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Avira Phantom VPN Review 2021 – Consider this before you buy

Avira Phantom VPN Review 2021 – Consider this before you buy


Avira is a popular name in the cybersecurity field, known for her self-proclaimed German proficiency. I wanted to test if Phantom VPN lives up to the hype of its other products, and has the features and competitiveness I’ve come to expect from a premium VPN.

I was impressed with Avira Phantom VPN’s ability to unblock streaming platforms, its speeds on local servers, and its security features. But it falls short in areas like customer service, server network locations, and a slightly worrisome privacy policy.

Although I liked how easy it was to install and its helpful user-friendly interface, I would recommend choosing a VPN that is compatible with more devices, as Avira Phantom VPN’s compatibility is limited.

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Do you have a short time? Here are my main results

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Avira Phantom VPN Features – Updated December 2021



the price



Money Back Guarantee



Does VPN keep logs?



Number of servers



Number of devices per license



kill switch



Based in the country




live chat

Running – great performance

AviraVPN has unblocked a few streaming services, but I have some problems. Although some platforms could only be accessed using specific servers, Netflix was pretty consistent when I tested it using its Windows app.

However, I had good speeds on most of its servers, so I didn’t have to deal with buffering or long wait times before my show.

Unblock: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Peacock TV, DAZN

My first test was with a New York server, which gave me instant access to Netflix. Its speeds were strong and I watched it hypnotic No buffering or delay.

You can watch the latest US releases with Avira Phantom VPN

To make sure it wasn’t just a lucky first test, I then tried watching Netflix using server locations all over the world, including Canada and Australia. I can directly access Netflix without any problems on all the servers I’ve tried.

The VPN bypassed its geo-blocking in no time and allowed me to stream without interruption

Since I had good results with its US servers, I wanted to know if Avira Phantom VPN also works with other streaming platforms. The overall results were impressive, but I had to change servers to different cities before I found one that could unblock Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

However, this performed well, and it only took me a few tries to find a server that worked for both.

I found a US server that unblocks Hulu in a jiffy

Amazon Prime Video was the same as Hulu – some servers unblocked it while others didn’t. Once I find the right server to unblock the platform, I can go on with my new favorite programs without any interruption.

Avira Phantom VPN’s Newark server gave me excellent results

On all US servers I tested, HBO Max was instantly unblocked. I watched two shows and was happy to find that there was no buffering or lag, and the image quality was consistently good.

New York Avira Phantom VPN Server Unblocked HBO Max Immediately

I also got great results when I tested Peacock TV, ESPN, DAZN, and other popular platforms. Avira Phantom VPN has impressed me with its unblocking capabilities. Some US platforms required me to change servers before I could access them, but doing so was quick and easy, and I found the right servers in no time.

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Banned by: BBC iPlayer and Disney +

The only two platforms I couldn’t unblock during my tests of Avira Phantom VPN were BBC iPlayer and Disney+.

I only had two options available to me in the UK – Manchester and London, neither of which worked to bypass BBC iPlayer geo-blocking.

Its servers in Manchester and London were unable to bypass geoblocks

I also tried to unblock Disney+ but none of the country sites I tested could bypass geoblocks, and I had a black screen every time I tried to sign in.

Avira Phantom VPN overall test results were excellent, and I highly recommend it If you need a VPN for streaming. It unblocked most platforms I tried, gave me great speeds and no lag or buffering, even on remote servers.

If you also want to unblock Disney+, take a look at these VPNs.

Speeds – great on local servers

This VPN gave me amazing speeds in our local server tests. I started with a baseline reading (without VPN) for a download speed of 38.78Mbps, an upload speed of 9.27Mbps, and a ping reading of 12.

Testing began at three locations in Europe. Servers in Germany and Poland were especially fast, with a decrease of only 8% and 14%, respectively. When you connect to a VPN, you can expect a 10-20% drop from your base speed, so I was happy with these results. The UK servers gave me a 23% drop, but it stayed strong with a download speed of 29.63Mbps. You can stream in Ultra HD at this speed, so it was still more than enough.

