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What Are The Best German Christmas Markets

Best Christmas markets in Germany for 2021

  • Now in its 40th year, the Trier Christmas Market will again be one of the loveliest in all of Germany.
  • Set on the medieval Main Market and in front of the imposing backdrop of Trier Cathedral, the 95 attractively decorated booths offer a fitting framework for this wonderful event.
  • For the first time, the program for the entire family changes almost daily – from historical puppet theater to star tenor and songsmiths.
  • The Trier Christmas Market is often described by travel organizers as being “romantic with wonderful ambience.” Opening dates: From 19th November to 22nd December 2021.
  • How to get there: Book your flights to Luxemburg Airport (30 min) or Frankfurt (2h).
  • Where to stay: Limehome Trier Nikolaus.
  • One of our top picks in Trier.
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The 10 Best Christmas Markets in Germany for 2021

  • Please check websites before travelling for the latest updates.
  • Explore its glittering wooden pavilions to find handmade gifts including wood carvings, tree decorations and soaps.
  • With a particular emphasis on regional organic foods, this is a perfect place for foodie travellers.
  • Grab yourself a mug and fill up on gluhwein, before joining in the festivities with song and dance in the streets.
  • There’s entertainment provided for all ages, including young ones, who can enjoy a ride on an old-fashioned merry-go-round, or spin their fate on the wheel of fortune.
  • Elsewhere in the city you’ll find the Angel’s Christmas Market, which is renowned as Cologne’s oldest.
  • With a chance of luck, you may even see Santa Clause riding around on a horse.
  • Other markets worth visiting include the beautiful Old Market Christmas located at the front of the town hall, as well as the Harbour Christmas Market by the chocolate factory.
  • Christmas cheer runs from: 22 November to 23 December 2021 More info and opening hours: Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom 2.
  • Dresden Striezelmarkt, Dresden With a blaze of lights glittering over the river, a thick scent of mulled wine in the air, the sound of festive music and the twirling of carousels, Dresden Striezelmarkt sets the atmosphere for Christmas cheer.
  • The most recent record was crowned at Berlin Christmas Market at a height of 20 metres.
  • Aside from miniature statues, visitors can indulge in Germany’s classic stollen fruit loaf.
  • Christmas cheer runs from: 22 November to 24 December 2021 More info and opening hours: Dresden Striezelmarkt 3.
  • Berlin’s Christmas markets, Berlin Believed to be the most beautiful square in Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt is particularly eye-catching during the festive season.
  • Christmas cheer runs from: 22 November to 31 December 2021 More info and opening hours: Christmas In Berlin 4.
  • Be charmed by the choirs, fill up on local delicacies and have a slipping good time at the ice rink.
  • Close by is the Esslingen Medieval Market, where there will be 100 stalls of beautiful Christmas decorations, medieval traders and sweet treats.
  • Due to the pandemic some popular stalls will not be there this year, including the hot tubs and the artist stages, but there’s plenty of fun to be had on the carousel and at the candle workshops.
  • Christmas cheer runs from: 24 November to 30 December 2021 More info and opening hours: Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt 5.
  • Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt, Leipzig

