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Do VPN Apps Log Your Search History: A Guide to Using a VPN Safely

Do VPN Apps Log Your Search History: A Guide to Using a VPN Safely

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The more time you spend on the Internet, the more difficult it can be to maintain your anonymity. Furthermore, people are starting to realize how often they provide personal information without even knowing it. Fortunately, in the past couple of years, people have started using different apps to protect their privacy online. One of them is a VPN. However, another thing people are starting to wonder about is: Do VPN apps record your search history?

In this article, we will talk about VPN and its most important features. These features should help you understand how well you are protected while online and points to consider before getting a VPN.


  1. Introduction to VPN
  2. How does a VPN actually work
  3. Do VPN apps log your search history
  4. Know the limits before you start using a VPN
  5. Things to consider before using a VPN
  6. Conclusion: Get a VPN

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Introduction to VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a form of online communication that provides adequate protection for the user and their data. The primary goal of using a VPN app is to reduce the amount of information an individual shares and protect their identity and privacy. More importantly, a VPN allows users to create an internet connection to multiple servers around the world, thus helping the user to protect their private information.

The collection of private information and monitoring is one of the biggest problems that many users face today. For example, your ISP or ISP monitors your search and download history and website. Using your IP address, they can also determine the exact location you are in. Fortunately, with a VPN, you can avoid all these risks and enjoy what the Internet has to offer without fearing for your safety. But, do VPN apps actually log your search history? Well, the answer to that is not as straightforward as you think.

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How does a VPN actually work

Using encryption protocols and a virtual IP address, this VPN app allows you to connect to any website in the world. After doing that, it will not send information from your IP address, thus masking your online activities. By creating a single network shared between the user’s machine and the virtual server, the VPN app prevents any third party from knowing what internet traffic is being sent. This helps keep the information you submit private.

Most importantly, your online activity will not be shown to anyone who may track you. This helps prevent cybercriminals from stealing your information as well as stop tracking from your ISP or the government. Moreover, by changing your IP address, you will be able to load websites from the country where your virtual address belongs and bypass any censored or blocked content.

Do VPN apps log your search history

The first and most important rule of a VPN is that it should give you adequate protection while connected to the Internet. However, it is possible that your VPN app will not log your internet searches. However, this may vary from provider to provider and what you do online. for example:

  • VPN will hide your activity from your ISP: Since the application uses encryption protocols and hides your real IP address, you can be sure that your activities will not be seen by your ISP. The information you send, when not using a VPN, travels through your router and to your ISP’s server. When you use a VPN, your ISP will only see the virtual server you’re routing traffic from, protecting your real identity.
  • VPN partially hides your activity from search engines: Another way you can leak private information is to use a search engine while logged in. This way, the search engine will automatically identify and tag your activities in your account and the search can be tracked back to you. Since search engines usually use sophisticated tracking technologies, it is difficult to completely hide your online activities.
  • VPN can’t hide your browser history: This is due to the fact that the VPN does not interfere with other application processes. For this reason, you should always delete your browsing history manually, even if you have a VPN turned on. However, you can also use the VPN in incognito mode. Incognito mode does not store any browsing history and if you combine it with a VPN, you will be more secure.
  • A VPN cannot hide your history from your employer: If you work for a company that uses a VPN, know that your employer can implement a logging protocol to track which websites employees use.

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Know the limits before you start using a VPN

When you ask “Do VPN apps record search history?” You should be aware that a VPN is something you use when you are connected to the Internet. With that said, it can’t interfere with other apps that you have and thus may not provide adequate protection at certain times or situations. However, you can always choose a VPN browser which may add extra protection when connected to the internet. It may be able to change your IP address and encrypt your data but it cannot hide your logged in account from a search engine or email site.

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Things to consider before using a VPN

There is no doubt that a VPN is a useful tool that protects our privacy from cybercriminals. So if you are looking for a good VPN service, you should consider these features:

  • No-logs Policy: A no-logs policy is something a VPN provider offers to its customers. This means that the VPN app, as well as the provider, will not track any online activity on their servers. Therefore, as soon as you close the browser, you will lose all the information collected. This is a good way to protect you from potential data and privacy leaks every time you go online.
  • Connection speed: A slow connection when using a VPN can be annoying. Most VPN providers with high encryption protocols slow down browsing speeds due to network packets being routed through servers.

Conclusion: Get a VPN

A faster connection may mean that you will get less protection. So, before you choose a VPN app, you should weigh your options and see what fits your needs best. We suggest following a no-logs policy as it is a good precaution. Also remember that free VPN apps are less secure. If you don’t pay, you are the product.

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