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10 Most Secure Email Providers of 2022

10 Most Secure Email Providers of 2022


If you are looking for an email provider that you can trust, finding the right service is not always easy. Lots of companies claim to be secure email providers, but in reality they have a lot of loopholes, allowing hackers and scammers to wreak havoc.

But even well-known providers cannot give you complete online protection. for this reason We recommend using a VPN with your secure email For the best security and privacy. This way, you will be able to browse, stream and torrent safely without any IP or DNS leaks.

Use secure email and VPN for complete online protection

A VPN will protect not only your emails, but your entire traffic. This includes browsing, streaming, torrenting, gaming, and more. Choose NordVPN and stay safe online for only $3.30 per month.

Back in secure emails, there are great operators that manage some of the most secure email accounts ever. currently , Number one is ProtonMail, which also makes Great pair with ProtonVPN. It has end-to-end encryption, up to 20GB of storage, and two-factor authentication.

Top 10 Most Secure Email Services

There are other options, too, so we’ve put together our list of the 10 most secure email providers. Which one of these will Keep your data safe, quarantine your contacts, block snoopers.

1. ProtonMail

Many people’s preferred choice for The most secure email systemProtonMail, Inc. is a savvy Swiss company focused on absolute privacy. The location is important, because Switzerland is legendary for ensuring confidentiality and privacy. So any data on ProtonMail will remain hidden from government monitoring.

Their free package comes with 500MB of storage, which you can upgrade to 5-20GB using paid services. Proton Mel End-to-end encryption It places them among the most secure email vendors, providing security even when sending to users outside of the ProtonMail service. Furthermore, everything is anonymous, and no personal information is required to be provided when registering.

Purchase imaginary plan From ProtonMail (24 EUR / month) it will also give you access to ProtonVPN Their super secure VPN service. If you need a secure email service and a VPN, this might be something worth considering. Finally, you can learn more about the product by reading our ProtonMail review.

2. Tutanota

Despite its strange name, Tutanota hails from Germany, where it has built an impressive reputation as one of the most secure email service providers. All mail and attachments sent via Tutanota are automatically encrypted by Tutanota’s open source webmail client. Also, IP information is not preserved after transmission. Basically, Tutanota does its best for the security of your email.

it’s also very cheap, with Premium packages starting at around $1 per month. There is a limited free option and the Pro package, which includes a whopping 10GB of storage. The regular Premium option is completely secure but only comes in 1GB.

Find out more in our personalized Tutanota review.

3. FastMail

FastMail is a relative veteran of the secure email scene, offering a simple service to individual users. All messages sent and received are encrypted when possible, while TLS and SSL encryption is standard in the FastMail web client or app. It also provides “world class” Spam filtering and virus scanning.

The basic packages come with 2GB of storage, the standard features 25GB, while the professional package offers 100GB. All are competitively priced and come with No ads or tracking. All in all, it’s a great option for single email users.

Learn more about FastMail

4. HushMail

One of the most popular secure email service providers Around it, Hushmail has created easy-to-use web and desktop clients. Canada-based Hushmail Tools encrypts outgoing messages and creates custom websites for recipients to use, while OpenPGP and SSL/TLS combine to keep any messages private.

they present Free and Premium Packages, which comes with 10 GB of secure storage. There is also a well-designed iPhone app, which helps protect your messages even on the go. See all the details in our Hushmail review.

5. Zoho Mail

Generally Geared towards professional usersZoho Mail strives to provide an affordable suite of communication tools for businesses that need reassurance and privacy. A great feature for businesses is the way email clients work with Zoho Workplace – a suite of secure office applications.

But The real gem here is Zoho’s encryption and authentication, which puts it in the top ranks of secure email providers. Standard packages come with 30GB of storage, while Professional packages are over 100GB. More on pricing and features – in our Zoho Mail review.


The only way SCRYPTMail could be more serious about security is if they had a global special mercenary force to punish hackers. As they say – “Privacy is a right, not a privilege.” Founded by a group of security nerds in the US, this email service offers Top-notch encryption It can send encrypted messages to any web user.

Unlike some other services, SCRYPTMail also encrypts metadata on its servers, which puts another barrier between hackers (or government agencies) and user data. Storage limits are generousAlmost all of the services that SCRYPTmail offers are free, which makes it doubly attractive.

There’s more about SCRYPTMail in our review.

7. Posteo

If you are asking yourself which email service is the most secure, German competitor Posteo will surely appear near the top of the list. Based on open source codec, Posteo is Ad-free and completely safe. It is also strongly committed to sustainability, which makes it unique in the world of secure email.

