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How do police track anonymous proxies/VPNs?

How do police track anonymous proxies/VPNs?


WRC said:

I’m asking this question because someone wrote it on another forum a few years ago
Police do not need to ask the police abroad to track the anonymous proxy but they ask the ISP of their country when they suspect the user is in their country. Is this correct??


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First, times have changed dramatically from what they were a few years ago. There are so many things that law enforcement agencies and the government in general would have had to do to start and carry out an investigation they might not need to do, or simply ignore. You need to know the law in your country first, and then you need to do some research on the laws and the way the government and police handle things in the country you are using their intellectual property. If it’s a “friendly” country, which means your country has a lot of relationships with each other, you can expect the two countries to likely work together, if the charges are serious enough.

Also, never trust the VPN provider, proxy, and what you have. Having a privacy policy does not mean following it. Almost every company in the world has one, but that doesn’t mean they stick with it. The truth is, if you do something stupid enough to get law enforcement in or above it, or if your ISP, VPN provider, etc. decide they don’t want to deal with what these agencies want on you, they’ll hand you over, gift wrapped with a bow.

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