VPN download speed on local servers was good

I was amazed when I tested the Canadian server. Since Canada is 3600 miles from my current location, I expected a huge drop in speed and a high ping rate. I didn’t get either and was stunned because I only had a 6% drop, and a ping reading of 99ms. This is still enough to comfortably play online in most situations, and download large files. For a server so far away from me, these results are impressive.

The Australia server download speed result was also surprising. Australia is more than 9,000 miles from my location, and so I would expect significant performance drops. Instead, I got a download speed reading of 18.43Mbps, which still gave me decent streaming speeds. I tested it when watching Netflix using this server, and I didn’t experience any delays or buffering issues.

Continuing my tests on farther servers, I’ve tried locations in Singapore, India, Japan, and Chile. Chile gave me the worst overall speeds, with a drop of 82%. Japan’s servant wasn’t doing well Either, which gave me a 77% drop in speed, and a ping of 258ms. ping reading over 100 negative results, Also, having such a high connection would make playing with friends in Japan impossible.

The servers I tested in Chile and Japan were too slow for most online activities

Finally, I tested two US servers. I used them in streaming tests and knew I could get a high-resolution picture with them, but I found it My speeds dropped by about 50% when I connected to Avira Phantom VPN sites in the US. However, the actual download, upload, and take readings weren’t too bad overall. For servers on the other side of the world, their US locations didn’t perform too badly.

Although its results were mixed, with poor results on some sites that were far from me, I was still a fan of many of Avira Phantom’s server offerings. Their server in Canada was excellent, and a number of their European locations gave me great speeds. You can see full comparisons of my base speeds in the table below:

Location Download speed Download speed ping
base speed 38.78 Mbps 9.27 Mbps 12 milliseconds
United kingdom 29.63 Mbps (23% decrease) 8.68Mbps (6% drop) 14 milliseconds
Germany 35.65 Mbps (8% decrease) 8.65Mbps (6% drop) 24 milliseconds
Poland 33.03 Mbps (14% decrease) 7.58Mbps (18% decrease) 48 milliseconds
Canada 36.14Mbps (6% drop) 8.09Mbps (12% decrease) 99 ms
Australia 18.43Mbps (52% decrease) 5.94 Mbps (35% decrease) 277 milliseconds
Singapore 15.80Mbps (60% decrease) 8.48Mbps (8% drop) 173 ms
Japan 8.57Mbps (77% decrease) 6.15Mbps (33% decrease) 258 ms
Chile 6.65 Mbps (82% decrease) 4.13Mbps (55% decrease) 219 ms
India 10.20Mbps (73% decrease) 8.04Mbps (13% decrease) 152 ms
United States (New York) 19.23Mbps (50% decrease) 8.70 Mbps (6% drop) 88 milliseconds
United States (Newark) 16.57Mbps (57% decrease) 8.77Mbps (6% drop) 82 ms

Depending on the country you need to access, Avira Phantom VPN might be an excellent VPN for you. I consistently had enough speeds to stream without lag or buffering, was able to play online on all but 4 of my test sites, and got solid results on its US servers.

And therefore, I can definitely recommend their local servers for speed. If you need servers far from you, you may need a more reliable network. Try one of the best VPNs that work in countries all over the world.

Server network – small but efficient

Avira Phantom VPN only has 1,400 servers in 30 countries. This is a very small network.

Their server locations are:

Europe Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
South America Brazil, Chile, Mexico
North America Canada and the United States
Asia Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore
Oceania Australia

The site mentions that more sites will be added in the future.

Usually when I test very small server networks, I have very poor results in my tests. This is because Having a small set of servers means that most subscribers try to use the same sites onceThis leads to congestion and slowdown. I had no issues with Avira Phantom VPN’s European sites, and even their servers far from me are connected instantly. None of them have been partially disconnected by their use, which is a good sign.

However, for many VPN users, having a large network of servers in multiple countries is essential. To ensure many reliable servers all over the world, use one of my favorite service providers with a huge server network.

Security – Keeps you safe online

Overall, Avira Phantom VPN has industry-standard features for Keep your data and devices safe.

Encryption and protocols

Avira Phantom VPN uses 256-bit encryption It is the strongest in the market. This means that it uses a highly advanced key to shuffle your data, and the key to unlock it is practically non-removable. In the event that a hacker gets hold of your information, they will be…

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