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Best Internet Tunnel Software for Free Unlimited Internet Access

Best Internet Tunnel Software for Free Unlimited Internet Access


Some people call it Free Internet Tricks, Free Web while others call it Free Browsing Trick (FBT) but no matter what we call it we all still refer to the same thing.

For those who may still want to know what it is “Free Internet Trick,” Free internet tricks refer to those settings that you apply to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) network with the help (or without) help of a tunnel to get free internet access without spending a single cent on data etc. You can click here to read all the terms and conditions for free internet.

What are tunnels:

Note that there is a difference between Free Internet Trick And “Free Internet CD”.

Don’t pay or sign up for anything to be able to browse or download using our free internet settings, it’s all free. On the other hand, it requires a free internet disk
“Modification” to operate. Free internet mods are divided into two forms; Paid and free. One requires a subscription to work while the other does not. An example of a subscription-related free internet tweak is a BlackBerry subscription. This sub is for BlackBerry devices alone, but instead, you can modify (modify) it to work on Android devices, computers, or iOS devices to give you free (unlimited) access to the Internet.

Imagine you pay $20 for 3GB of data and those on BlackBerry pay only $8 but still get free internet without any data cap then you manage to modify it to work on Android and PC but you still complain that Isn’t it free? If you let me say that your condition has become spiritual. You can click here to understand what this disc is all about.

A good example of a free internet disk that does not require a subscription is the IMEI disk to get free internet. I won’t go into details to explain it now but you can click on any of these tricks to get an idea. Airtel Kenya 400GB disk, Airtel India 10GB disk, MTN200GB disk, etc. You can also DDoS your ISP for free internet access (All these will be discussed in my tutorial part 3 on how to access free internet in any part of the world on any Internet service provider)

Noticeable: This publication is for educational purposes only. Techfoe only makes such posts to alert ISPs about their vulnerabilities. APPLY OR USE THIS POST MEANS YOU OYO ( ON YOURSELF ) Here is a compiled list of tunnels that provide free internet access but at the same time, I will not mention those tunnels which are a pirate copy to the original. These tunnels I mention below are few due to the length of the post. Tunnelers here work on Android, Microsoft, Java, Mac, Symbian, and iOS. Click here to join our Telegram channel for the latest free online tricks and tutorials.


This tunnel comes from the popular Psiphon family but is different from Psiphon Wizards. This tunnel has the features of 3 great tunnels which are Finch VPN, HTTP Injector and Psiphon processor all combined in one app to easily bypass ISP firewall.

the price: Free, but donations are accepted

Servers and usage:
All servers are free with unlimited usage

The operating system: Android, iOS and Windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: Older versions of the app drain your battery very quickly

advice: This tunnel is easy to use and a ‘must-have app’ for both beginners and network penetrators.

Loading: link click here


Formerly known as Simple Server, Netloop is one of the most powerful tunneling out there but is underrated because it is not user friendly. Geeks stick to Netloop because it has multiple tunnel features compressed into one tunnel and it is = β€œFree internet all year round!”

the price: Free tunneling option while paid VPN feature (we don’t need this paid feature)

Servers and Usage: Unlimited free use of the server

The operating system: Android, iOS, windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: Sometimes Netloop does not connect immediately; It takes some time to speed up which may make the user think that the configuration is incorrect.

advice: Netloop is a “must-have app” for both geeks and Noobs but newbies are advised to study it well and not give up on the first try.

Loading: Download Android here

Droid VPN:

Droid VPN is not a new name for those who use free internet. It has different options and works more for those whose tricks are based on open ports. VPN sometimes gives the user free internet access without any configuration when there is an open UDP port on your network.

the price: Free (100MB), Paid (Unlimited)

Servers and Usage: Free (limited servers), Paid (unlimited servers)

The operating system: Android, iOS, windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: Step Back With This VPN Is Your Daily Limit

advice: 100 MB per day or not Droid VPN is a “must-have” for everyone because it is a great educational app that will help you understand a lot. You can easily create settings on this app and test it, when it works you can transfer the settings to other VPNs.


Another XP man again. XP VPN has http Injector and Psiphon features and also supports open VPN configurations. This tunnel is straightforward and easy to give the user free access to the internet.

the price: free

Servers and Usage: free and unlimited

The operating system: Android, iOS, windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: App updates are rare

advice: This is rated as “general” because both beginners and pros can easily play it without stress.

Finch VPN:

Previously known as “mighty Finch”, Finch VPN is a tunnel that provides many users with free internet access when properly configured. Its support for multiple UDP and HTTP ports made it the choice of most people, and its nice style made the other two tunnels borrow some features from Finch.

the price: Free (3 GB monthly cover), paid (unlimited data usage)

Servers and Usage: Limited Servers (Free), Unlimited Servers (Paid)

The operating system: Android and windows

Deceive: 3GB data capacity which is no less easy to use

advice: Finch VPN is a great app but due to its limitations and alternatives, the app is a “must-have” and not a “must-have”.

