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Best Free VPNs for 2022

Best Free VPNs for 2022


We test every free VPN that we review regularly. If a VPN service offers both free and paid versions of its apps, we will often test both versions as part of the same review.

In other words, we put free VPNs through a file Same rigorous testing process We apply to paid VPN services.

We test speed, security, streaming, and P2P. We analyze each privacy and registry policy in detail, as well as evaluate the VPN’s usability and reliability.

All of the free VPNs we recommend meet the following criteria:

  • No payment details required upon registration
  • No user activity logs
  • No IP or DNS leaks
  • strong encryption
  • High speeds with no download limit

Security is especially important when testing free VPNs. This is because free VPNs are dangerous and ineffective Most common One of the dangerous paid VPNs.

We make sure that every free VPN we recommend is malware-free, truly encrypts your data, and doesn’t collect any malicious information.

Our reviews and judgments are completely impartial. we Do not accept compensation for positive coverage.

Here’s a more specific look at the factors that go into the free VPN testing process, and how we weigh each category individually:

1. Data cap: 30%

Minimum requirements: 500 MB per month.
We recommend: 10 GB per month or more.

One of the most common drawbacks of secure and free VPNs is data limits.

The vast majority of free VPNs place limits on the amount of data you can use, which can greatly prevent what you can do with a VPN.

We thoroughly check each VPN’s data allowance policy, and explore ways you can claim “bonus” data for free (eg through “refer a friend” schemes or by registering an email address).

The best free VPNs will allow you to use at least 10GB of data per month. One or two have no limits at all.

2. Speed: 25%

Minimum requirements: No more than 40% loss in download speeds on local connections.
We recommend: Domestic speed loss is less than 30% and international speeds are reliably fast.

A VPN does slow down your internet speeds, at least a little bit. This is because your connection is through the VPN server, so it takes a longer round trip.

Higher data encryption can also slow down the speed at which data travels through the VPN tunnel.

With free VPNs, the speed loss tends to be greater than with the best paid VPNs. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with painfully slow connection speeds.

We run regular manual speed tests, and measure the download speed, upload speed and connection ping time of each VPN.

We run speed tests around the world, and connect to local and international VPN servers, in order to get a complete picture of VPN performance.

The best free VPNs are nearly as fast as many of the paid VPNs we review. You are unlikely to notice a significant drop in speed, and you will be able to stream high-quality video or torrent quickly.

3. Registration policy: 15%

Minimum requirements: Any connection logs must be anonymous.
We recommend: No-logs policy.

We only recommend free VPN services that respect your privacy.

We examine each VPN’s privacy policy to get a clear idea of ​​what information the service collects, why they need it, and how long it is stored.

We are also looking for transparent and detailed policies written in clear language.

A VPN should not collect unnecessary or personally identifiable information, including your IP address or logs of your online activity.

Most private VPNs operate on a strict no-logs policy. Ideally, it has also been independently audited by a trusted third party.

4. Server locations: 10%

Minimum requirements: Choose VPN server locations.
We recommend: A number of VPN servers are spread all over the world.

Larger VPN server networks give you more opportunities to unblock streaming content and enjoy faster connection speeds. The servers will likely be less crowded and closer to your actual location.

We analyze each VPN’s server network in detail. We pay special attention to the total number of servers, how well they are distributed around the world, and any specialized servers (for example, P2P-, streaming-optimized servers or Tor).

Free VPNs tend to have rather limited server networks, but there are services with 10+ global server locations.

5. Running: 10%

Minimum requirements: Global streaming libraries can sometimes be unblocked.
We recommend: Reliable access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer from the US from anywhere in the world.

Streaming is one of the most popular reasons to use a VPN. By hiding your IP address, you can access TV shows and movies that are normally blocked in your geographic area.

Unfortunately, free VPNs are notorious for streaming. Most content platforms, such as Netflix, dedicate many resources to blocking VPN users – and free VPNs are often the easiest to identify and block.

We’ve run thousands of tests to find out which VPNs are blocking streaming services. We regularly check multiple Netflix regions, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max and DAZN.

Although free VPNs have a very low success rate when it comes to unblocking streaming sites, the best ones are capable of streaming US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

6. Torrenting: 10%

Minimum requirements: Torrenting is allowed on some of the free servers.
We recommend: Servers optimized for P2P activities and average bit rate of at least 4MB/s.

Using a VPN is the key to secure and private torrenting. We first check the P2P policy of each service, as many free users do not allow torrenting at all.

Then we check for servers optimized for P2P activities, and make sure the VPN is using tight AES-256 encryption.

We also run IP and DNS leak tests to ensure that the VPN does not leak the real IP address of the torrent while you are torrenting.

Finally, we run a series of P2P performance tests. Most importantly, we record the average torrenting bandwidth of the VPN. Just because a VPN is fast to stream, it doesn’t mean that it will provide fast P2P speeds.

The best free VPNs have an average torrenting rate of at least 4MB/s.

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