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APN Settings | Speed ​​Talk Mobile

Speed ​​Talk Mobile


Programming an Android phone for our (CDMA-S) network
Be sure to Disable WiFi And Activate cellular data
File update : Always try the profile update function first to solve the hands-free activation failure
##SCRTN# (72786): (For Galaxy Nexus phones, dial *#*#72786#*#*)
Enter your 6-digit MSL number

Note: See the activation confirmation email which includes the MSL code, MDN and MSID information.

Programming Our iPhone (CDMA-S Network)
Be sure to Enable WIFI And Disable cellular data And make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi connection.
##Clear# : On the keypad, dial #25327# and press Connect
Reset device network: Settings >> General >> Reset network settings
(This will delete all network settings, and return them to factory defaults)
##to update# : On the keyboard dial ##873283#

Manual device programming (CDMA-S network)
• communicate ## followed by the six-digit MSL code for the phone and an additional one #. Final # will not appear on the screen.
Example: ##123456#
• On the Service Programming screen, tap Modification.
• Login phone number and press OK.
• Login MSID In the Modify MSID field and click OK.
Note: See the activation confirmation email which includes the MSL code, MDN and MSID information.
• Faucet he did.
The phone will restart.
The phone is programmed now!

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Do I need to do anything for MMS to work on my (CDMA-S network)?
Yes, you must manually update the MMS URL for picture messages on your (CDMA-S) device for it to work. Follow the steps below:
• Dial ##DATA#. (For Galaxy Nexus phones, dial *#*#DATA#*#*)
• You will see the service program and under it, view and edit.
• Use the scroll key to move the highlight bar to EDIT, then press the OK button.
• Specify the MMSC URL and/or MMS Image Mail URL (each model is different, select under another profile and/or advanced and/or data and/or data)
• Edit the MMSC and/or MMS picture mail URL to be
• The phone will turn off and back on.

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