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Internet VPN 2021 Review: Is it Worth Your Money? VPN 2021 Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

-πŸ–₯️- is a small Malaysian VPN service provider. It’s one of the few with a decent (albeit limited) free version available to everyone. With it, you can choose from several sites while having DNS leak protection and a kill switch. You can even use the free version of for torrenting activities.

This raises the question: Does it make sense to become a paid user when you get the basic app for free? This is something I will try to find out in this VPN review. I will go With their speeds, features, security options, pricing, and customer support experience So there is no need for that. Here’s what you should know.


4.0 β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

nation: Malaysia
records: no records
the price: From $2.96/month
supports: Knowledge base, FAQ, email and 24/7 live chat
Locations: 46 countries
torrent: Yes
Netflix: Yes
Current deal: Buy at 77% off (+2TB of cloud storage for free!)

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Speed ​​Performance: Is VPN Fast?

Our approach takes the base speeds of our test unit and compares them to the speeds we get after connecting to different sites using different tunneling protocols. VPN doesn’t look too bad in this regard. On most sites, you will get reliable connections. With some tunneling protocols, you can also expect fast speeds, especially if you choose a nearby location.

  • Baseline (without VPN): Download 1ms / 300Mbps / Upload 300Mbps
United States (New York) 111 140 146
United States (Florida) 132 142 145
United States (Los Angeles) 173 138 121
United kingdom 40 156 233
Germany 39 239 291
Japan 301 137 61
Singapore 212 170 66
Australia 306 187 44
Lithuania 5 290 300
India 232 173 188
Brazil 246 188 211

In general, SoftEther and Wireguard will be the fastest options. Here are their averages across 10 sites:

  • IKEv2: 168/46
  • SoftEther: 218/163
  • OpenVPN (UDP): 73/79
  • OpenVPN (TCP): 50/49

On average, the download IKEv2 Drop speed only 44%, while downloads struggle a bit more – 84%. It should be noted that the loading rate was significantly improved by the sharp rise in Lithuania. If you choose a remote site, the loading rates will get you massive results.

average SoftEther Download speeds only decreased by Ψ¨Ω†Ψ³Ψ¨Ψ© 27%, so it can compete in the same category as NordLynx and ExpressVPN’s Lightway (it’s worth noting that the encryption won’t be as strong). Meanwhile, average upload speeds take a bigger hit, but it’s still within a comfortable margin – 45%. It’s a pleasant surprise.

OpenVPN is faster UDP variable It performs slightly less than we would expect from this tunneling protocol. Average download speeds drop 75% During download hit a 73% Drop. Although the scores are not impressive per se, they are quite consistent even in remote locations.

in a TCP Mode, the speeds drop further, but the consistency is still there. Both in the average download and upload speed, the file Regression rate 83%. Therefore, it is not very different from UDP degrees. This means that you can use the more secure variant of TCP and get performance similar to UDP mode. The main conclusion is that UDP is usually much faster.

Wireguard It is the crown jewel of the VPN tunneling protocol suite. Low average download speed only 40%. In contrast, download speeds decrease by 45%. Therefore, it is not much different from SoftEther, which is not focused on cryptography. This means that with WireGuard, you don’t sacrifice your security but you get incredible speeds.

Unfortunately, SSTP didn’t work, so I don’t have speed test scores. However, as a whole made a good impression. They have viable options whether you need faster or more secure tunneling protocols. The speeds are also consistent with not being too slow in other locations.

Streaming: Does VPN Work With Netflix?

Watching videos online is one of the best ways to use your bandwidth. Although a large amount of content is available globally, you may encounter websites that refuse to cooperate if your IP address is not from the whitelisted countries. This is where a VPN is invaluable – bypassing all these restrictions.

Netflix βœ”οΈ With the American Library
BBC iPlayer βœ”οΈ
Youtube βœ”οΈ
dazn βœ”οΈ

Netflix It keeps a large amount of TV series and movies available exclusively to US viewers. However, with VPN, I was successfully able to access the entire library. I Never had any loading or caching issuesAnd the overall experience went smoothly.

For UK citizens feeling homesick, there is BBC iPlayer. VPN works well with the British streaming platform – no bugs encountered. The same applies to VPN easily unblocks geo-restricted videos.

It was the real test dazn. It is one of the hardest sports streaming services to unblock. During our tests, only a few VPNs were able to do this. However, VPN is also DAZN is unblocked, giving full access to content that would not otherwise be available.

In short, VPN has a great line of streaming services. In addition, in your Quick Access menu you will quickly be able to find servers optimized for Disney +, RAI and others. Therefore, you will likely be able to unblock more of them.