Expect Strong encryption and two-factor authentication, And don’t do Expect no data collection or monitoring. If Posteo has problems with the government, they warn their users. the very cheap The basic package comes with 2GB of storage, but you can upgrade to 20GB for a small monthly fee.

Check out our Posteo review for more details

8. LuxSci

If you’re looking for a business email solution and you’re based in North America, LuxSci might be just what you need. Headquartered in Massachusetts, this company offers A suite of secure communications tools (Not just an email). Packages come with 1-50 GB storage.

There are individual accounts as well as packages for businesses, but in reality, LuxSci’s services tend towards larger organizations. And they do Very good job at filtering emails And keep employee data safe and sound. See our LuxSci review for more details.

9. CounterMail

Going against the trend of commercial email companies, CounterMail is Sweden’s addition to the package of high-security email providers. Uniquely, it uses a file CD-based system for storing user data, which reduces the chance of hackers gaining access to your emails. The company also follows a policy of total openness – a refreshing decision in the world of online security.

over there There is no free option With CounterMail, the prices are relatively high, as you might expect with more secure email accounts. Storage is maxed at 2GB with standard packages but can be easily expanded for an additional fee. Check out our CounterMail review for more.

10. Mailfence

Coming from Belgium, Mailfence is among the best secure email service providers in the world. To ensure complete freedom for users who communicate with other email accounts, Mailfence uses OpenPGP to deliver Excellent encryption All incoming and outgoing data, including: Two-factor documentation To add another layer of security.

The free package features 500MB of storage, which increases with the Entry and Pro packages, which provide a maximum of 20GB. Mailfence is committed to Block all spam and block any unwanted ads from appearing in your webmail inbox. Read our Mailfence review to learn more.

Top 5 encrypted email services of 2021 | Are you using secure email??


What to look for in secure emails

When reviewing secure emails, we always have a set of indispensable features. If a service loses one, it simply does not qualify to be called “secure.” Below you will find the attributes that allow us to determine whether the result will be negative or positive. In the same way, it can serve as a guiding light when choosing your secure email. In addition, you can also search for files Email Verification Tools To check if you are not receiving emails from fake email addresses.

  • Two-factor documentation. Also known as 2FA, this feat adds an extra layer of protection and is essential not only for secure emails but for online banking and other activities. There are plenty of two-factor authentication options, ranging from USB to authentication apps. However, perhaps the most common of these is the smartphone, otherwise known as the “thing you have”.
  • End-to-end encryption. While this feature appears to be essential to any secure email, some services present themselves and are secure without end-to-end encryption. Without it, third parties can read your email as it travels from server to server towards the recipient.
  • Remove metadata headers. Most users don’t know that every email has these headers, which contain browser and device information. In some cases, you may find recipient data too! So, to get real privacy, removing all this is a must.
  • servers site. Basically, this is where the secure email provider comes in. Many countries have data retention laws, which means they will collect your data without any warning. That is why a provider from Russia or the United States will always be suspicious.

Why should you use secure email?

If you’re reading this article, you probably know the answer. And for those who haven’t made up their mind yet, we’ve put together this list of some good reasons to give up Gmail or Apple Mail.

  • Secure your emails. Again, this is pretty obvious, but many people think that regular service providers are doing their best to keep your messages private. On the contrary, they do what they can to read it, and attract cybercriminals at the same time.
  • Hide all metadata. As mentioned earlier, this data is less informative but still dangerous to lose data to cybercriminals. If they already have something, adding device information and a web browser might just do the trick for them.
  • Privacy friendly storage. Even if no one has read your Gmail inbox yet, they may do so in the near future. Therefore, choosing a secure email that is located in a country with no data retention laws and away from the Five Eyes Alliance is nothing to worry about.
  • No data exchange. Data is more important than ever. Companies pay huge sums knowing that they will eventually make money. So the question is – are you OK to give it away for free and see it being used for personalized ads?

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What is the most secure email provider?

at the moment, ProtonMail is the most secure option. It contains everything a secure email needs and then some. Additionally, you can try out the free version before committing to the premium option.

Is ProtonMail more secure than Gmail?

Yes. First of all, it does not scan your inbox for keywords etc. Second, ProtonMail has end-to-end encryption and a privacy-friendly location in Switzerland. Finally, it has both free and paid versions which are more secure than Gmail.

Why do I encrypt my emails?

He. She Depends if you want someone else to read it. Encryption makes it difficult to do so. Without it, you will also put your contacts at risk as they may end up in databases to send spam or be individually attacked by cybercriminals using other methods.

Which Free Secure Email Is Best?

Free or paid, the answer is the same – Proton Mel. The service provider is located in Switzerland, a country with strict privacy protections and anyone should think carefully before messing with that. Moreover, it has a great and premium free version, both of which are packed with features.

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