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Internet VPN 2021 Review & Test VPN 2021 Review & Test

πŸ–₯️ is a well-managed VPN that offers first-class privacy, fast speeds, and bulletproof security features. It has exceeded my expectations in most areas, and provides an easy-to-use interface on all of its applications.

I ran a series of tests for a VPN to see how it handles speeds, security, privacy, streaming, and more. plan is free, but with limited features. I will test the full premium version.

The privacy policy is watertight and gives confidence that no important logs were taken, and it has a relationship with i2Coalition, an organization dedicated to online security. I recommend even to VPN beginners due to its sheer simplicity.

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Do you have a short time? Here are my main results

  • Opens broadcast platforms. has unblocked every streaming platform they promised with their optimized servers, and more.
  • Amazing speeds. I didn’t experience any major slowdowns in my tests, and I can even stream in HD on remote servers.
  • Weatherproof no-logs policy. is located in Malaysia, does not collect any annoying logs, and its privacy policy is very transparent.
  • Reliable security features. No IP, DNS, WebRTC, or IPv6 leaks were found during my tests, and 256-bit AES encryption and several protocols keep you safe.
  • Extensive server network. has more than 2000 well-located servers around the world. The free version allows you to choose from only 5 servers.
  • Torrenting is allowed. allows P2P on all of its servers, and the speeds are high enough for fast and secure downloads.
  • Good enough for gaming. has good enough speeds and connectivity for most games. However, on remote servers, the ping level rose to more than 200 milliseconds.
  • Free plan. There is a free version of, but you are limited to 10 GB per month, 1 connection, and 5 servers.
  • 30 day money back policy. You can try all features without risk because they are backed by this guarantee. VPN Features – Updated Dec 2021



the price



Money Back Guarantee



Does VPN keep logs?



Number of servers



Number of devices per license



kill switch



Based in the country




24/7 live chat support

Streaming – Unblocked Major Platforms Premium Edition

Provided you select servers optimized for streaming, you will be able to unblock almost everything. Every platform that I promised to unblock worked very easily, with quite a few additional platforms as well.

Unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, HBO Now, Disney+, ESPN, DAZN, RAI, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and more lists its optimized servers separately and they have all bypassed geo-blocking on the mentioned platforms. Make sure to select servers from the enhanced list or you won’t be able to unblock anything. I was able to access the US, UK, Italian, French, Turkish and German versions of Netflix without any issues. Display the “most popular in” reel along with your chosen country, indicating success.

Italy-based RAI worked within seconds when I connected to the optimized server

He had no problems unblocking all US websites I triedEven well-known platforms like HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. ITV Hub worked when I used the UK server optimized for BBC iPlayer. In addition, I can access other Turkish streaming sites, such as BeinConnect, BluTV, Puhu TV and Sport Plus.

I can bypass geo-blocking and access Netflix US without any difficulty

Banned by: 10

I really struggled to find platforms that could not unblock, but you may find a few that are not on the enhanced list. Using an Australian server, I could not access 10Play because it failed to bypass blocks. You may find some less known streaming sites that are not currently working.

There may be a few small platforms that can’t unblock

I was greatly impressed by the breadth of platforms that was able to unblock. You need to make sure you have the correct servers selected – I’ve tried normal servers out of curiosity and unsurprisingly they haven’t unblocked any streaming platforms. The improved servers are great I definitely recommend for streaming.

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Speeds – Always Fast Connection

I got steady speeds without any significant drop, even at longer distances. Despite the slight cutbacks when connecting to remote servers in Australia and Japan, the speeds are still good enough for HD streaming and more.

Speed ​​measurements are:

  • Download speed. This determines the quality you can stream at and how fast you can download data, measured in megabits per second.
  • upload speed. How fast data is sent over the Internet, also measured in megabits per second.
  • ping / latency. The lower the connection test, the better, especially for gaming. Ping is the unit in which we measure response time in milliseconds, and it shows the response time of the server.

local speeds

I picked up my base speed first without the VPN, so I had something to compare it to. My nearest server was in London, England, so I connected to it and ran my speed test. Usually, there is a slight slowdown as the VPN encrypts your traffic, and the results are pretty much in line with what I expected.

