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Avira Phantom VPN Opera

Avira Phantom VPN Opera


Yes, Avira Phantom VPN is safe and legitimate. This review found Avira Phantom VPN to be stable and reliable after trying its VPN service.

  1. Find help in our knowledge base, ask for help from the community, or reach out to our technical support team.
  2. Find help in our knowledge base, ask for help from the community, or reach out to our technical support team.

I connected to Phantom VPN in April 2020. From my account, money is withdrawn twice a month for 416 rubles. I do not like it. I discontinued the program, but the money is still being deducted.

So, if you are looking for the best and unbiased Avira Phantom VPN ReviewsYou have come to the right place.

What is Avira Phantom VPN?

Avira Phantom VPN is a VPN service provided by the German multinational security software company – Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG. Avira Phantom VPN It encrypts your connection, allowing you to avoid hackers on public WiFi hotspots. It also keeps your interactions on the web private and bypasses…

Yes! You may have heard of the popular Avira antivirus. After many years of protecting your devices, Avira launched Phantom VPN to protect your internet traffic.

Just like the ghost is elusive and has no intrinsic existence; Phantom VPN wants to make sure that you are out of reach and have no real online presence. This is to protect you from cyber scammers, hackers, nosy neighbors, and government surveillance.

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Noticeable: Since you have nothing to lose, it would be very good to sign up from this post so that we can help you by contacting them if you have any issue in the future. We have the power to force them to correct their mistakes. However, we cannot do anything if you try to cheat the system. Just make sure you comply with their rules and regulations to make it easier for us.

Award winning Avira has set high standards with some of the highest quality security products; Will Avira Phantom VPN Rise?

This review aims to examine the capabilities of Avira Phantom VPN in providing high quality VPN protection.

Is Avira Phantom VPN Safe?

Avira Phantom VPN is safe for your use and we can assure you that your information is secure. But what we cannot reveal to you is whether Avira Phantom VPN is slow or not. You can verify your identity by reading user complaints and comments below.

Is Avira Phantom VPN Legitimate or Fraudulent?

Avira Phantom VPN is currently legit, as of writing this Phantom VPN review, it has been in the industry for a long time. We have a lot of user opinions about Phantom VPN which you may see below. But we can assure you that you will definitely get what you paid for. If you change your mind, you can cancel the service using the money back guarantee.

Avira Phantom VPN Complaints and Reviews:

Avira Updater Pro is an excellent way to update your PC and run smoothly. It prevents you from having to update the software every time you open it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their system running like new.”

“Night claims about Speedup are a bit too much. But, if it’s a choice between exaggerating and not making claims at all, I’ll take the exaggeration every time. Most of my experience has been positive. I would recommend your product.”

I love your software and wish I had the money to upgrade. I am 78 with cancer and living on a very tight budget. I have no credit cards and no cash to pay for the upgrade. Other than that, you get an A+ for Avira. thank you. James Braden.

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“I bought Optimization from Avira and wrote twice to ask how to stop the constant notifications that I am no longer secure because I used all my Phantom VPN services. These services will be covered based on my purchase of Optimization. Plus I bought O&O Diskimage Pro 12 through Avira and it did nothing Only messing around with my computer. All I get are error messages and O&O says I should get help from the sales point, not them. I had no luck trying to fix this and I’m not happy with the lack of help or constant messages from Avira. I canceled Installed the original version and just installed the Optimization suite for a slower internet and lack of help with O&O. Not happy with this. Avira keeps assaulting me with “buy this now” despite buying her first product

“I renewed for 3 years but then kept getting auto reply messages telling me how many safe days left and then later how many days I had no security and could still restart my account. I went back twice to my dashboard to confirm that I Already paid and deposited into the system.The left and right hand are really uncoordinated!
It took so long for your assistant to fix the problem and I’ve never received a proper apology for making the problem worse”

Avira Phantom VPN Tutorial

How to use Avira phantom vpn

Avira Phantom VPN Features

Ease of use:

Phatom VPN is just one of Avira’s many offerings; Some of these other offerings (System Speedup, SafeSearch Plus, Software Updater, Online Essentials) come in the package when you click to download the VPN. To install the VPN only, just click “Skip” to pass the other services during installation.

Avira Phantom has a basic interface that allows you to connect to the service with a single click. When the application is running; At the bottom of the interface is the “Default Location” followed by a link (nearest location). Clicking on the prominent “Connect” bar on the interface will automatically connect you to the best server closest to you.

After the connection, the interface still calls for simple simplification. All you see is the connection status, data usage status, default location and the disconnect button.

It’s also easy to change servers; You can do this by going to the settings page under “Select a default location”. Select a location from the list of servers and you will be automatically connected; You do not have to disconnect from the current site.