Does allow torrenting? VPN Torrenting is allowed and does not throttle any kind of traffic. So, if you are looking for a service for torrenting activities, it is definitely an option. In our tests, speeds were very good. The highest I got was ~ 17 Mbps (136 Mbps). Speeds depend on many factors, including the number of seeding, so your performance may vary. VPN Features

offside guard

Stealth Guard is a unique VPN feature that works as a file Combination of key lock and split tunneling. You can choose the apps or your entire internet connection and select the apps that will only work with the VPN enabled. Therefore, it extends beyond split tunneling, as in cases where the connection between your device and the VPN server breaks, the selected apps will also be shut down.

To put this feature into perspective, imagine that you are torrenting, and your VPN connection drops. If you add your torrent app to Stealth Guard, not only will your internet connection stop, but your torrent client will also shut down.

5 . socks

Unlike other VPN service providers, SOCKS5 proxy does not disconnect from VPN connection. So, to use it, you must be connected via a VPN. It limits potential usage scenarios, but also solves one of the inherent problems of SOCKS5 proxy.

Normally, SOCKS5 does not add any encryption – it only routes your connection through an intermediary VPN server. However, adding a condition to use SOCKS5 enforces the security of your connection.

In addition, you are not required to provide authentication when connecting to the server, because it is already created during the VPN connection.

IPv6 network

The Internet mostly runs on Internet Protocol version 4, which carries the imminent certainty of IPv4 addresses becoming obsolete at some point. So, to prepare for the future, VPN is already IPv6 compatible. A newer and more advanced standard.

When connecting to VPN servers, All of them have IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility. Keep in mind that the VPN connection itself is based on IPv4, which is additionally encrypted. However, when you are connected to a VPN server, you can access IPv6 addresses and possibly faster download speeds for all outgoing connections.

VPN Cascade

If you are looking for multi hop VPN functionality or double VPN functionality (connecting through 2 or more VPN servers instead of 1), this is VPNs version of it. Although unlike most competitors, VPN is not included in the apps. So, setup will not be as easy as you are used to.

You will need to set up one connection by going to the app and connecting to the server. And then, depending on your device, You will have to add a manual connection. So, it is a rather heavy duty solution.

Unfortunately, despite high hopes, it didn’t work out for me. I tested the suggested configuration for them (available in their manuals), which resulted in a loss of internet connection. In my case, the only way to use the Multi-hop functionality with was to set up a connection on a router, and then connect via the app as well.

Shipping Port

Port forwarding can be a risky business, so VPN developers have chosen the most secure option Universal Plug and Play Instead of going with static port forwarding. It’s better because it only sets the network port when an app requests it, rather than keeping it open at all times. In addition, it will not ask for a specific IP address, which can be counterproductive if you use a VPN to hide your identity.

You can set it up per device level instead of allowing UPnP globally. This also reduces the risk of getting burned later. This does not mean that this variant is immune to common UPnP, but it does appear that VPN is making an effort to mitigate potential threats. However, it means that torrenting is not impossible with this service.

static IP

Contrary to what you might think, a static IP address here does not refer to a static IP address, which is usually sold separately and gives you your unique IP address. Instead, a static IP address is like a file Reserve an IP on a public VPN server.

So, every time you connect to the same VPN server, you will get the same IP address. Although the service acknowledges that if the server is experiencing a heavier load, an IP address can also be assigned to someone else.

However, keep in mind that the feature will not work for web hosting, as it has restricted some ports.

Is VPN Safe? VPN is a secure VPN service. They use crypto standards that are on par with what the market leaders use. Also, their privacy and transparency policies place the anonymity of their users above anything else.


As I mentioned before, when you connect to VPN servers, your connection is encrypted. If someone decided to start monitoring your network, all they would see would be incomprehensible nonsense. is using the . file AES-256-CBC encryption to ensure that this is the case. Many secure VPNs use the same method to secure your connection, so this service is no exception.

When authenticating, your login and password are also mixed up, just like your connection. For this purpose, you use the service SHA-256 ciphers. Therefore, their servers only store hashed versions of your credentials, which are impossible to reverse engineer.

Although this is the standard encryption among VPN providers, it is the standard for a reason. It will keep you safe when browsing the web.

Tunneling protocols

Encryption is usually not something you can modify when using a VPN service. What you can choose, however, are tunneling protocols. It may give some advantages that may be very useful in some cases.

Wireguard One of the newer and faster ascending tunnel protocols. It uses fewer lines of code, and provides great speed. So, recently it has become a mark of honor for VPN service providers to make it available.

IKEv2 An old protocol, still widely used due to its wide compatibility. It also easily switches between wifi and mobile networks without interrupting your connection, which makes it great for phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) – An open source VPN tunneling protocol, which to this day is one of the most secure and stable, especially in TCP mode. While UDP sacrifices some cycles of integration checks to make it a bit faster, it is therefore more error-prone.

SoftEther Technically, this is not a tunneling protocol per se. It could be better described as a way to punch a hole in any firewall by using SSL over HTTPS to transfer data…

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