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Cisco Anyconnect could not connect to the server

Cisco Anyconnect could not connect to the server

– ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  1. Could not connect to server. Please check internet… – Cisco
  2. Cisco AnyConnect VPN circumvention methods… – Server Error
  • The Cisco Anyconnect VPN client could not establish a connection. Hi, I am trying to connect to my university licensing server. I am using “Cisco Anyconnect VPN”, but when.
  • So I cant remote control with this. After some research, I came across this well-known Cisco bug which would make sense because my AnyConnect was also updated from 4.3 to 4.4 but it didn’t happen either, since my friends at work got it working a couple of days ago. Any help would be appreciated, kinda urgent since I told the potential client I would be working 3.

an introduction

This document describes the Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client’s restricted gateway discovery feature and its requirements for it to function properly. Many wireless hotspots in hotels, restaurants, airports, and other public places use restricted gateways in order to prevent user access to the Internet. They redirect HTTP requests to their websites that require users to enter their credentials or to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the hotspot host.

The problem is that every time I tried to connect via the Cisco AnyConnect client, it kept looping and it never connected. The fix is โ€‹โ€‹actually quite simple, go to Network Connections from the Control Panel, right-click on Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility Client Connection, and choose Properties. 3) Go to: C: Users Username AppData Local Cisco Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4) Delete preferences.xml 5) Right click on Cisco icon in system tray and quit Cisco AnyConnect 6) Run VPN after deleting everything put vpn in the server window and use your NetID and password to log in via the “Split Tunnel” profile.

Basic requirements


Cisco recommends that you have familiarity with the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

Ingredients used

The information in this document is based on these software versions:

  • AnyConnect version 3.1.04072
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 9.1.2

The information in this document was generated from devices in a specific laboratory environment. All devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is active, make sure you understand the potential impact of any command.

Basic information

Many facilities that provide Wi-Fi and wired access, such as airports, cafes, and hotels, require users to pay before arrival, agree to be bound by an acceptable usage policy, or both. These utilities use a technology called captive gateway to prevent applications from connecting until users open a browser and accept the access terms.

Restricted gate processing requirements

Support for captive gateway discovery and processing requires one of these licenses:

  • AnyConnect Premium (SSL VPN version)
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility

You may use a Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility license to provide support for captive gateway discovery and processing in conjunction with any AnyConnect Essentials or AnyConnect Premium license.

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Noticeable: Captive portal detection and handling is supported on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X operating systems supported by the version of AnyConnect in use.

Detection of hotspot in the restricted gate

AnyConnect displays a file Unable to connect to VPN server A message on the GUI if the connection could not be made, no matter what. The VPN server defines the secure gateway. If Always-on is enabled and the captive gateway is not present, the client continues to try to connect to the VPN and updates the status message accordingly.

If Always-on VPN is enabled, the connection failure policy is closed, captive gateway processing is disabled, and AnyConnect detects a captive gateway, then the AnyConnect GUI displays this message once per connection and once per reconnection:

If AnyConnect detects a captive gateway and the AnyConnect configuration is different from that described previously, the AnyConnect GUI displays this message once per connection and once per reconnection:

caution: Captive Gateway Detection is enabled by default and is not configurable. AnyConnect does not modify any browser configuration settings while the captive portal is detected.

Handling restricted entrance hotspots

Captive gateway processing is the process in which you fulfill the requirements of a captive gateway access point in order to access the network.

AnyConnect does not handle the captive portal; Depends on the end user to perform the repair.

In order to perform captive gateway processing, the end user fulfills the requirements of the hotspot provider. These requirements may include paying a fee to access the network, signing an Acceptable Use Policy, or both, or some other requirement specified by the Provider.

Restricted gateway handling must be allowed explicitly in the AnyConnect VPN client profile if AnyConnect Always-on is enabled and the connection failure policy is set to Closed. If Always-on is enabled and the Connect Failure policy is set to Open, you do not need to explicitly allow captive gateway processing in the AnyConnect VPN client profile because the user is not restricted from accessing the network.

Wrong detection of a restricted gate

AnyConnect can incorrectly assume that it is in a restricted gateway in these situations.

  • If AnyConnect attempts to connect to the ASA with a certificate containing an incorrect server name (CN), the AnyConnect client will think it is in a restricted gateway environment.
    To prevent this problem, make sure that the ASA certificate is configured correctly. The CN value in the certificate must match the name of the ASA server in the VPN client profile.
  • If another machine on the network before the ASA responds to the client’s attempt to connect to the ASA by blocking HTTPS access to the ASA, the AnyConnect client will think it is in a restricted gateway environment. This situation can occur when the user is on an internal network and connects through a firewall in order to communicate with the ASA.
    If you must restrict access to ASA from within the company, configure your firewall so that HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the ASA address does not return an HTTP status. HTTP/HTTPS access to the ASA must either be allowed or completely blocked (also known as black-holed) in order to ensure that HTTP/HTTPS requests sent to the ASA will not return an unexpected response.
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AnyConnect’s behavior

This section describes how AnyConnect behaves.