15 Christmas Markets in Germany to Visit This Year

  • They’re mostly traditional affairs steeped in history and local culture, though in the last few years, more original, alternative options have started to pop up in forward-thinking cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne.
  • From traditional handicrafts and quirky ornaments to tasty local delicacies and sweet-scented mulled wine, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find in a German Christmas market.
  • Festive shopping aside, they offer visitors an enchanting experience that combines culture with entertainment and holiday cheer in a magical fairytale-like setting.
  • From Stuttgart to Hamburg, these are the best Christmas markets in Germany in 2021: Dresden Christmas Market Photo: massonforstock/ With a history that dates back almost 600 years ago, Dresden Christmas Market, also known as Striezelmarkt, is the oldest and certainly one of the best Christmas fairs in Germany.
  • As for the gifts, no worries, this superb winter attraction features over 230 booths filled with authentic Christmas handicrafts, pottery, candles, handmade toys, wooden ornaments, and many, many more.
  • Erfurt Christmas Market Set in the heart of one of the best preserved medieval Old Towns in Germany, Erfurt Christmas Market is among the largest and most atmospheric fairs of its kind in Europe.
  • Also, we’re looking forward to seeing the beautifully decorated wooden huts fascinating everyone with their marvelous range of handcrafted products, colorful decorations, and regional delights.
  • Leipzig Christmas Market Photo: markovskiy/ Leipzig prides itself with the second oldest Christmas market in Germany, a tradition that dates back to 1458.
  • Don’t miss the unique Finnish Village on Augustusplatz, whose Scandinavian style tents entice passersby with native delicacies like smoked salmon and Glögi (berries mulled wine), or the historical Christmas Market of “Ancient Leipzig“ at the Naschmarkt, which is a showcase of the best local art and craft.
  • Nuremberg Christmas Market Photo: markovskiy/ Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt is one of the world’s most famous Christmas markets, a charming winter fairyland sprinkled with picturesque wooden stalls, old-fashioned carousels, and lazy snowflakes.
  • Traditional foods include Nuremberg’s spicy gingerbread, the delicious Nuremberg Bratwursts, and all sorts of freshly baked goods.
  • A series of events and celebrations complement the enchanting atmosphere, making the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg – also known as the “Little Town from Wood and Cloth” – one of the best Christmas markets in Germany and an experience not to be missed during your winter holidays.
  • The cheerful stalls selling all kinds of seasonal decorations and tasty goodies, the medieval buildings bathed in festive glow, the seductive aromas of candy floss and mulled wine, the magical Christmas music, and the children’s fun fairs make Magdeburger Weihnachtsmarkt an ideal Christmas destination.
  • And it’s not just the shopping that draws tourists here each winter, but also the fascinating family-friendly events and the cozy, festive atmosphere that shrouds the Magdeburg Christmas Market every December.
  • Berlin Christmas Markets With more than 70 Christmas markets dotted throughout the city between the end of November and New Year’s Eve, it’s no wonder Berlin has a special glow around Christmas.
  • From the idyllic traditional stalls of Adventsmarkt and Alt-Rixdorfer Christmas Market (on Richardplatz) to the Advent Artist Station at Mexikoplatz and the Finnish Christmas Bazaar at the Finland Centre, the eclectic German capital has a holiday fair for each type of visitor.
  • Otherwise, over 200 handsomely decorated stalls sell everything from native arts and crafts to genuine honey-based products.
  • Cologne Christmas Markets Cologne, the city that gave birth to the delicious mulled wine, welcomes its winter tourists into a magical land of Christmas markets.
  • Stuttgart Christmas Market Photo: in.Stuttgart / Thomas Niedermüller With over 280 wonderfully decorated wooden huts set up in the heart of the city center, Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany.
  • You’ll find wood carvings from Tyrol, pottery from the Lausitz region, original Nuremberg gingerbread, and even handcrafted Christmas ornaments from the Erzgebirge region.

The Best Christmas Markets in Germany, 2021

  • They usually start in the last week of November and continue up until a day or two before Christmas day.
  • The first Sunday of Advent in 2021 is 28 November.
  • Many of the bigger Christmas markets start the Friday before the first Sunday of Advent – that is, on Friday 26 November in 2021.
  • Some towns and cities open their markets as early as the Monday before the first Advent Sunday, that is 22 November 2021.
  • Smaller towns and villages also have their Christmas market traditions, where local shops and artisans come out in force to celebrate Advent.
  • One of my best experiences was a weekend I chose to visit Nuremberg.
  • Besides hosting one of Germany’s top Christmas markets, Nuremberg has so much to see and do – making it a perfect destination for history seekers.
  • I got to experience a much more intimate market as well as one of Germany’s biggest and finest.

11 Top-Rated Christmas Markets in Germany

  • Written by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers Updated Oct 21, 2021 Thousands of tiny lights illuminate rustic cabins filling squares and winding streets in towns and cities all over Germany, and the scents of roasting chestnuts and spicy gingerbread fill the frosty air.
  • Local choirs sing, trumpets sound from balconies, and sounds of laughter blend with the jingle of bells.
  • Big or small, a German Christmas fair – Christkindlmarkt – engages all the senses as tourists mingle with locals to shop, browse, and graze on local food specialties that are one of the prime attractions of the Christmas market experience.
  • The other draw, of course, is the extravaganza of decorations and gifts for sale in the cabins and tents.
  • These vary with individual craftsmen, but will always include colorful nutcrackers, dolls, creche set miniatures, handmade soaps, brightly painted wooden toys, embroidered table linens, woolen hats, puppets, marzipan fruits, woven straw stars, and festive candles.
  • St. Nicholas appears in every shape, size, and medium.
  • Christmas ornaments, too, are in every possible medium, from pewter and wood to paper and wool.
  • Delicate glass balls are hand-painted with intricate designs, wood is carved into fantastic shapes, and bright painted wood figures represent everything from tiny angels on skis to miniature nutcrackers.
  • Shopping and eating aren’t the only things to do during these December celebrations.
  • Markets offer diversions such as skating rinks, concerts, carousels, parades, children’s play parks, even miniature villages to explore.
  • Dates may vary, but most markets are open from late November through December 24; some last into January.
  • Plan your travels with our list of the top Christmas markets in Germany.
  • Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

