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Why Kfc Is A Japanese Christmas Tradition – Japan Centric

Why Kfc Is A Japanese Christmas Tradition - Japan Centric

KFC as a Japanese Christmas tradition may seem odd, but it has such an interesting origin story. Delving into the surprising chicken tradition, KFC has become a Japanese Christmas tradition nationwide for over 40 years. According to a report by the BBC, an estimated 3.6 million people eat KFC sometime during the Christmas season every single year.

How KFC became a Christmas tradition in Japan ‘KFC was everywhere’. To better understand how and why fried chicken became synonymous with Christmas in Japan, we have… Kentucky for Christmas. Christmas was, and still is, a secular holiday in Japan — a country where less than 1% of the… Catchy.

Since its original launch in 1974, KFC Japan’s Christmas campaign has continued to evolve over the years to include Colonel statues dressed in Santa attire outside restaurants across the country and Christmas-exclusive menu items like a premium roast chicken, a locally grown and sourced, premium chicken that’s hand prepared and stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, baked fresh in the.

KFC recognized this lack of Christmas tradition in Japan and decided to fill this gap in the market by filling it with the idea of KFC for Christmas. The idea originally came about in 1974 when an advert was produced and marketed suggesting the idea of having KFC for Christmas dinner. “Kentucky for Christmas” was an instant hit in Japan..

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Some reports say that Takeshi Okawara, who managed the country’s first KFC and later became CEO of KFC Japan, falsely marketed fried chicken as a.

How KFC became a Christmas tradition in Japan

While millions do celebrate Christmas with KFC, others in Japan treat it as a romantic holiday similar to Valentine’s Day, and couples mark the occasion with dinner in upscale restaurants.

Japan. This year, millions of people across Japan will celebrate Christmas around buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Families will order “Party Barrels” weeks in advance, replete with this.

From December 23rd to the 25th, KFC makes 1/3 of its annual sales in Japan. Menu options are typically split into the aforementioned party barrels (パーティーバレル) and “ Christmas packs ” (クリスマスパック). Party barrels are either “original” or “variety,” referring to the type of chicken and come with a salad and a cake.

The reason why Kentucky Fried Chicken became the Christmas meal in Japan is a story of a fast-food company that was in the right place at the right time—and a foreigner who got the ball rolling. The time was the tail end of the nation’s post-war period of rapid economic growth when Japanese people were increasingly drawn to the Western lifestyle. Frances Martel. 25 Dec 2019 0. 5:19. KFC is preparing for Wednesday, typically among its most profitable days in Japan as a bucket of fried chicken has become – through savvy marketing, lack of cultural awareness, and some deception – a traditional Christmas dinner. On its Japanese website, KFC sells a variety of “party barrels” and family packs to celebrate the holiday,.

Japanese Prepare for Traditional KFC Christmas Dinner

“Kentucky for Christmas” or “Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii” was a campaign created by KFC Japan’s marketing department. Along with the tagline, KFC also promoted a new “party barrel” that was first created and sold in the original Nagoya store by the manager, Takeshi Okawara.

Thanks to the successful “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!) marketing campaign in 1974, Japan can’t get enough KFC on Christmas Day. It’s Christmas Eve in Japan.

I has been popular to have KFC for Christmas with strong commercial effort. here is some samples for KFC commercial in Japan.

How “Kentucky for Christmas” began in Japan – KFC 5/12/2020 Initially, the celebrations were just for entertaining kids. Then, in the 1970s, KFC came to Japan and, in 1974, launched the first KFC Christmas campaign, selling a bucket of KFC’s famous fried chicken along with a bottle of wine and suggesting it be used for a Christmas.

Over the last four decades, KFC has managed to make fried chicken synonymous with Christmas in the country. An estimated 3.6 million Japanese families eat KFC during the Christmas season, reported.

How KFC Became a Christmas Tradition in Japan

In France, they enjoy the lavish Réveillon on Christmas Eve. Over in South Africa, it’s all about outdoor braais, or barbecues. And in Japan, Christmas means KFC. On December 25th every year, you’ll find millions of Japanese people sitting down to a hearty meal of KFC fried chicken, with orders placed with the restaurant months in advance.

Eating KFC food as a Christmas time meal has since become a widely practiced custom in Japan. [13] [14] [15] As of 2019 [update] , in Japan, Christmas sales of KFC made around Christmas Eve account for nearly five percent of annual revenue.

Every year on christmas day, KFC Japan experiences it’s busiest day of the year. KFC in Japan has become the equivalent of an annual christmas dinner, in a d.

The KFC Christmas dinner has since been extended from its origins, with cake and champagne added to the original staples of chicken and wine. Christmas Eve has become KFC’s busiest time of year in Japan, and many customers now pre-order their chicken dinners months in.

Each year, millions of Japanese people eat KFC on Christmas Day. It takes a lot of planning. In Iceland, it takes place at six o’clock on Christmas Eve – the dish served is usually.

The curious tale of how Japan got hooked on KFC at Christmas

In 1974, KFC Japan launched a massive national Christmas marketing campaign and proved to be a huge success. Today, it is a core part of their tradition and has become the most popular meal for Christmas in Japan. Although being a pricey tradition, it really is.

To make life more convenient (and lucrative), KFC has also spread Christmas out to include the days leading up to December 25, just to be able to cope with the chicken frenzy.

But before I get to the real reason for this phenomenon, I recently asked all of my Japanese friends and here are 5 actual responses I got to the question “Why do Japanese people eat KFC at Christmas?”: 1. Because that’s what Americans eat for Christmas 2. Because that’s what non-Japanese eat for.

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There are a few explanations for KFC’s widespread, lasting popularity around Christmas in Japan. The first is the simplicity of the concept. Eating chicken...


There are a few explanations for KFC’s widespread, lasting popularity around Christmas in Japan. The first is the simplicity of the concept . Eating...