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FAQ – Hola VPN

FAQ – Hola VPN


What happened to Hola Chrome extension?

On September 14, 2021, Google removed the Hola extension from the Chrome Store. Since we have no idea why this is happening, we are trying to contact Google directly.

The reason mentioned by the Chrome Store is that the extension contains malware. Make no mistake, the Hola extension does not contain malware, does not display ads and, above all, respects user privacy. In fact, as far as we know, it meets or exceeds all Chrome Store policies and guidelines. We made sure of that.

To be clear, Hola hasn’t made any substantial changes to the extension in months. The changes made were only “cosmetic” changes, such as updating graphics and text.

Users love the hola extension, and we haven’t had any complaints whatsoever. Moreover, the extension has so far enjoyed millions of users, giving it an original 5-star rating. We would like to thank all of our users for their continued support.

How can I enjoy Hola??

We are currently in contact with Google and hope to get this resolved very soon, and until then, you can select one of these options to continue enjoying Hola:

  • Install the HolaVPN desktop app for Windows or Mac.
  • Use Firefox, Edge or Opera browsers, and install the Hola extension.

We’ll, of course, keep you posted once this issue is resolved.

Do you have any ideas/suggestions? Please share it with us directly at

I am a journalist and I want to cover this story. Who can I talk to?


What is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN’s goal is to make the internet faster, more open, and cheaper to operate. Hola VPN is a Collaborative Internet (P2P) – Hola VPN works by sharing the minimum amount of its users’ resources for the benefit of everyone and for business use by Bright Data. Hola VPN offers several products based on this resource sharing technology:

  • Hola VPN Free VPN allows consumers to surf the web without restrictions using a community-supported (peer-to-peer) VPN. Hola VPN is used by over 160 million people!
  • Hola VPN’s Premium VPN expands the benefits of free VPN to more locations and more platforms, such as mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, etc. Hola VPN Premium uses a dedicated network of high-performance servers.

What virtual private network (VPN) does the community support?

Hola VPN is the first community powered Peer-to-Peer VPN, where users help other users make the web all over the world again. This means that Hola VPN routes your traffic through other peers (nodes) in the Hola VPN network, rather than through costly servers that need power. This allows Hola VPN to provide you with a superior quality VPN service at the lowest basic costs. Using real peers to route your traffic instead of proxy servers means that Hola VPN is harder to detect and block. Currently, Hola VPN operates in a mixed mode – combining traditional VPN architecture with peer-to-peer technology. The Chrome browser extension and Opera browser add-on work as a standard VPN service, and are not part of the Hola VPN peer-to-peer network

What operating systems, browsers, and devices can I use Hola VPN on?

Hola VPN can be installed as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Opera on Windows and Mac computers. Hola VPN can also be installed as an app on Android or iOS, and is available as an app (.exe) for Windows. All downloads can be accessed directly from our homepage (installation and use of Hola VPN are subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy).

Is Hola VPN Free?

Yes. We offer a free plan that offers limited daily use. Daily usage is individual for each user, so if usage exceeds the limit, we will offer you to subscribe to Hola VPN Premium.

We can offer this plan for free because of our peer-to-peer architecture. However, some users may prefer not to contribute their resources to Hola VPN and thus they can join Hola VPN Premium service, which allows you to use Hola VPN without minimum usage of your resources.

For commercial use of agents worldwide, we recommend the Bright Data service.

on Hola VPN Premium Subscription:

  • Check our premium page for a list of available subscriptions, with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy
  • Help fund our efforts to make the internet better!
  • You are never used as peer
  • You can use your Premium Membership on up to 10 devices by logging into on each platform (You must be logged in to for Premium membership to take effect)
  • Subscribe to Hola VPN Premium here

How does Hola technology work?

Hola uses a number of different technologies.

All clients are connected to our standard data center proxy servers using https or IKEv2 proxy. Once the request reaches the proxy server, the user is sent in one of three directions:

  1. directly to the agent itself
  2. Routed internally to a different data center
  3. Sent to our P2P network

We have an in-house algorithm to determine the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective route – all based on customer needs.

The fact is that Hola VPN uses P2P technology which gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. However, our job is to access any site. Therefore, in many cases, the P2P option is not the best path, for example on websites like websites.

The free version of Hola only accesses sites, while a subscription to Hola Premium is required for safe browsing and unparalleled security.

If you find a site not working, please let us know and we will fix it quickly.

How is Hola VPN Free?

Your use of Hola Free VPN Proxy is free in exchange for the secure use of some of your device’s resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when you are not using your device. You can stop this by joining Hola VPN Premium. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

How much bandwidth do we use?

For desktop users, we use less than 100MB per day. For mobile users, it is about 3 megabytes per day. We think this is a fair trade for a free VPN.

