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How to Avoid IPv6 Leaks with NordVPN?

How to Avoid IPv6 Leaks with NordVPN?


What is an IPv6 leak?

Most of the current websites only support IPv4, while there are quite a few Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that support both IPv4 and IPv6.

Here’s a real-world example: Your ISP uses both protocols and you connect to some websites or services that only support IPv4. This is where an IPv6 leak might happen – requests you send to this site or service will contain your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

It can happen even if you are using a VPN but this is not the case with NordVPN.

How does NordVPN protect you from IPv6 leaks?

NordVPN has integrated IPv6 leak protection. You can read more about it here:

Depending on your device and/or network, you can completely disable IPv6 use – in 99.9% of cases it will have no further impact on your Internet use – IPv6 adoption is slow, and almost all services allow access through IPv4.

Otherwise, how can you protect yourself from IPv6 leaks?

You can disable IPv6 in your network completely by changing your router’s configuration. Every router is different but most have the ability to turn off IPv6 completely – in this case, you don’t have to change anything in your hardware.

For information on how to disable it on your router, see your router’s user guide. If you are not able to disable it on the network (for example, when using public networks), you can disable it on your device instead:

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