Http injector:

This tunnel is the mainstay for most tunnel workers there. HTTP injector free internet scams last for a long time because HTTP injector encrypts your connection better than most tunnels. You can click here to read the tutorial on how to configure an HTTP injector for free internet access.

the price: free

Servers and Usage: free and unlimited

The operating system: Android and windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: You have to keep updating your free account either on a daily, 3 day, weekly or monthly basis.

advice: HTTP Injector is a must-have app Just If you want your free internet configuration settings to last for a long time.

Psiphon Wizard:

Psiphon Wizard is a very popular tunneling tool that many people use. It contains various configuration options to help the user to access the free internet. As of recently, some people started to fake different versions of the original due to its popularity. Psiphon has different processors bearing the Psiphon name such as Psiphon handler Pro, Psiphon A+, Psiphon Black, etc.

the price: free

Servers and Usage: free and unlimited

The operating system: Android and windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: Lots of replicas out there

advice: You have to decide for yourself

slow DNS:

This app is very popular and has been around for years. It is not difficult to configure slow DNS and at the same time it has a 70% chance of giving its users free internet on any ISP due to its use of the DNS protocol.

the price: Free (25MB daily limit), Paid (unlimited use)

Servers and Usage: free and unlimited

The operating system: Android and windows (with the help of the emulator)

Deceive: Because of the DNS protocol, the connection speed is slow

advice: Slow DNS is a must-have app because it comes in handy when there is no other alternative for free internet access.

your freedom:

This app is the second most popular tunnel app on this list because when it comes to free internet, Your-freedom knows no bounds. Equipped with protocols like HTTPS, DNS, UDP, ICMP, ICMP ECHO and HTTP/POST/CGI, your freedom can easily bypass any ISP firewall without the user being under the stress of configuring it. Your Freedom was the app that piqued my interest in free internet related topics. * HTTP

the price: Free and paid

Servers and Usage: Unlimited servers and speed (free), unlimited servers and speed (paid)

The operating system: Android and windows

Deceive: Free usage is very short and some protocols on the app are slow due to their routing

advice: This app has been around for a long time so it would be weird for you to say you need advice on it.

UCweb and Opera Mini Wizard:

This isn’t supposed to be on the list but for those using the Java and Symbian platform, I’ll have to include it.

Those who were doing these free stuff online during the Java and Symbian era will surely know what I’m talking about. There are many wizards out there, but Opera-mini and UC Web Handler are the most famous of them all.

Opera-mini and UC Web processors can be configured to give you free internet access but at the same time, these processors do not provide VPN encryption and protection. The lack of a VPN mode on these processors made it easier for ISPs to block free internet scams so that people could learn how to integrate CGI proxies into their configurations.

the price: free

Servers and Usage: unlimited use

The operating system: Android, Java, PC, Symbian

Deceive: Scams can be easily blocked because they lack VPN mode

advice: Even though the glory days of these apps have passed, they are still relevant when it comes to the kinds of things that are free on the internet. Most people still use it on their OS as mentioned.

Tweakware VPN:

Tweakware VPN is a very good tunneling bypass ISP firewall. Most of the tunnels are intended to bypass your ISP’s firewalls and get free internet, but what sets Tweakware VPN apart from the others is the time used to establish connections.

With Tweakware VPN, it is easy to determine the working configuration. Recently, people started cheating on the app.

the price: Free and paid

Servers and Usage: Limited servers have a daily limit of 100MB (free), unlimited servers and speed (paid)

The operating system: Android, MAC and windows

Deceive: Fraudulent copies and daily limit


Loading: Download all versions here


eProxy is an application developed by the ePro development team with the purpose of accessing contents that are blocked by the Internet Service Provider. This app sends data requests through a proxy and with the help of its SSH or VPN features, it easily bypasses your ISP’s firewall for you to access the free internet.

Servers and Usage: free and unlimited servers

The operating system: Android

advice: If you love SSH, then eProxy will be your friend. I always find it difficult to choose between an eProxy and HTTP injector, although eProxy is still an alternative to the http injector.


Troid VPN is another guy from the TunnelGuru family that protects the user’s online activities by encrypting the connection on a private network. This VPN app also supports tunneling over TCP, UDP and ICMP which gives the user many options in creating free internet configurations. This application can be configured in many ways to get free internet, unlike other VPN tunnels. The ease of use of this application makes it very popular.

Servers and Usage: Limited servers with a daily limit of 100 MB (Free), Unlimited servers and speed (Paid)

The operating system: Android and windows (with the help of the emulator)

advice: I would recommend Troid VPN despite its 100MB limit because you can easily create a free online working trick unlike other time-consuming tunnels to give you the right results.

Loading: Download here


Hammer VPN which also comes from the TunnelGuru family, is…

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