Please also note that Hola VPN does not display ads or sell information. Moreover, only free users can install our browser extension. In this case, they are not part of the P2P network and do not contribute any resources.

Why don’t we sell ads?

Our vision at Hola VPN is to make the web broad again, by allowing users to surf the internet freely & mbash; No censorship, no geographic restrictions, no blocking.
We designed Hola VPN in a whole new way – as the world’s first (and only) peer-to-peer VPN, where every user in our community shares a small portion of their resources for the benefit of the network, so Hola VPN can be ad-free.
Hola VPN generates revenue by providing businesses with the same VPN service we offer users, but for a fee. This enables us to make Hola VPN free, and keep it free forever!

Is Hola VPN Using My Bandwidth?

Like any P2P network, Hola VPN is a “value exchange” network – you get Hola VPN for free (on PC, Mac, or Android), and in return you provide a certain amount of network and processing power when your computer is not in use. This is similar to Skype and other P2P services. To provide you with its functionality, Hola VPN sometimes needs to route your services through your peers (others’ devices) on the Hola VPN network. In turn, some of their traffic is also routed through your device. They cannot access your device, they are only routed through it. Hola VPN is free on PC, Mac and Android only for non-commercial users. For commercial use by companies, Hola VPN provides similar routing functions through Hola VPN for a fee. This is how Hola VPN generates its revenue. The amount of traffic that Hola VPN passes through a peer on its network per day is on average less than 20 seconds of a YouTube clip. Hola VPN premium users pay a monthly subscription and in return they only use the network and don’t contribute to it with minimal device resources.

Can I use Hola VPN and not be a peer contributing to the community?

Yes, consumers can only pay a fee to use Hola VPN, but they cannot contribute their unused network resources. This means that you will be using Hola VPN like any other paid VPN service. Subscribe to Hola VPN Premium here

How can Hola VPN be free?

VPNs have been around for nearly as long as the Internet. VPN companies need to set up and maintain servers in different countries. These servers are then used to route your traffic in order to change your IP. Additionally, these VPN companies need to pay the bandwidth bills for their users’ traffic. This is very expensive. This built-in cost, along with any company’s need to make a profit, makes a traditional VPN service very expensive for the end user (usually around $10 per month).

Hola VPN has built a peer-to-peer overlay network for HTTP, which routes the sites of your choice through other Hola VPN users’ devices and not through expensive servers. Users who participate in the Peer Community agree to contribute their device resources to the Network. Hola VPN takes minimal resources from these users’ devices. This makes Hola VPN the first VPN service with few basic operating costs. Users who want to enjoy Hola VPN without contributing minimum device resources can do so by joining Hola VPN Premium.

How can Hola VPN offer products for free and without ads?

Like any P2P network, Hola VPN is a “value exchange” network – you get the service for free, in exchange for minimal network and processing power.

The amount of traffic that Hola VPN passes through a peer on its network per day is on average less than 20 seconds of a YouTube clip.

Does Hola swap people’s IP addresses?

Hola is an “IP Exchange Network” through which users can open all global websites. This is the main feature of Hola as advertised on our website and multiple publications since 2012 when we started.

Hola VPN may be seen as a VPN comparable to Airbnb in the hotel industry – while traditional VPNs must have expensive servers (real estate) and therefore charge high VPN fees, Hola is an “IP exchange network” where People provide their IP address in exchange for using other people’s IP addresses. Much like where Airbnb can offer more locations at a lower cost due to its network, Hola VPN can offer more IP locations and cost a lot less by doing the same for IP addresses.

This patented technology has made Hola the only VPN that has been able to serve over 250,000,000 people so far with a free VPN, which would otherwise have been too expensive for any company to provide. With so many IP locations, Hola is the most revocable service, allowing people in countries with internet censorship to see the internet as it exists.

Is it safe?

Hola explains on its website that it uses technology to catch potentially harmful uses of its network, and that we Act Keep records and any malicious use will be reported to the authorities. Perhaps it is these measures that make Hola a less attractive VPN for people who have malicious or illegal intent to use it. They much prefer other VPNs that promise no logs (wink in their point of view about illegal uses of their network).

During our more than 8 years of existence and over 250 million users, as far as we know, not a single user was suspected (less expensive) of illegal use as a result of another user’s actions.

How does Hola VPN make money?

We keep Hola VPN free for PC by selling the same VPN service you use for businesses.

Hola VPN works because it is a peer-to-peer network – you are using the network and contributing to the network. To provide this service at no charge to our community, Hola VPN charges authorized companies for use of the network. For Hola VPN users who do not want to be a peer in this network, we offer Hola VPN Premium, which allows you to use only the network, but not part of it

Hola VPN keeps your information private and does not pass it on to any third party. Consumers are used to owning the internet…

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