VPN Offline (UK) VPN connection
(United kingdom)
Change the speed ratio
Loading 45.91 Mbps 32.22 Mbps 30% decrease
Loading 6.51 Mbps 6.74 3.5% increase
ping 12 19 58% increase

The 30% drop still gives me a respectable speed, high enough for even 4k streaming. The upload speed increased slightly, and the ping remained reasonably low.

Long range speeds

Speeds remained consistently high until I connected to remote servers. Even these gave usable speeds, with Japan, Singapore and Australia averaging above 10 Mbps. That’s still more than enough for streaming in HD and fast browsing. European servers like France and Germany gave me connections that were faster than my base speeds, which was a pleasant surprise. Sometimes VPNs evade any ISP throttling that may slow you down, and that seems to have happened here.

I haven’t experienced any drastically slow speeds on any servers

Some remote servers have lower upload speeds. The US server in Las Vegas did not produce any upload speed at all, and Australia was very low although this was not unexpected. Ping went up depending on the distance as well, but that wasn’t surprising either.

Ping and Upload speed affected when connected to more distant servers

In conclusion, exceeded my expectations regarding speed. Most of the time, you are above the average minimum for HD streaming and fast downloads. However, I would like to see faster upload speeds on US servers, especially in places where they haven’t been.

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Are Speeds Enough for Games? Yes

Provided you connect to nearby servers,’s speeds are high enough to play. For ultra-competitive players, ping is a very important factor. Everything is relative, so if another player has a ping 50ms less than you, they will have an advantage. On the farthest servers, the ping time increased by more than 200 milliseconds – which elite gamers may find unacceptable. There are some best VPNs for gaming that you might want to consider for lag-free gaming.

For the average player, will be more than able to play, especially on those servers that are closest.

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Server Network – Useful Sites has 2,000 servers in 40 countries, providing useful global coverage. As with other VPNs, server networks are always subject to expansion or limitation. It seems to go a step further for customers and Allows you to request additional servers As part of the feedback process. It’s uncertain how likely server locations will be to add on demand, but I think this feature adds value to the service.

You can request additional server locations in the app

I’ve found that all servers are reliable, connecting in about 20 seconds. It is good to see that there are servers in the Africa region (Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, UAE), South America (Brazil only), as well as some notable locations like India and Turkey. There are no servers in Malaysia, although there is a VPN there, nor are there any servers in Russia or China.

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Security – a wide range of protocols

You have weatherproof protection with a variety of protocols and safety features. I can commend for its long list of actions to keep you safe online.

Encryption and protocols uses several protocols and you can switch between them manually.

  • OpenVPN. This is a classic VPN protocol that provides military grade AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Wireguard. A newer protocol that provides strong encryption over UDP and aims to be faster than OpenVPN.
  • IKEv2 / IPSec. This is an older type of protocol but still works fine. recommends this option, but I’d choose WireGuard.
  • SoftEtherVPN. It combines several protocols, and is recommended for bypassing firewalls.
  • SSTP. Another older protocol, with lower security than its newer counterparts.

There is an automatic option if you hate choosing, but personally, I’d go with WireGuard in most situations.

You can select your own protocol, or set it to automatic

There is a nice extra feature here called “Backup Configuration” – If your chosen protocol fails, it will use the backup options automatically.

This feature keeps your connection secure if the main protocol fails

split tunneling offers split tunneling, allowing you to only route certain apps through a VPN. This feature is useful if you want to use your browser to access geo-restricted websites, while using other apps, such as Skype and Telegram on your normal internet connection. It is the best way to hide the fact that you are using a VPN because your ISP will still see some of your web activities.

IP, DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC Leaks

On every server I tested, the VPN protected me from any privacy leaks. I would like…

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