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Best VPN for China – Working VPNs for China in 2022

Best VPN for China – Working VPNs for China in 2022


A Chinese VPN should be the first thing on your shopping list if you’re traveling to the country – while there are many great things about China, their attitude toward internet censorship and censorship is not among them.

With the best VPN for China, you will be able to access Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, Wikipedia, WhatsApp and Slack (just to name a few). All these daily websites are completely blocked by the Great Chinese Firewall, only a reliable VPN from China can get you to work and operate as normal.

All you have to do is connect to a server outside of China, and you will be able to surf the web as if you were in that country.

What makes the best VPN for China?

It is worth noting that not every VPN works as well as a VPN for China. Some smaller providers with fewer resources can’t fool the Great Firewall’s complex VPN blocking techniques, while others slow to an unusable crawl. So, being able to simply act as a VPN for China is a useful first step.

Next, we highly recommend looking for a service with 24/7 live chat support. If you encounter any issues with your VPN in China, you will be able to contact your service provider and they should be able to address your issue. A money-back guarantee is also worth finding, as no VPN can guarantee a 100% success rate in the country. If you fail, you will at least get your money back.

In our ExpressVPN review, the provider checked all of these boxes, which is why it tops our list as the best Chinese VPN. Also, it is not only a great VPN for China, but it is a great all-round package that will keep you protected wherever you are. However, here are some other options that all perform well in China and are supposed to let you access the sites you need.

Noticeable: We highly recommend signing up and installing a VPN Before Step on the plane to China. Once you get there, you may find your provider’s website is blocked and the app has disappeared from your app store.

Top Five Choices for a VPN in China

(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

1. ExpressVPN

Best VPN for China, period


Works in China: Yes

Number of servers: 3000+

Server locations: 160

Unblocked Streaming Sites: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Simultaneous connections: 5

24/7 support: Yes

Reasons to buy

+ Full internet in China + Excellent connection speeds + Great 24/7 support + Excellent streaming performance

Reasons to avoid

– 5 simultaneous connections max

ExpressVPN is the best Chinese VPN on the market – and it makes no sacrifices in usability to achieve this status. While it works perfectly in Beijing and Shenzhen, it will also keep you covered in London, Seoul or the rural Mississippi area.

The security is excellent, with AES-256 encryption and a selection of protocols, plus a kill switch, Perfect Forward Secrecy and Split tunneling – which will let you route certain apps through the VPN while leaving others untouched.

Connection speeds are fast and reliable, and with servers in India, Hong Kong, Mongolia, South Korea, and Laos, wherever you are in China there is a server (relatively) nearby. This also means that you will have a good selection to choose from in case the server you are using fails, which is an unlikely possibility.

The fact that ExpressVPN does not operate any servers in mainland China means that the service is not subject to the data processing laws that local companies are subject to, and as such can also ensure that no information that could identify you is stored – which is excellent if you want to make sure your activity is kept completely private.

There’s a reason ExpressVPN is trusted by many as the best VPN in China, and that’s because of it It just works. There is no service available today that combines such stringent security measures, great apps, and stellar speeds – let alone one that does it all behind a great firewall.

If it doesn’t work the way you want it to, you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. However, we are convinced that there is no better service out there.

(Image credit: NordVPN)

2. NordVPN

The security-obsessed giant is doing well in China


Works in China: Yes

Number of servers: 5400+

Server locations: 59+

Unblocked Streaming Sites: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Simultaneous connections: 6

24/7 support: Yes

Reasons to buy

+ Great security features + Reliable performance + Works on all your devices

Reasons to avoid

-Awkward application interface

NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs available in China thanks to its excellent encryption and obfuscated servers, which ensure that your VPN usage is not detected by the Great Firewall.

We covered a lot of features in our NordVPN review, as the service boasts strong DNS leak protection, two auto kill switches, and amazing connection speeds over the secure NordLynx protocol. However, it should be noted that split tunneling is only available through browser extensions – otherwise it is all or nothing.

You’ll be able to watch the full range of streaming media, and the sheer number of servers will ensure that you’ll be able to connect to a server fairly close to anywhere in China.

While Nord offers a great selection of mobile apps, they can be a little tricky to use — they keep the map-based server picker from the desktop versions, and while there’s a regular list available, we’d like to see that right away. However, this is a small complaint because in practice you will get on and forget.

If you’re after a China VPN with plenty of extra features at a reasonable price, NordVPN is well worth considering – and as we’ve come to expect, there’s a 30-day guarantee in case you’re not a fan.

(Image credit: Surfshark)

3. Surfshark

Fast like a shark – and hidden like a shark too


Works in China: Yes

Number of servers: 3200+

Server locations: 100+

Unblocked Streaming Sites: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Simultaneous connections: unlimited

24/7 support: Yes

Reasons to buy

+ Deal price + Excellent connection speeds + Great streaming capabilities

Reasons to avoid

Not formal like the others

BVI-based Surfshark is a newcomer that has made serious waves, and its reputation as a great Chinese VPN company continues to improve. With charmingly simple interfaces, desktop clients and mobile apps rank highly in our Surfshark review, are incredibly easy to use and deliver excellent performance.

