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6 Best (Really Free) VPNs for Australia – Super Security in 2022

6 Best (Really Free) VPNs for Australia – Super Security in 2022


I did the research and Test over 81 free VPNs. Almost none of the free versions provide an IP address in Australia, and many potentially collect and sell user data.

Fortunately, there are five free VPNs for Australia that offer decent securityMaintaining your anonymity and blocking your browsing traffic (but only one can also easily evade bans). In addition, all the VPNs on my list have a wide network of global servers so you can change your location to the US or many other countries.

I recommend ExpressVPN For military-grade encryption, 3,000 servers worldwide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and unlimited bandwidth. You can try it risk free and if you are not satisfied you can claim a refund within 30 days..

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free Today!

Do you have a short time? Here are the best (really free) VPNs for Australia

  1. ExpressVPN – The #1 VPN for privacy and security, with servers in 5 Australian cities and over 90 locations worldwide so you can watch Stan, 9Now, Kayo Sports and more. You can try it risk free (Backed by Money Back Guarantee).
  2. Cyberghost – A massive server network that includes a selection of streaming servers optimized for enjoying your favorite content at breakneck speeds. Offer a 24-hour free trial, followed by a 45-day money-back guarantee for a long time to test it out.
  3. protection shield – 1 server in Australia, but you can’t unblock streaming services with the free plan.
  4. Windscribe – 10GB of free data per month, but Australian servers are only available on the paid plan.
  5. ProtonVPN Unlimited bandwidth and data, but no Australian servers in the free plan.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free Now!

6 Best Free VPNs – Full Analysis (Updated 2022)

While searching for free VPNs, I made sure to look for those that offer the best security and geo-blocking capabilities. Most free VPNs do not offer the same high-quality features that you find in their paid versions. However, the 5 free VPNs on my list are good enough to protect your identity and your online activities – whether you’re in Australia or abroad.

1. ExpressVPN – Most Australian servers and thousands worldwide

  • Ultra-fast streaming of local and global content without buffering
  • Get an Australian IP address or choose from 3000 servers in 90 countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth to Stream Binge, Kayo Sports, 10 All Access, Netflix and more
  • Strict no-logs policy and DNS leak protection to keep your data safe when connected to public WiFi
  • 5 simultaneous connections to the device
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Unblocks: Stan, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Kayo sports, 10 All Access
  • Compatible with all devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV and more

ExpressVPN provides consistently fast connection speeds. I tested this by connecting to the Perth and Sydney servers. My average speeds were 50Mbps (you only need 5Mbps for HD streaming), so You can watch Stan, Kayo Sports, 10 All Access, and Netflix without buffering – no matter where you are.

If your ISP is throttling you, ExpressVPN’s unlimited bandwidth and data allows you to torrent and share files without limiting your speeds. Plus, your downloads will be more private because the VPN hides your IP address, so your ISP can’t see what you’re doing.

With more than 3000 servers in 90 countriesIt is easy to bypass geo-blocking. You will have access to international content, including the latest releases on Netflix US among other popular streaming networks.

Furthermore it, ExpressVPN has a large number of Australian server locationsIncluding Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Meaning, you can enjoy Australia-specific content, like Kayo Sports – even when you’re away from home.

There is a strict no-logs policy with ExpressVPN, which means No information will be collected regarding your browsing habits. It also offers DNS leak protection – a security measure that prevents your location and online activity from being exposed.

Plus, with an automatic kill switch, ExpressVPN instantly blocks traffic leaving your device if your connection is compromised. With all these safety measures, You can access public WiFi with complete peace of mind because your data will remain private.

With ExpressVPN, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. I’ve tested it using it with my tablet, mobile phone, laptop, and Fire Stick at the same time. My connection remained stable, and there was no slowdown in streaming speeds.

Although it is not free, it is backed by a refund policy so you can buy it with confidence. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within 30 days. I decided to test the refund policy myself via live chat. The agent asked a few questions about customer satisfaction, then accepted my order right away. Only 3 days later, I saw that the full amount I paid has been refunded to my account.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free Now!

2. Cyberghost – Huge server network to enjoy global content

  • Ultra-fast speeds for uninterrupted live streaming, gaming, browsing and torrenting
  • 7,570 servers in 90 countries, including 2 Australian cities
  • 24-hour free trial, followed by a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and an ad/malware blocker to keep your device and personal data safe
  • Works with: Netflix AU, Binge, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube TV and more
  • Compatible with: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Linux, routers, and more

Cyberghost boasts one of the largest server networks, including locations in Melbourne and Sydney. This is especially useful if you are away on vacation or moving overseas and still want to access Australian sites. I tested the Melbourne server and had no trouble watching Secret City on Netflix Australia. It also worked when I used the Miami server to stream Netflix US and HBO Max. You will always have access to your favorite content.
It protects your privacy With NoSpy servers and a strict no-logs policy. NoSpy servers are located in Romania, where CyberGhost is located. Only Cyberghost employees have access to these. Since Romania is outside the jurisdiction of Eyes 5,9 and 14, your traffic is safe from third party interference and monitoring. You will not be exposed to prying eyes or cybercriminals.

