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Free VPN for Mac | Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN

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Companies log your browsing history to show you personalized ads; States may restrict access to social media networks; Websites can restrict access to their streaming services for movies, TV shows, and sporting events; And cybercriminals may try to steal your private data.

You can prevent all this with Avira Phantom VPN, the best VPN software for Mac.

How does this free Mac VPN software work?

Start the VPN client for Mac, select the server location you want to connect to and surf the Internet through an encrypted tunnel. All data is sent and received anonymously and secured with military-grade security. The outside world only sees your virtual IP address through the specified VPN server location. You are a ghost on the Internet.

The advantages of surfing the Internet with our free Mac VPN

  • Browse anonymously and avoid tracking
    If you prefer browsing anonymously and don’t allow companies to track your activity, you need to activate your VPN connection. This way companies will not be able to create a profile for you and will not be able, for example, to show you many ads tailored to you. Even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not know which sites you have visited. We do not store any data about you, so no authority can ask us for any information. By using our best VPN Mac client software, you benefit from 30 years of experience in “Made in Germany” computer security. Leave minimal traces and hide your real IP address.
  • Contact military grade security
    Cybercriminals try many different methods to steal your personal data such as passwords and banking information. You are especially at risk in public places such as hotels, bars and restaurants. With an active VPN connection through Avira Phantom VPN, all incoming and outgoing data is secured by encryption.
  • Watch your favorite shows wherever you are
    Many websites restrict access to their content based on your geographical location. Movie lovers and gamers in particular can access blocked content using their Mac VPN connection. Use the best VPN for Mac to listen to any music you want without restrictions, access censored websites like social media sites and change your virtual location in order to find cheaper deals like airline tickets.
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Download the best VPN for Mac for free

Download now for free and surf the internet securely and anonymously with 500MB/month of data. Your data is encrypted, you can surf the internet with a virtual IP address, and take advantage of DNS leak prevention. Register now for free to upgrade to 1GB/month data volume. For unlimited volume with access to all 36 server locations worldwide, buy Avira Phantom VPN Pro – changing your virtual location is always just 2 clicks away. Our Pro version comes with extra security like a kill switch, so once the connection is unsecured, all data is blocked.

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