This does not mean that it lacks strength. Although Surfshark isn’t quite as configurable as ExpressVPN, it offers great security with strong encryption, a number of different protocols, a useful kill switch, and split tunneling. There is also a double hop, and it is the NoBorders feature that allows the VPN to work flawlessly within China.

Surfshark offers great connection speeds too, and with its unlimited simultaneous connections policy, you can cover just about every device you own — whether you’ve taken dozens of phones on vacation to China or want to cover every device in your home behind the Great Firewall. Plenty for your money, then.

And that’s Surfshark’s biggest draw – not only does it offer a high level of security and performance, but it does so at a fraction of the price of other good VPNs. Yes, you will have to pay the entire amount at once if you want to get an unbeatable two-year deal, but until then, they offer excellent value for money.

If you are looking for a smooth and fast Chinese VPN that you can count on but will not break the bank, Surfshark is a very tempting offer.

Register now at Surfshark website.

(Image credit: VyprVPN)

4. VyprVPN

The Chameleon Protocol is trusted in China


Works in China: Yes

Number of servers: 700+

Server locations: 70

Unblocked Streaming Sites: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Simultaneous connections: 5

24/7 support: Yes

Reasons to buy

+ Good connection speeds + Strict and proven no-logs policy + Powerful desktop clients

Reasons to avoid

– Dated desktop client design

Although VyprVPN isn’t quite as well known as our previous three entries, it’s a great VPN choice for China, especially for those who prioritize the security of their data. As one of the few no-logs VPNs on the market, you can be sure that absolutely no one will be able to snoop on your activity – something we loved in our VyprVPN review.

Vypr up its sleeve is the obfuscated Chameleon protocol, which is designed to evade VPN detection technology (used by China), to allow you to surf the web just as usual.

However, all that security doesn’t get in the way of day-to-day performance, and while we don’t have a selection of servers here compared to the big ones, the servers we tested performed great. There are also quite a few servers near China, so you should get decent performance – plus Vypr works just as well as a Netflix VPN in China and elsewhere.

While VyprVPN keeps pace with the best Chinese VPNs in terms of security and performance, one of the downsides is the somewhat unstable Windows client. Where other VPN services with clean, modern interfaces rarely run into problems, we had occasional issues in our testing on a Windows test machine.

However, if you stick to the recommended settings, you are not likely to encounter any problems, and the ones we did encounter were addressed fairly easily.

For those who are looking for a no-logs verified Chinese VPN that works well for a good price, VyprVPN is definitely worth a look.

Register now at VyprVPN . Site.

5. Hotspot Shield

Super fast China VPN with a number of issues


Works in China: Yes

Number of servers: 1800+

Server locations: 130+

Unblocked Streaming Sites: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu

Simultaneous connections: 5

24/7 support: Yes

Reasons to buy

+ Incredible speeds + Decent streaming power + Good value

Reasons to avoid

-No support for Amazon Prime video-Power

Not only is a VPN that performs great in countries with no internet restrictions, Hotspot Shield review found the provider to be a reliable and fast VPN for China. Boasting plenty of features, excellent speeds, and the ability to unblock most streaming services, it’s something to consider.

Hotspot Shield’s main selling point is its ability to deliver extremely fast connections. It also appears on our list of the best VPNs in the US, and its servers can deliver up to twice the speed of the competition – and the fact that Hotspot Shield has servers in China should ensure that it offers excellent speeds there too.

If all you are looking for is absolute speed, then Hotspot Shield might be the right China VPN for you. However, in terms of ease of use, it lags behind the rest, with limited hardware support – only Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux. While this might work for most people, you won’t be able to install it on your Smart TV or game console.

If you can’t prepare a plan, you can get very limited edition This Chinese VPN is free, and if you’re not sure, Hotspot Shield also offers a class-leading 45-day money-back guarantee – 50% longer than the rest on this list. If you don’t enjoy the service or no longer need it, you know what to do.

Although Hotspot Shield has its drawbacks, it is a high quality Chinese VPN, and well worth your time.

Register now at Hotspot Shield website.

Best China VPN FAQ

Do Chinese VPNs Still Work?

The short answer is yes.

The answer is usually a little longer. Most of the sites will work most of the time, but there are some that the Chinese government detects and blocks. While one site’s connection may not work, or may not specifically allow you to access Netflix, another site may.

This is a case of trial and error unless you are using a service like ExpressVPN Our experienced and up to date 24/7 customer support team should be able to direct you to the right server for your needs instantly.

Can I get a free Chinese VPN?

There are free VPN services on the market – like Hotspot Shield – but while they’re great for casual use, they all have some limitations.

Almost all of them have a daily or monthly data limit, which will cut you off when you run out of data. Some throttle speeds, while others inject ads and possibly even sell data…

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