  1. AnyConnect attempts an HTTPS test for the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) specified in the XML profile.
  2. If there is a certificate error (Untrusted/False FQDN), AnyConnect will attempt to test HTTP to the FQDN specified in the XML profile. If there is any response other than HTTP 302, it considers itself behind a captive gateway.

Improperly restricted gate detected with IKEV2

When trying to connect Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) to an ASA with SSL authentication disabled running the Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) portal on port 443, an HTTPS scan performed to detect the captive portal results in a redirect to the ASDM port (/admin/public/index.html). Since this was not expected by the client, it appears to be a captive gateway redirect, and the connection attempt is blocked because it appears that captive gateway processing is required.


If you encounter this problem, here are some solutions:

  • Remove HTTP commands on that interface so that ASA is not listening for HTTP connections on the interface.
  • Remove the SSL trust point on the interface.
  • Activate IKEV2 customer services.
  • Enable WebVPN on the interface.

This issue has been resolved by Cisco Error ID CSCud17825 in version 3.1 (3103).

caution: The same problem exists for Cisco IOSยฎ routers. if http server Enabled on Cisco IOS, which is required if using the same box as the PKI server, AnyConnect falsely detects the captive gateway. The solution is to use IP HTTP Access Class Stops responses to AnyConnect HTTP requests, instead of asking for authentication.

Could not connect to server. Please check internet… – Cisco

Disable the restricted portal feature

It is possible to disable the captive gateway feature in AnyConnect client version 4.2.00096 and later (see Cisco Error ID CSCud97386). The administrator can specify whether the option should be configurable or disabled by the user. This option is available under the Preferences (Part 1) section of the profile editor. Administrator can choose Disable captive gate detection or user control As shown in this profile editor snapshot:

If User Control capability is selected, a checkbox appears on the Preferences tab of the AnyConnect Secure Mobility client user interface as shown here:


The goal of this document is to show basic troubleshooting steps for some common errors in the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. When installing Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, errors may occur and troubleshooting may be required for a successful setup.

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Note that the errors discussed in this document are not an exhaustive list and vary depending on the hardware configuration used.

For additional information about licensing AnyConnect on RV340 Series routers, see the article AnyConnect Licensing for RV340 Series Routers.

Software version

Basic troubleshooting of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client errors

Noticeable: Before attempting troubleshooting, it is recommended that you gather some important information first about your system that may be required during the troubleshooting process. To learn how, click here.

1. Problem: Network Access Manager failed to recognize the wired adapter.

The solution: Try disconnecting and reinserting the network cable. If that doesn’t work, you may have a link problem. Network Access Manager may not be able to determine the correct link state for your adapter. Check the connection properties of the network interface card (NIC) driver. You may have the “Wait for Link” option in the advanced panel. When setup is on, the wired NIC driver initialization code waits for the auto-negotiation to complete and then determines whether the link exists.

2. Problem: When AnyConnect tries to establish a connection, it successfully authenticates and builds an SSL session, but then the AnyConnect client crashes in vpndownloader if Label Switch Path (LSP) or NOD32 Antivirus is used.

The solution: Remove the Internet Monitor component in version 2.7 and upgrade to ESET NOD32 AV version 3.0.

3. Problem: If you use AT&T Dialer, the client operating system sometimes encounters a blue screen, which creates a small dump file.

The solution: Upgrade to the latest version 7.6.2 of the AT&T Global Network Client.

4. Problem: When using McAfee Firewall 5, a Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) UDP connection cannot be established.

The solution: In the McAfee Firewall center console, choose Advanced Tasks > Advanced Options and Recording and uncheck Automatically block incoming parts check box in McAfee Firewall.

5. Problem: Connection failed due to lack of credentials.

The solution: A third-party load balancer does not have insight into the load on Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) devices. Since ASA’s load balancing function is smart enough to evenly distribute the VPN load across devices, it is recommended that you use internal ASA load balancing instead.

6. Problem: AnyConnect client download fails and the following error message appears:

The solution: Download patch update to version to solve all dll issues.

7. Problem: If you are using Bonjour Printing Services, AnyConnect event logs indicate failure to determine the IP forwarding table.

The solution: Disable the Bonjour print service by typing net stop “morning service” at the command prompt. A new version of mDNSResponder ( has been produced by Apple. To solve this…

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