These are the best German Christmas markets you need to visit

  • Germany is famed as the home of Christmas, with some of the oldest and best Christmas markets in the world.
  • With medieval squares lit up in fairy lights, traditional music, glühwein and roasted nuts filling the air, you’ll be amazed by these enchanting winter wonderlands.
  • From the old-world traditions of Dresden and Nuremberg to the hidden gems of Eisenach and Erfurt, here are the best German Christmas markets to get your fill of stollen, snowflakes and Yuletide magic.
  • With a history dating back to 1628, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world, and one of the best too.
  • We’ll take you to this special Yuletide paradise where you can explore over 180 beautifully decorated chalets, 30 of which date back to 1890!
  • Time your visit right and you’ll get to see the market’s amazing opening celebration at the start of Advent.
  • EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF: German Christmas Markets Munich Christmas Market As the beautiful capital of Bavaria, Munich’s Christmas market is truly spectacular.
  • Listen to lovely carol-singers and live music while you explore hundreds of wooden stalls illuminated in fairy lights.
  • You’ll find all kinds of traditional Bavarian handicrafts like intricate wood carvings and hand-painted glass ornaments.
  • You’ll marvel at the world’s biggest nutcracker and the largest Christmas pyramid in Germany, standing at 14-metres high.
  • It’s just as ancient with origins dating back to 1458, making it one of the world’s first real German Christmas markets.
  • The Römerberg is the most beautiful square in the city lined with timber-framed medieval houses.
  • It’s also one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world dating back to 1393, with records showing a ‘December Market’ was held here.
  • You can shop for handmade trinkets and traditional crafts, and fill up on all the local Franconian specialities.
  • We’ll take you to admire the gorgeous half-timbered houses and the Old Town Hall, then we’ll dive into the Christmas market.
  • Berlin Christmas Markets There are dozens of Christmas markets to choose from when you visit Germany’s capital, and we’ll help you find the very best.
  • The biggest event is the gorgeous Gendarmenmarkt, located by the glowing French and German Cathedral.
  • Here you’ll find market stalls adorned in dazzling lights and golden-winged angels.
  • If you’re looking for handicrafts, head to the Weihnachtsmarkt am Rathaus und Marktplatz.
  • Eisenach Christmas Market Held in the UNESCO-listed Wartburg Castle, Eisenach takes the crown for the most unique location of all German Christmas markets.

The BEST Christmas Markets in Germany [Updated 2021]

  • So yeah… the BEST Christmas markets in Germany?
  • Most unique?
  • Here are some of THE most magical Christmas markets you must visit in Germany!
  • Perfect for: A surreal and magical Christmas market escape with some of the most epic decor in the country Cologne is by far one of the most famous Christmas market destinations in Germany and one of my personal favourites.
  • At Esslingen Christmas Market, you’ll find the most authentic displays of medieval magic available in Germany.
  • Click here to read my full guide to the Esslingen Christmas Market If you’re looking for a variety of amazing Christmas markets to visit in one of Germany’s most fashionable cities, then the Düsseldorf Christmas Market is a good choice for you open until the end of December.
  • Click here for a full list of Berlin Christmas markets for this year, along with dates!
  • Hamburg’s Christmas Markets Perfect for: If you want a twist on the classic Christmas Market experience I’ll always consider Hamburg to be one of the best places to visit in Germany at Christmas, because this is actually where I experienced my first ever German Christmas market!
  • Click here to read my full guide to the Dortmund Christmas Market.
  • Yes, this market literally has a castle in the background Perfect for: If you want a very traditional, quintessentially German experience in a world-famous setting The Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the most well-known Christmas markets in Germany, not only because it’s extremely old, but because this is where the famous German Christkindl tradition stems from.
  • While this market is personally not my favourite as it’s extremely busy and touristy, I do think it’s a gorgeous city to visit, with a lot of unique activities going on during Christmas including a Sister Cities Market where you can browse goods from dozens of Nuremberg’s sister cities from around the world including Glasgow, Skopje and a bunch of others.
  • If you want more info on a winter-time visit to Tübingen, my friend Jordan wrote a great guide on it, which you can read here.
  • In addition to the typical Christmas market goods and products, you’ll find countless stalls selling breads, meats, and cheeses.
  • Ludwigsburg: Like Disneyland but Christmassy Perfect for: Gorgeously decorated market stalls and scenic skating The Karlsruhe Christmas Market is an extremely underrated Christmas Market in Baden-Württemberg, with a few different markets scattered around town near the main shopping area, about 10 minutes away via public transport from the main train station.
  • Not only can you feast on food from countries all around the world, everything is organic and there’s a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan options too.
  • NOTE: Winter Tollwood is best known for its New Year’s Eve party and it is by far the best place to spend New Year’s in Munich.
  • Winter Tollwood Festival in Munich 20.
  • That said, from the list above, here are some of the best Christmas markets that are open early: Duisburg Christmas Market Essen Christmas Market Düsseldorf Christmas Market Dortmund Christmas Market Aachen Christmas Market Bochum Christmas Market Bonn Christmas Market Other Christmas markets in North Rhine-Westphalia: I’m not sure why this region in particular seems to have their Christmas markets open slightly earlier than the rest of Germany, but if you’re looking for more German Christmas markets that are open early, start your search here.
  • The Best Christmas Markets in Germany Open Late Conversely, another big problem that visitors face when visiting Christmas markets in Germany is they visit on or just after Christmas Day.
  • Here are a few: Düsseldorf Christmas Market Berlin Christmas Market Winter Tollwood (one of Munich’s Christmas Markets) Baden-Baden Christmas Market Aurich Christmas Market Bielefeld Christmas Market Braunschweig Christmas Market Celle Christmas Market Did I miss any of your favourite Christmas markets in Germany?

