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How can I hide my IP address for free

How can I hide my IP address for free


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  1. How can I hide my IP address to get Google for free
  2. How to hide a free ip

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The description should be changed, if this video is supposed to have a download link. Comment below, I have to change all my vital files in my videos for copying. Some proxy servers can mask your IP address with a fake address. It will appear as if you are located in the same country as your proxy server. If you are using a proxy to hide your IP address, beware that not all proxy servers offer equal protection. Transparent proxy servers do not hide your IP address nor your use of a proxy.

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Want to stay safe from online threats? Hide your IP address to ensure your safety on the Internet. There are several ways to do this and many tactics are available for free.

An Internet Protocol address, commonly known as an IP address, is a number-based label. This label is assigned to all devices connected to a computer network that use the Internet Protocol to communicate.

IPv4 is an IP address made up of 32-bit numbers. The IP address mainly helps identify the network and learn the network address.

Therefore, hiding your IP address ensures that you can not only hide your geographical location but also avoid leaving a digital footprint. Accessing certain contents that have some geographical restrictions is easy if you know how to hide your IP address.

So, we have made a list of ways in This post that can help to hide your IP address for free.

6 Best Ways to Hide Your IP Address:

Here are the ways you can hide your IP address.

#1. Using a VPN Service

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network It is an application that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the World Wide Web.

How can I hide my IP address to get Google for free

It routes your device’s internet connection through the chosen private VPN server. This way you avoid your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The benefit of this is that when your data is transmitted to the Internet, it arrives from the VPN instead of your computer.

Moreover, your sensitive data is transmitted through a file “Subway” Created by the VPN from your device to the Internet. This way it encrypts important data and protects you from online threats. Many VPNs on the market Available with great features.

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VPNs use a number of methods to transmit security over the Internet and viable protection that is stored on your computer. Good VPN features include:

  • encryption
  • Private DNS Servers
  • Leakage protection
  • kill switch
  • No-logs policy

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# 2. Using a proxy server

Proxy servers redirect your browser around certain content filters and hide your IP address for free. It displays the server’s IP address instead of the real IP address but it is not sufficient in providing strong encryption. Proxies act as intermediaries between your system and the Internet.

SSL, SSH, SOCKS, etc. are several types of proxies that can be used to configure the browser and other applications. Proxy servers are similar to VPNs and apart from that, VPNs are a type of proxy.

Proxy servers lack DNS traffic. This means that site requests go to a third party DNS server Who can view your real IP address, leaving you vulnerable to exposure.

Using free proxies can also be a bit risky as they may expose the real IP address if the connection to the server is somehow broken. It may also slow down your internet and may have legal restrictions in some regions.

# 3. By changing networks

If you are sure that your IP address is compromised, or has been blocked, you can easily look for the network switch option to get a new IP address. This is another easy way Hide your IP for free online.

You should already know that there are three types of networks; Public Network, Private Network and Smartphone Internet Data (Mobile Internet).

Being on the public network makes you vulnerable, therefore choose a password protected network.

#4. Change the IP address

The IP address of a system is usually dynamic and keeps changing from time to time automatically. This is because IP addresses are limited in number and therefore, are occasionally recycled by your ISP.

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However, if there is a certain time when you want to Renew and change your IP addressThen you can do it in the following way:

  • Go to Command Prompt in your Windows PC and choose to run it as administrator.
  • Enter the following commands: Enter ipconfig /releaseEnter ipconfig /renew
  • This will change your IP address.

#5. By asking your ISP

If you are wondering how to change your IP address, you can contact Internet service provider. Your ISP allocates you a certain IP address, so if you’re feeling vulnerable, you can formally ask them to change your IP address.

This can be a lengthy process and the application process may require some fees; However, this is the best way to get a static IP address.

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# 6. Using a NAT Firewall

How to hide a free ip

If you are using a wireless router, you are already behind a file NAT Firewall (Network Address Translation). A NAT firewall automatically allows multiple devices on the same network to display the same public IP address. However, these devices have their own unique IP address.

So, by masking your IP address, a NAT firewall maintains the connection between your system and your Internet connection by allowing only those responses requested by your IP address while keeping other irrelevant responses at bay.

last thoughts

So, you can see that hiding your IP address is not important because many easy hacks allow you to achieve this easily.

You can also try unplugging and reconnecting your router to change your IP address if you want to easily change your IP away from the hacks suggested above. Although this is not a sure tactic but it can sometimes work.

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