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Enable Safe Browsing in Chrome 100%

Enable Safe Browsing in Chrome 100%


Get the best free Chrome VPN in 2021 to change your IP address, unblock restricted websites, stream smoothly, and browse securely with Google Chrome VPN.

Chrome VPN People’s attention is increasingly drawn to the constant rise of Google Chrome browser to become the world’s dominant browser on the web. One of the main reasons for the need for Google Chrome VPN It is the gradual recognition of security and privacy issues on the Internet. Specifically, the sites may collect and misuse your information that you may not even know they have accessed when browsing the Internet. In addition, if you want to play, stream and socialize with Google browser, Chrome VPN is also the most feasible solution to unlock website restrictions caused by censorship in different countries.

This post shows how you can set up a file Chrome VPN Free On the Chrome browser for a secure, private and unhindered browsing experience, meanwhile, it shows common issues of using Google Chrome VPN.

What is the best VPN for Chrome

There are a lot of points you should take into consideration when choosing the best Chrome VPN. After reading countless VPN reviews and carefully comparing the features offered by different VPN providers, in terms of overall performance, advanced features, VPN location coverage, speed, security strength and, necessarily, value for your money, iTop VPN has been rated as the best Google Chrome VPN extension .

8,000,000+ Downloads

8,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of iTop VPN Free:

  • Free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Connect up to 5 devices at the same time
  • 1800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • Dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and social media

Take a look at some of its main features:

To protect your privacy and security on the Internet, iTop VPN creates an “encrypted tunnel” to send and receive traffic exclusively when browsing in Chrome browser. This means that hackers can hardly intercept your information online, let alone decrypt it. More than 1800 servers covered by iTop VPN can hide your IP address, ensuring that your private information is under great protection.

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iTop VPN can fulfill your needs if you are looking for a VPN Chrome extension for in-depth features and streaming support. It gives you full access to existing platforms, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and HBO Max for streaming; PUBG and Roblox for games; In addition to WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook and Twitter for social networking.

As the best Chrome VPN for streaming video, iTop VPN pays more attention to improving video streaming speed. It enables fast internet connection and unlimited bandwidth, which means you will have a smooth download speed of over 100Mbps.

Considering you may have more than one device, iTop VPN allows up to 5 simultaneous VPN connections, including VPN for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS devices. Not limited to Chrome VPN, it also supports major browsers like Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, IE, Vivaldi, Waterfox, Pale Moon and Chromium-Based Browser.

iTop VPN is also known for its advanced kill switch feature that can automatically cut off the local network as soon as it detects unexpected network outages or other unsecure changes.

iTop VPN offers a 100% free VPN plan with multiple servers, high speed and strong online protection, which makes it more competitive than other free Chrome VPN extensions that can only support basic functions and limited speed.

The advantages of iTop VPN go far beyond that, which will not be listed here one by one. All these features make it the best free VPN for Windows, Android, iOS and Google Chrome.

How to setup a free VPN Chrome

You have now seen the advantages of iTop VPN over other products. So how should you set it up on Google Chrome browser for safe, fast and unrestricted browsing? No worry. This part will walk you through the setup process with an intuitive step-by-step tutorial.

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Step 1: In the Google Chrome browser, type “Chrome Web Store” to search. Then open the Web Store and enter “iTop VPN” in the top left search box.

Step 2: Click on the iTop VPN result and choose “Add to Chrome”.

Step 3: Turn on iTop VPN and you can visit almost all websites and platforms from 100+ countries without revealing your personal information and online activities.


You can click the puzzle icon in the upper right corner, then select iTop VPN and click the install pin icon next to it, so that you can start the Chrome VPN directly for protection every time you use Google Chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Google Chrome VPN

Still have questions about using Google Chrome VPN? Check out this FAQ section to see what others are asking about getting a Google Chrome VPN and find answers to your doubts.

As Chrome VPN can not only protect your privacy from unwanted information being tracked, monitored, or even misused, but also gives you full access to most blocked websites and platforms with improved security and speed.

iTop Chrome VPN is a completely free plugin. But since it is completely free, the services provided will be less interesting. So, regarding free VPN vs paid VPN, you can make your decision according to your own needs.

To enable the free VPN on Chrome, all you have to do is open the Google Chrome browser to access the Google Chrome Web Store, where you can search for “iTop VPN” and add it to Chrome so you can turn it on in the top right of Chrome when you want to browse anonymously.

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The quick answer is yes.” In order to unblock websites for you and protect your data from snooping by government or data companies all the time, it is still recommended to use an app for your devices, such as VPN for Android. Moreover, since iTop VPN supports connections So many devices at once, so why waste opportunities?

iTop VPN – Private Internet Access

  • Free access to the World Wide Web
  • Hide your IP address to protect your privacy
  • Automatic lock switch to prevent data leakage

Yes. A VPN can hide all your browser activity, including your search history, bookmarks, search keywords, links clicked, and websites visited, as well as your IP address.

Unfortunately no. Google does not have any built-in VPN for Chrome. But lucky for you, you still have plenty of Chrome VPN extensions to accompany your online security.

last thoughts

With the growing awareness of how sites collect and misuse our personal information and how government agencies enhance Internet censorship, using a VPN for browsers such as Chrome VPN It is becoming more important to protect privacy. iTop VPN is an assistant that unlocks most of the blocked websites and at the same time allows you to surf the internet anonymously. Besides the free Chrome VPN add-on, iTop VPN is also available for Windows PC, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Feel free to add iTop VPN to Chrome and start browsing risk-free now!

8,000,000+ Downloads

8,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of iTop VPN Free:

  • Free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Connect up to 5 devices at the same time
  • 1800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • Dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and social media

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