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Configure OpenVPN / NordVPN on Nvidia Shield TV / Android TV using the Native TV app

Configure OpenVPN / NordVPN on Nvidia Shield TV / Android TV using the Native TV app


This guide shows you how to set up NordVPN (or another OpenVPN provider) on your Android TV like Nvidia Shield TV using a native app that works via the remote control.

Some providers already provide Native TV app, but most don’t offer this really annoying app. If you want to use their apps, you have to download the APK file downloaded from an external source and then deal with using a keyboard/mouse to simulate a touch screen interface which is not quite perfect on the Android TV/Nvidia Shield TV in the living room where the controller is tilted Remote / console to use.

I found this solution which I use in detail below to provide an easy to use remote interface, while getting all the benefits of a VPN.

If you haven’t gotten a provider yet, I highly recommend NordVPN. If you use coupon code “2YDeal2017” you can get 2 years service for only $79.99 which is a massive steal. I chose NordVPN due to its no-logs policy, it’s US Netflix friendly as well as P2P friendly while operating out of Panama which means DMCA and Blocking Streams don’t happen.

To get started, launch the Google Play Store on Android TV and search for the app: OpenVPN for Android like:

It’s completely free which is great!

Once installed, it will appear as a native tile on your Android TV Box:

Open it and then click “Import” shown below:

This is where you will need the OpenVPN configuration files. Most of the providers will provide this VPN service on their website. If you are using NordVPN, you can download it from:

OpenVPN configuration files

Download and place them on your Android TV either via USB Stick, SD card, external media, or using one of the many file importers available on Android to get them on your original file system.

Once done, navigate to them in the OpenVPN Android TV client and import them by selecting them as follows:

Once imported, you will then need to enter your provider’s username and password; This is because the files you download are public and not linked to your account. You can do this by selecting the “pencil” icon next to your provider on the home screen.

And that’s all there is to it! You can import as many as you want (so for me, I put some in the UK, US, and the Netherlands, so I can move between regions as needed). One of the other tweaks I would recommend is once you know it’s working, I recommend in the settings to turn off “Open Login Connection” that way the app will still be quite neat and won’t fire a lot of texts that you need to close every time the connection is made.

Now you are ready to go ahead and enjoy Netflix US or use many great Kodi plugins without censorship or bans from the likes of the English Premier League. The best thing about this is that once set up it’s very easy to switch between all of them from your remote, which is not technical so I’ve taught the whole family how to do it and they don’t struggle anymore. The connections also keep the device going to sleep and wake up back up so you can permanently enable VPN connections if you wish.

Other notes I’ve found, local connections still work perfectly, so if you have a network tuner or Plex box, you can connect directly to them over the LAN while connected to the VPN, network shares etc. will continue to work. Then if you connect to remote sites or devices, the VPN will be used.

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