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Google Cloud Platform – Site-to-Site VPN on GCP with Strongswan

Google Cloud Platform – Site-to-Site VPN on GCP with Strongswan


I installed strongswan VPN on my GCP Compute (Ubuntu 20.04) drive with reference to -ubuntu-20-04

I have 3 different projects and have tunneled everyone from Strongswan VPN Compute Engine.

Below is the ipsec.conf file

conn strongswan-to-ops ikelifetime = 600m #36,000s keylife = 180m #10,800s rekeymargin = 3m keyingtries = 3 keyexchange = ikev2 mobike = no ike = chacha20poly1305-sha512-curve25519-prfsha512, aes256gcm16-cha5sha123 -modp1024, aes128-sha1-modp1024, 3des-sha1-modp1024! esp = chacha20poly1305-sha512, aes256gcm16-ecp384, aes256-sha256, aes256-sha1,3des-sha1! authby = psk left = # if NAT is set on the internal IP, eg leftid = leftsubnet = / 24 leftauth = psk right =[gateway IP]
right =[gateway IP]
rightsubnet = / 16 rightauth = psk type = tunnel auto = start dpdaction = restart

Show IPsec status

Safety couplings (2 up, 0 connected): strongswan-to-ops[4]: ESTABLISHED 46 minutes ago, strongswan-to-ops 3: INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 2, ESP in UDP SPIs: c233fb9c_i 17261c13_o strongswan-to-ops 3: === 16

But still unable to access other HTTP server/virtual machine in other projects

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