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Develop a VPN Application in Java with Android Studio | by Jayan Korobio

by Jayan Korobio


“ads”: “correct”,
“to update”:[
“title”:”This app is now Open Source”,
“description”:”The App is available at”,
“id”:0, “app”:””,
“id”:1, “app”:”com.utorrent.client”,
“id”:2, “app”:”com.torrent.client”,
“id”:3, “app”:”com.tor.client”,
“id”:4, “app”:”com.insta.client”,
“id”:5, “app”:”com.facebook.client”,
“id”:6, “app”:”com.get.client”
“id”:0, “file”:0, “city”:”Essen”,”country”:”Germany”,”image”:”germany”,”ip”:”″,”active”:”true”,”signal”:”a”,
“id”:1, “file”:0, “city”:”Hamburg”,”country”:”Germany”,”image”:”germany”,”ip”:”″,”active”:”true”,”signal”:”b”,
“id”:2, “file”:1, “city”:”Los Angeles CA”,”country”:”United States”,”image”:”unitedstates”,”ip”:”″,”active”:”true”,”signal”:”c”

  1. the matrix to update Three values. Version is a string value and is the latest version of the application. When the session is started, the application checks if a file Version The value is equal to the version of the application. If the values ​​do not match each other, the update view will appear. Value nicknameAnd DescribeAnd And size are the values ​​displayed in the update view.
  2. the matrix prevented Contains JSON objects with values Identification card And Package name. You can add apps like Torrent to avoid peer-to-peer file sharing which is often abused by downloading digital media.
  3. the matrix Free It has server names values. the value city Displays the server name and value picture It is the name of science. the value Signal is the signal strength value.

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