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Can I add a VPN to my Google Chrome browser?

Can I add a VPN to my Google Chrome browser?


I’m becoming increasingly aware of privacy issues when I’m online, and since I use public wifi a lot, I really want to use a VPN. However, what I want is to be able to easily turn it on or off from within Google Chrome. Is this possible?

First, props for you to become smarter and aware of privacy issues. It’s not just the headlines, it’s a very personal issue for each of us spending our time on the internet. We cannot rely on the computer, operating system, Internet service provider, or services we use to protect our privacy. Clearly with the latest news! Instead, it’s up to each of us to figure out how to protect our privacy, and a VPN is a solid step in that direction.

If you’re not familiar with a VPN, it adds a layer of encryption to every interaction between your computer and the greater internet, which means that the wifi hotspot you’re using and the ISP offering its connection can’t see or decrypt what you’re doing, where Are you going, etc. There is a performance penalty for using a VPN, but this is usually fairly minimal with a good connection. Not only that, but you can use it with wired connections as well; Not just for Wi-Fi!

There are also a large number of VPN services available. One of my favorites, though, that I use almost every day is ExpressVPN. One of the reasons is that they really worked to make the system as fast as possible while ensuring that you enjoy the privacy that a good VPN provides. The downside is that it costs money to use it, but it’s negligible, especially compared to the cost of fixing identity theft or something like that!

As a huge bonus, ExpressVPN has an extension that allows you to control it with a single click from within the Google Chrome browser, so you never have to go back to your operating system if you’re the browser type. lets take alook…

To get started, ExpressVPN is on your menu bar on a Mac or TaskBar on Windows, ready to go. It is very easy to work with:

Note the first entry in the list, however: “Add Chrome ExtensionThis makes it easy. Install ExpressVPN as usual, then choose Add Chrome Extension to continue. You will see this:

You can guess the next step – click the blue “Quick Install” button…]]>

You can see that it is popular and it gets very good 4 star reviews for 111 reviews. I will proceed by clicking on the Add Extension button. It downloads a package with somewhat strange names:

I think everyone downloading this gets a different file name and is associated with a certain level of software encryption. Whatever the story, I’ll never have to type fgddmllnllkalaagkghc…so it’s all good. πŸ™‚

This opens the installer and installs the extension. Suddenly a new button appears on the browser toolbar and an explanatory window appears:

That’s about it. Now you can click the button to go directly to the VPN service:

I recommend you to use Smart Location (the button at the bottom left). Then click the large circular button in the middle of the shield graphic to enable ExpressVPN. Establishing a secure connection may take a few seconds…

Once the connection is made, the graphic of the button on the toolbar actually changes to show you that everything is working as it should:

And that’s all there is to it. It is very easy to work with and install Google Chrome, and as I said, I had very good experiences with it ExpressVPN And you doubt you will, too. Try it!

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