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How secure is a VPN connection? It’s not as safe as you might think

How secure is a VPN connection? It’s not as safe as you might think


5 Reasons to Get Rid of Your VPN

Traditional VPN clients may not face the current complexities or match the ways people work today. But fortunately, there is a better option. Citrix Workspace’s zero-trust architecture provides not only stronger security, but also a superior user experience.

Here are five reasons to replace your VPN with Citrix Workspace:

1. There is a high risk of security breaches

VPNs expose entire networks to threats such as distributed denial of service (DDoS), sniffing and phishing attacks. Once an attacker or malware infiltrates a network through a compromised user’s device connected to it, it can destroy an entire network.

With less VPN access, users will get a single login for both internal and SaaS applications. It provides access to the application layer, thus removing the risk from any attacks at the network level.

2. VPNs are hard to scale and create bad user experience

Most VPN services have been deployed to serve a small percentage of the remote workforce. When most of the workforce is remote, VPNs become bottlenecks, particularly when delivering traditional client server applications that consume a significant amount of bandwidth. Then there’s the increasingly common “lock switch,” designed to completely cut internet connections when a VPN fails. Although it may help address some security concerns, this feature makes for a poor user experience.

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Not only does Citrix Workspace help improve the delivery of these applications, but it can also automatically scale to serve your entire workforce without configuring and deploying additional hardware. Even better, it can be safely and seamlessly connected to any device over any network.

3. VPNs are accessed by unmanaged devices

This creates risks, as the IT department has no insight into the health of unmanaged PCs and mobile devices. These devices may be infected with keyboard registry or screenshot malware, which attackers can use to compromise sensitive data.

Citrix Workspace features anti-keyboard logging capabilities, random keystrokes picked up by cybercriminals looking to compromise credentials. Attackers will only receive non-decipherable scripts, keeping usernames and passwords safe.

4. VPNs are not designed to detect dangers

When the VPN credentials are compromised, the attacker can enter the network and move freely to compromise sensitive data. Although they may take suspicious and malicious actions, VPNs are not designed to detect them or take corrective action. Due to the limited resources of most IT departments and the limited insights that VPN clients provide, monitoring this activity can be cumbersome.

Citrix Analytics for Security uses machine learning to understand and monitor end-user behavior across devices, data, networks, applications, and virtual desktops. When it detects risky behavior, it can take automatic proactive action such as logging the session, logging the user out of their account, or expiring shared document links.

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5. VPNs put employee privacy at risk

Connecting to a VPN server means that all traffic is redirected to a data center. Obviously, this includes not only business traffic, but also personal traffic. With Citrix Workspace, employee data remains private because company data is only sent through the data center.

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