It also provides an option to get a dedicated IP address, which helps if you are going to use an Australian IP a lot. Dedicated IP addresses maximize speeds because you will only be using the server rather than sharing it with many others. You can easily get this from within the Cyberghost app. from here, You won’t have to worry about overcrowded servers.

The only scam I found is that Cyberghost does not work consistently in some countries with strict censorship. This includes the UAE, China, North Korea, and countries in the Middle East. Depending on your travel or mobility plans, this may or may not affect you.

You can use Cyberghost’s free 24-hour trial to test the full-featured service. If you need more time, it also offers a risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee. After testing it for 26 days, I requested a refund via live chat. All I had to do was answer two questions about my experience. Before 3 minutes had passed, the agent agreed to my return. I saw the money in my account within 3 days.

Get Cyberghost for free!

3. Hotspot Shield – 1 server in Australia (but does not unblock streaming services)

  • Ultra-fast speeds to play online games without lag
  • 500MB for free per day, enough for an hour on YouTube
  • Connects you to a single Australian server to bypass geo-restrictions when traveling abroad
  • Strong 256 encryption to protect your online activities
  • Unblocks: YouTube, Spotify, Kodi (inconsistently)
  • Compatible with: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad

HotspotShield provides ultra-fast speeds with a unique Advantage of Hydra Catapult Protocol. This great data compression tool reduces the time it takes to connect to the server, thus improving connection speeds. When I connected to a US server, the average speed dropped by only 37%, so it was barely noticeable. so you can Download large files without problems – as long as they keep your data max.

Provides you with Hotspot Shield 500MB of free data per day. I listened to Spotify continuously for 3 hours before we ran out, which is great for when you need to pass the time while traveling.

Although the free version only offers one virtual server in the US, it has one Server in Australia to access local content. Although you won’t be able to unblock Australian Netflix, you can surf the web in Australia without restrictions.

with AES 256-bit encryptionYour online privacy will remain protected. However, if you want more security features, you will need to upgrade to the paid plan.

Hotspot Shield can only be used on one device, but it is Super fast to install. I tested this with my iPhone and was surprised at how easy it was. When you only need a VPN for a short while, you want an easy-to-use network.

One of the important benefits of Hotspot Shield is that it is free For an unlimited time It provides amazing speeds.

Get Hotspot Shield for FREE!

4. Windscribe – 10GB free data per month (Australian servers only available on the paid plan)

  • Good speeds for surfing the internet and checking your email or social media
  • 10 GB of free data per month for streaming on Kodi and watching YouTube
  • Servers in 60 countries, including the US and UK, to get around geo-restrictions
  • Stealth mode bypasses censorship even in the most restricted areas
  • Packed with security features like a no-logs policy and DNS / IPv6 leak protection
  • Unblocks: YouTube and Kodi (inconsistently)
  • Compatible with: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Windscribe The overall connection speeds are great, especially when connecting to a server in the US or UK. However, I ran into some inconsistencies during my tests, but it was still enough for web browsing and streaming without buffering. Perfect for posting pictures of Sydney Beach to Instagram or checking your email! You can also earn an additional 5 GB of free data per month when you send a review tweet about the company.

With Windscribe’s free plan, you can access content in 10+ countries, including the US, UK and Switzerland Does not include Australian server. If you are looking to unblock Netflix AU, you will need to upgrade.

Windscribe Incognito mode allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship in most areas by masking your IP address and thus your online activities. This way, you will be able to access the most stringent firewalls in China and Russia.

Winscribe also keeps your web activities and personal information safe No-logs policy and DNS / IPv6 leak protection. I decided to run some tests, and I didn’t spot any DNS or IP leaks while connected to Windscribe VPN, which is very useful when connected to public WiFi.

You can count on Winscribe Customer Service, Powered by Gary, ChatbotTo answer all your questions. If you decide to upgrade, I recommend that you first test all the features with the one-day free trial.

Get Windscribe for free!

5. ProtonVPN – Free Unlimited Data But No Servers In Australia

  • Generous unlimited data so you don’t miss out on new YouTube releases
  • Servers in 60 countries, including the Netherlands, the United States, and Japan, to access more content
  • Smart Secure Core improves the security of your data and ensures that you remain anonymous
  • Log-free policy and protocol transparency for absolute privacy
  • Unblocks: Spotify, YouTube, Kodi (inconsistently)
  • Compatible with: Android, Mac, …

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