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Are there free VPNs? Fastest Free VPN Review & Download

Are there free VPNs? Fastest Free VPN Review & Download


Are Free VPNs Available? What is the best free VPN you can get? A detailed free VPN review that answers your every question.

When you search for “VPN” on Google, you can find thousands of results that tempt you to click. For those major players in the VPN market for Windows like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. It is not hard to find that the majority of VPN services on the Internet are a paid service, and some, for example, ExpressVPN, may charge you more than $9 per month for the service fee, and there is not even a free trial and let the user know if the service is good. Instead, they can just offer you a “30-day money-back guarantee,” which will record your billing information and debit your account, and may reject your refund request, heaven knows.

Are there free VPNs? The answer is positive, some paid free VPNs offer a free-to-use deal, or an unlimited free usage policy. Users can freely use their service if it suits their needs and there is no need to upgrade to a paid service.

Are there free VPNs – some great free trial VPNs

If we dig deeper and try to find an unlimited free trial of a VPN service, it can be done in a couple of minutes, but if the question arises for you Is there a totally free VPN It is open to use, I would say difficult and dangerous. As research and development of server maintenance to secure data transmission is costly and vital to the company. A reasonably expensive data integrity insurance service. It indicates that you think that it is better not to use a so-called “totally free VPN” because the free thing is always the most expensive.

But we can still take advantage of the best free VPN for Windows with the unlimited free trial, and there will be people who pay money and corporate profits. And free users, who ask about the existence of free VPNs, can take advantage of the free trial pricing strategy. Here we would like to review 3 of the best free VPNs for Windows.

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iTop VPN – Best Free VPN for Windows Users on PC

If you ask are there free VPNs Available, I highly recommend iTop VPN – it offers a more generous free trial than most of the so-called free VPNs. iTop VPN offers a nice 700MB per day bandwidth limit and updates the allowed data every 24 hours (without moving to the next day).

For general daily use and online data security, 700MB bandwidth can cover everything you need. And you’ll get more than 20GB of bandwidth per month, likely covering everything you need like secretly transferring important data or accessing some inaccessible content in your area.

8,000,000+ Downloads

8,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of iTop VPN Free:

  • Free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Connect up to 5 devices at the same time
  • 1800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • Dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and social media

Powerful Extension and Security Toolkit

If you seek Are there any free VPNs Which offers complete security protection, iTop VPN for Windows may be the best candidate to offer a great privacy protection toolkit that ensures that your internet security is protected. Launch the iTop VPN Windows app, then click “Privacy Protection” on the left tabs. Then you are accessing the Enhanced Security Toolbox. Security Reinforce can help you optimize your network and service settings to prevent your computer from being hacked. Browser Privacy can help you clean your browsing history data and track and improve the experience of visiting an incognito site.

Split Tunneling will allow you to manage each app’s VPN bandwidth, so your network traffic won’t be lost while multitasking with a VPN connection. Ad blocker can block harmful and unwanted ads to prevent malware and Trojan infections.

A VPN with Kill Switch can greatly increase your online safety factor while you are connected to a secure network – once your connection drops, a kill switch will force you to immediately terminate any data transfer if your real IP address and traffic are exposed. IP Checker can help you check if your real IP address is confirmed to be hidden. These useful security tools can provide you comprehensive protection of your internet security and only on iTop VPN alone.

Modest speed and connection performance

iTop VPN’s performance speed is good. But its free version has relatively limited servers open for selection. Fortunately, its Smart Location feature will automatically connect you to the free server that is most convenient for you, so the connection quality is generally decent.

Hotspot Shield – Great Free VPN Alternative

If someone asks Are there free VPNs, This might be one of the best candidates for this fast free VPN which provides you unlimited free trial to use. Hotspot Shield is one of the best free VPN services on Windows PC and is known for its generosity and ease of access. You can download the application corresponding to the computer you are currently using. Then just like other software-supported VPNs, just install and run it, you’ll get the basic Hotspot Shield – a completely free VPN to use.

Hotspot Shield has set up 500MB daily traffic and will update every 24 hours. That is about 15 GB that you can enjoy per month for free. Although it is less than 200MB when compared to iTop VPN’s daily traffic limit (700MB), it still covers your daily internet usage sufficiently.

Very good call quality but fewer options are provided

If your goal is to find Is there a free VPN Providing you with a variety of options and options, Hotspot Shield might disappoint you.

Although Hotspot shield connection is smooth and fast, and the free data traffic is generous, there is only a US server available for Hotspot Shield and there are no other free contracts to select. Hotspot Shield’s performance speed is fast and agile. The connection is old and never broke during testing.

Unobtrusive advanced option and lower scalability

For more security protection, Hotspot Shield free trial offers a little bit of support to enhance your security both online and offline, such as browser cleaner, Adblocker, etc., but overall, Hotspot Shield is still a great free VPN to use and outperform” Free VPN”.

Fun and engaging free VPN experience – TunnelBear

Is there a free and fun VPN? TunnelBear has taken a different approach with an intuitive user interface that is fun and easy to use. With a click of a button and once connected, you can access the encrypted tunnel. Instead of giving you a server list like most other VPN services, TunnelBear showed us its server location through a virtual map. This can be incredibly useful as this can be most obvious to users who choose a physical server location close to their living area which usually results in faster upload and download speeds. On the other hand, it can confuse users who are not familiar with their geographical environment.

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TunnelBear Connections & Speed

While iTop VPN & Hotspot Shiled limits the number of virtual websites that can be accessed for free users, TunnelBear allows us to connect to more than 20 servers in different locations. It allowed us to choose the server closest to us to get faster speeds and switch to different servers if our current connection wasn’t good. TunnelBear’s overall connection is good, while connecting to a server far from your current location, your connection may drop due to server response time. You can choose a server that is closer to ease the problem of internet delay.

TunnelBear – Extremely Limited Traffic

If you are looking for Is there a totally free VPN which has enough traffic for free use, TunnelBear is probably not your best choice.

Only 500MB per month of VPN internet traffic is approved in the free version of TunnelBear and the data cap will not be updated daily like iTop VPN & Hotspot Shield.

Bottom line

We don’t always recommend free VPNs, because there is no such thing as a free lunch. In order to take advantage of their free VPN service, many of the so-called “free VPNs” will sell your personal information, or even your web traffic or private IP addresses, to outside companies. These 3 very economical free trial bonuses will be our first recommendation for you to browse and use the internet securely. Let’s try iTop VPN, Hotspot Shield & TunnelBear if you are looking for a free VPN to use!

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