Top 14 Christmas Markets to Visit in Germany

  • Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg Market Facebook Email Twitter Pinterest Copy link Share Map View Nuremberg has the archetypical Christmas market | © travelstock44 / Alamy Stock Photo When people think of German Christmas markets, the one that stands out in terms of history, lore and tradition tends to be Nuremberg.
  • Though its direct origins are murky, historians believe it began during the early 17th century.
  • A key custom that marks its commencement is the parading of the holy cherub Christkind (‘Christ child’) – the traditional giver of gifts at Christmas time, played by a child in the city – through Nuremberg’s central square, the Hauptmarkt.
  • The Christkindlesmarkt (‘Christ child market’) opens at the start of Advent and runs until Christmas Eve.
  • The unique souvenirs on sale include specialities from the Franconian region, such as brandies, fruit jams and clothes made from local wool.

10 Best Christmas Markets in Germany

  • Nuremberg The first destination on this list will be of no surprise to those who have spent any time looking for fun winter destinations in Europe.
  • A big part of what makes the Nuremberg Christmas markets so special is their overwhelming sense of tradition and history.
  • As for the markets themselves, they are set in Nuremberg’s medieval Old Town, within the main market square Hauptmarkt.
  • A visit to the Nuremberg Christmas market wouldn’t be complete without taking in all the different stalls and the goods on offer.
  • The city hosts 11 Christmas markets, but the one to visit above all others is the Dresden Striezelmarkt.
  • Check Hotel Prices in Berlin 4.
  • Cologne Germany’s fourth largest city and a popular tourist destination already, it’s little wonder that Cologne knows how to celebrate when Christmas comes around.
  • Cologne typically has a mix of large and small markets, like the ones at the Alter Markt and Neumarkt, which both pre-date the one outside Cologne Cathedral.
  • Check Hotel Prices in Cologne 5.
  • Munich In countries like Germany, Christmas is a time of tradition and nowhere is this more true than the city of Munich in the heart of Bavaria.
  • Rich with history, Munich’s love affair with Christmas markets can be traced all the way back to the 14th century.
  • The most celebrated of the Munich Christmas markets is certainly the one held before the Old Town Hall on Marienplatz in the city centre.
  • The 3.6 million people that flock to Stuttgart to visit the hundreds of stalls at the Stuttgart Christmas markets every year can’t be wrong.
  • That’s hardly surprising given that its tradition of Christmas markets stretches all the way back to 1458, making it another of Germany’s oldest Christmas market destinations.
  • The central focus for Leipzig at this time of year is the market that fills Marktplatz outside the city’s Old Town Hall.
  • If you’re looking for variety in your festivities, look no further.
  • That being said, Marktplatz is the place to go if you are searching for a traditional Christmas in Germany.
  • It’s a great place to refuel on glühwein and waffles.
  • The best place to start with the Erfurt Christmas markets is in Domplatz, right in the city’s medieval centre.
  • Set among an enchanting medieval town, you’ll find Rothenburg’s Reiterlesmarkt.

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