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Avira Phantom VPN provides another faster way to change servers; Click on the following link “Default Location:” and it will open a list of servers. I like that Avira Phantom offers a faster option to switch servers and this is achieved without cluttering the interface.

Avira Phantom VPN has managed to outperform a lot of VPN services by showing the servers’ votes. This information will help determine the fastest servers.

The Settings page allows you to do some basic “configurations” (enable a kill switch, set the VPN to turn on when Windows starts, set the VPN to connect automatically when your device is on certain Wi-Fi networks, prevent diagnostic data from being sent to Avira”

The interface is not feature-packed but allows you to do basic settings to get VPN protection.

simultaneous connections:

owning one or two mobile devices, a laptop, and another office device; You want a VPN that allows you to protect all devices at once without spending too much.

How many devices should VPN services allow you to protect with a single license? The VPN industry average for simultaneous connections is five, and services with free versions only allow one connection in the free version.

Avira Phantom VPN tops it all. In Avira Phantom Pro (paid version), you can connect as many devices as you want (unlimited connections); While using the free version, you are allowed up to five simultaneous connections. This is a very generous offer

Device compatibility:

You can use Avira Phantom VPN on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You are in luck if you are using Linux because Avira Phantom VPN does not support Linux. You also cannot use a VPN on routers, but this should not be a concern due to the unlimited simultaneous connection that Avira Phantom VPN allows.


In VPN circles, the ability to stream a VPN has become synonymous with its ability to unblock Netflix. This is not only because the main streaming service has a large library, but mainly because Netflix successfully blocks VPNs. It’s becoming rare to see VPNs that give you Netflix, and anyone who does this should be a “helluva” streaming VPN service.

Avira Phantom VPN is an excellent service for streaming; One server after another gives access to Netflix contents.


It is safe to assume that Avira Phantom VPN does not support P2P activities.

While most VPN services seem to encourage torrenting activities (by offering tips on anonymous torrenting); Torrenting is conspicuously absent from Avira Phantom VPN.

Also, while some VPN services have servers that are clearly featured and optimized for P2P activity; None of Avira Phantom VPN servers are flagged.

Finally, anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about providing political answers can study the responses that the support service gives to queries about torrenting.

Avira Phantom VPN Servers Availability

Avira Phantom operates 36 servers in 25 countries around the world. The server network covers many major cities in the world.

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In VPN circles, the number of servers is a very important factor, because more servers equals improved anonymity and performance. VPNs give you anonymity by replacing your real IP address with their own. Remember that IP addresses identify the location; So when you are online with VPN protection your real location is not seen, what is seen is the virtual location that the VPN gives you.

If a VPN service has a million virtual locations; This means that you can be in every million places when you are online. Anonymous.

in terms of performance; When too many users connect to a single server to share its resources, the speed drops. With a million servers, you are unlikely to see an overcrowded server.

Currently, VPN services can only dream of a million servers; But there are some that run as many as 4,000 servers. Avira Phantom VPN’s 36 servers pale in comparison. Avira desperately needs to increase the number of its servers, as well as to reach more countries. Currently, in their server network, only one country (Brazil) represents the whole of South America, while the whole of Africa and the Middle East are clearly missing.

Avira Phantom VPN Packages and Pricing


Avira Phantom has two service offerings – a free version (called Phantom VPN) and a paid version (called Phantom VPN Pro).

Phantom VPN Pro has been split into two parts – the “Multi-Device” plan and the “Android and iOS only” plan. The two Phantom VPN Pro plans have similar features, the only difference is the device support and billing option.

The Multi Device plan can be used on all devices and has two billing options (yearly and monthly); While the “Android and iOS, only” plan can be used on mobile devices only and is paid monthly.

Avira Phantom VPN Price

Phantom VPN Pro’s “multi-device” plan costs $8.00 for a monthly subscription and $62.40 for an annual subscription (which equates to $5.20 a month for a 35% savings). The Phantom VPN Pro plan for Android and iOS costs just $4.99 per month.

In terms of the financial outlay required, these prices will put Avira Phantom VPN in the middle of the category (not too expensive but not cheap); There are more expensive VPN services out there, and there are still some high-quality, pocket-friendly VPN services out there.

Avira Phantom VPN Payment:

Avira Phantom VPN allows popular payment options such as credit and debit cards, Paypal and bank transfer. Because these billing processes leave obvious traces; Users are invited to enter anonymous payment methods. Avira recently responded by adding the anonymous Bitcoin payment to the list of accepted payment methods. This will enhance the anonymity of users who purchase the service.

Avira Phantom VPN also uses auto-renew account which allows the user’s subscription to be automatically renewed upon expiration.


Avira Phantom…

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