throwing a traditional Sunday roast for Christmas, you’ve .
  5. English Trifle. The combination of fruit, sponge cake, whipped cream, pudding, and .
  6. Roasted Parsnips. If you’ve never tried roasted parsnips, you’re in for a treat. When .
  7. Prawn Cocktail. It hardly gets easier than a fresh prawn cocktail, which is not only a .
  8. Succulent Pigs in a Blanket. If you don’t serve pigs in a blanket, also known as .
  9. Mashed Potatoes. Roast beef goes perfectly with these creamy mashed potatoes. .
  10. Crispy Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Haven’t had enough meat yet? Toss .


Traditional foods such as turkey, stuffing and roast potatoes are served at Christmas. The family would dine on “turkey, different stuffings – sage and onion, chestnut – and the traditional.

Classic Christmas Dinner Menu | Allrecipes

There’s mashed potatoes, and then there’s scalloped potatoes — sliced potatoes drenched in cream and cheeses and baked until tender at the center and just crispy at the edges. Since it’s a popular steakhouse side, it would be fantastic with your Christmas prime rib roast. 7 of 10. View All.

Roasted Lamb Dinner Menu Menu. Celebrate the season and flavors of the holiday with this festive roasted lamb Christmas dinner menu. Beginning with oysters, continuing with a roasted sage-crusted leg of lamb and finishing with an almond torte, this Christmas dinner will bring friends and family together. 19 of 19.

Fish & Chips. The famous Fish & Chips has to be one of the best but also the most versatile British dinners around; it can be ordered as a typical British takeaway, eaten in both pubs and restaurants, or you can cook Fish & Chips at home.

3) When did the tradition of Father Christmas begin? 4) Find another name for Father Christmas in the English tradition. 5) What does the traditional English Christmas dinner consist of? 6) What are the crackers? 7) Find the lyrics of a traditional carol.

Traditional Christmas Dinners in America.

In the South, an area that has a very high concentration of people of UK extraction from centuries past, Christmas is the time of year in which many variations on a country ham or Christmas ham get served. Further regional meals offer diversity. Virginia has oysters, ham pie, and fluffy biscuits, a nod to its English 17th century founders.

Dishes like Roast Pork, Glazed Ham, Roast Angus Beef, Steak pie, Roast Leg of Lamb are also served at the Christmas dining table. For dessert, the most traditional is the Christmas pudding, usually served with brandy sauce cream.

Salads, roast chicken, fresh-fruit-topped Pavlova… and of course an abundance of the freshest prawns around, whether tiger prawns, banana prawns, or king prawns. Traditionally, Christian Australians attend midnight Mass, then head to church on Christmas Day as well.

Its ingredients included 2 bushels of flour, 20 pounds of butter, 4 geese, 2 rabbits, 4 wild ducks, 2 woodcocks, 6 snipes, 4 partridges, 2 neats’ tongues, 2 curlews, 6 pigeons and 7 blackbirds. It is said that Henry VIIIwas the first English King to enjoy turkey.

What Foods Do Irish People Eat For Christmas? | Vagabond Tours

These meats are accompanied by traditional condiments such as: Gravy – Thick, meat-based sauce. Bread Sauce – A thick sauce to accompany turkey made from breadcrumbs, cream and onions studded with cloves. Cranberry Sauce – Another accompaniment to turkey, which should need no introduction!.

What constitutes traditional Thanksgiving mashed potatoes varies from family to family, but this recipe is best for those who prefer silky smooth spuds. To achieve: Press boiled potatoes through a ricer or beat with an electric mixer. Make-Ahead Tip: Prepare the potatoes up to 48 hours in advance and chill. Four hours before dinner, transfer to a slow cooker to reheat and keep warm.

Every family has different traditions but here’s a general idea of what goes into a Christmas dinner: Roast turkey. Roast potatoes. Roast parsnips. Pigs in blankets (mini sausages wrapped in bacon) Stuffing. Red cabbage. Boiled vegetables such as peas or carrots.

CHRISTMAS dinner for Brits traditionally includes a roast turkey with all the trimmings – but if you are holidaying abroad for the festivities this year, you have a very different menu. By Jyoti.

A Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu

  1. Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs. These cranberry cocktail meatballs make a fabulous appetizer at .
  2. Marsala Stuffed Mushrooms. Marsala stuffed mushrooms are a delicious, savory appetizer that is .
  3. Deep-Fried Camembert With Cranberry Sauce. Christmas and cranberries go together like Santa and .
  4. Christmas Goose. Dine on the same meal that Scrooge and the Cratchit family enjoyed in the .
  5. Honey Glazed Ham. For your Christmas dinner, this mouthwatering recipe for honey glazed ham is .
  6. Toffee Eggnog. Eggnog is a Christmas holiday essential. The sweet taste of toffee is the perfect .
  7. Easy Rum Eggnog. Sometimes, you just want a classic. Unlike the recipe above, this rum eggnog .
  8. Herb-Roasted Turkey. The scent of turkey roasting in the oven is a lovely and traditional way to .
  9. Easy Classic Beef Wellington. Make it an extra-elegant celebration when you serve easy classic beef .
  10. Perfect Pheasant. Pheasant is a game bird that’s traditionally enjoyed at Christmas time. Fancy to .


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  • ‘Kutia’ Kutia is an ancient dessert with origins in Eastern Europe made exclusively for Christmas Eve …


Most people around the world seem to think a typical English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms and baked beans all washed down with a cup of coffee. Now-a-days, however, a typical English breakfast is more likely to be a bowl of cereals , a slice of toast , orange juice and a cup of coffee .

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