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Does my ISP see my VPN search history?

Does my ISP see my VPN search history?


We live in a dangerous online world where people can misuse your online information for their own gain. The same applies to ISPs as they can keep a record of your browsing data without your consent.

In this post, we will find out if your ISP can see your search logs despite using a VPN or not.

Can my ISP see my search history with a VPN?

ISPs can detect if you are using a VPN service. But they cannot track your browsing logs when using a VPN. However, your web browsing tasks, including websites you visited for official purposes, can be accessed by your employer when connected to the best VPN service.

Conversely, your chosen VPN service may notice what you’re doing across the web. This means that they can collect a log of your web browsing activities that are done using a VPN connection.

Therefore, you should look for various features like no-logs policy, DNS leak prevention, IP leak protection, kill switch, etc., when choosing a reliable VPN service. Thus, your ISPs will not be able to track your online tasks when using a VPN.

Why do ISPs record users’ online activities?

ISPs know a lot of the things you do online like your internet searches, what web pages you’ve visited, what you’ve downloaded, etc. Likewise, they can record your online activities as they are required to comply with local data retention laws in force in different countries.

Moreover, they can even sell your important information to outside advertisers to make ends meet. Likewise, they are required to keep users’ data for 3 months in the US where they are required by law.

Internet service providers store their users’ data online to throttle their internet connection. This means that they deliberately reduce the internet connection speed of their users to manage or overcome network congestion issues.

But mostly, they do this activity to force users to subscribe to expensive internet connection packages. In addition, they monitor the tasks of online subscribers to see if they indulge in torrenting activities.

Torrenting is illegal in different countries of the world. In the event that users download copyrighted content through torrents, ISPs can send them notices of copyright infringement. As a result, they have to pay heavy fines or face imprisonment.

How can I hide my browsing history from my ISP regardless of using a VPN?

Fortunately, you can use other options that allow you to protect your browsing information from the prying eyes of ISPs. For this reason, you can consider using the TOR browser. Tor Browser provides its users with a secure web browsing experience. By doing this, you can hide your browsing history from your ISP.

However, this tool has its downsides as it will not help you to protect your IoT devices. However, TOR is still a great privacy option that you can choose to protect your online tasks from ISPs.

Moreover, you can use HTTPS browser extensions to secure the activities you do while visiting different websites. ISPs know when you visit streaming sites but can’t track TV shows or movies you’ve watched.

In short, the HTTPS browser extension helps you encrypt your communications to different sites or services. For example, HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension that you can download to your different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.


So there you are, folks. Your ISP can tell that you are connected to a VPN. It can also monitor how much data you have consumed in terms of downloads and uploads while using the VPN.

However, your ISP cannot monitor the websites you visit after connecting to a VPN server. Surprisingly enough, the VPN itself can monitor your web browsing activities. Therefore, you should prefer to use a VPN that does not store users’ data.

There is no harm in choosing a VPN service that offers features like a no-logs policy and an online kill switch. In this way, you can comprehensively protect your place on the Internet.

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