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Change password using AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Change password using AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client


Good ldap configuration on asa.

Password Policy Check

[38949] Authentication succeeded for ga-unionmadtest to

[38949] Now: Thursday, 06 June 2013 14:13:20 GMT, lastset: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 17:11:29 GMT, delta = 162111, maxage = 1248204287 secs

[38949] Expires in: 761,889 seconds, 88 days

[38949] Password Expires Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:11:29 GMT

[38949] Password expires in 88 days, minimum is 90 days




[38950] New request session, context 0x73c4b968, reqType = modify password

[38950] fiber started

[38950] Create an LDAP context using uri=ldaps:///

[38950] Connect to LDAP server: ldaps: // 636, status = successful

[38950] LDAP supported version: value = 3

[38950] LDAP supported version: value = 2

[38950] Binding like sa asa

[38950] Simple authentication for sa-asa to

[38950] LDAP search:

base dn = [DC=erdman,DC=com]

filter = [sAMAccountName=ga-unitymadtest]

range = [SUBTREE]

[38950] User’s DN = [CN=ga-UnityMADTEST,OU=Resource,OU=Accounts,OU=#Production,DC=erdman,DC=com]

[38950] Talk to Active Directory Server

[38950] Read password policy for ga-unionmadtest, dn:CN=ga-UnityMADTEST, OU=Resource, OU=Accounts, OU=#production,DC=erdman,DC=com

[38950] Read the number of bad passwords 0

[38950] Password modification for ga-unionmadtest succeeded in converting the password to unicode

Above, I can see that you prompted to change password and it didn’t work. What did you get on the VPN client side? Have you checked the LDAP event viewer logs for the corresponding results.

Jatin Katial
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~ Jatin

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