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How to change an IP address to another country (4 easy ways)

How to change an IP address to another country (4 easy ways)



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Do you need to unblock the internet or appear somewhere other than your actual location online? This article explains how you can change the IP country easily.

As you get to this article, you probably know what an IP address is and why you need to hide or change your IP country. But even if you’re not, don’t worry, this article explains it all for you.

But before we go ahead, make sure of one thing for yourself. Changing your IP address is not a luxury on the InternetIt is your right and duty and the necessity of your privacy.

The online world is full of cybercriminals who keep searching for ways to attack you.

Likewise, annoying advertisers are always looking for your details to track what you want, so they can prick you with ads.

And of course, you don’t want every snooper or perpetrator watching your online activities, right?

This is where you need to change the country of the IP address! But before we get to it, let’s cover some of the basics you should know.

rushed? Here’s how to quickly change your IP country:

  • Sign up for a reliable VPN, our privacy experts, or cybersecurity researchers (myself included) all recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for this reason (multiple reasons).
  • Install the VPN app, if you are using ExpressVPN, it has an app for all known devices making it easy for you to get started.
  • Connect to a server available in the country whose IP you want to get (for example, if you need a US IP address outside, you can connect to a US VPN server).
  • That is, once you connect to the specific VPN server, the IP address of your country should actually be changed.

How does an IP address work?

Just like your physical address that leads anyone to your home, you also have an address on the Internet. The Internet names it as your IP address.

Technically, the file An IP address is a unique number assigned to your device as an identifier on the Internet.

Whether it is your mobile phone, laptop or any other device from which you access the Internet, each device has its own unique IP address which it receives from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

An IP address is not just a random number, but contains a lot of details.

Through this single resource, Anyone can know about your device, network information and browsing habits as well as your physical location.

When your device connects to the Internet, that IP address is what websites, advertisers, government authorities, and other online entities track about you.

But, if you know how to change the public IP address of your device, you can easily get rid of all these trackers.

Similarly, the file An IP address also allows content providers to define their target audience.

This is why you see different kind of news on the internet from different places.

Likewise, you cannot access BBC iPlayer outside the UK, because the service provider tracks your location via an IP address.

However, if you Effectively change IP to another countryYou can bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the freedom of browsing.

Reasons to change your IP address

Your IP address not only reveals your location but also a lot of details.

You probably can’t even imagine how much information you inadvertently reveal online through your IP address.

In short, your privacy and security are always at risk when your real IP address is visible online.

Therefore, it makes sense to hide or mask your IP address and protect yourself.

But if you are wondering why you or someone else should do it, here are some important reasons.

1. Browse websites anonymously

Have you ever wondered why you start seeing ads for products you’ve purchased or viewed right after you leave your online store?

Or why do you see ads related to your purchases on your Facebook News Feed? This is because a file Websites are tracking you!

Thanks to the advanced tracking cookies that companies today spread while you visit a website, you not only get information from that website but also share it with them.

Almost every website has certain tracking elements that keep haunting you as you surf the internet. these Trackers prey on your IP address Through it they get information about your device, your location, your network, and other devices connected to your network.

All this data is enough to allow them to get enough information about you. They can then use this data to display relevant ads (whether or not you want to display them).

Sometimes these trackers are so powerful that the websites you visit only let you in if you turn off the ad blocker. In the end, you are forced to share your data with them.

Of course, you cannot prevent the other party from spying on you.

But, you can fake your online profile. Hence, the only viable solution for this tracing is Change IP address country.

When websites can’t track your real IP address, they can’t know your country, device, and other data.

In return, you can Enjoy anonymous browsing Without having to worry about any online tracking tools.

2. Restrict search engines from tracking your browsing history

For most of you, for “Google” the thing is the easiest option to find anything or anyone.

But only a few people may realize that this seemingly harmless activity also shares your private data with Google.

In fact, it’s not just about Google. rather almost Every search engine also likes to keep track of what you’re doing Online.

Popular search engines like Google and Bing create a profile for you based on your browsing habits.

They then use this data to adjust search results for accuracy and ad targeting. naturally, They associate all this data with your IP addressIn addition to placing cookies on your device.

If you do not want these search engines to track you, delete cookies from your device and sarcastic IP address.

Though, we recommend using private search engines instead of Google and alike to eliminate this tracking issue for good. These search engines, like DuckDuckGo, respect your privacy.

3. Access to content is blocked in your place

Most Schools ban social media platforms and homework help sites To avoid distracting students.

Along the same lines, Employers also prevent Social media such as Facebook in the workplace to restrict employees from wasting time.

Some organizations that do sensitive work also block such platforms to avoid any kind of information leakage.

While this all makes sense, you may not like such restrictions all the time. (At least I don’t want to be so constrained.)

So, once again, you have a workaround to unblock websites, which is to change your IP address.

Since content restrictions are applied to the IP address assigned by the network of the relevant place, once it is spoofed on your device, you can bypass all these restrictions.

4. Bypass geographic content restrictions

Content restrictions based on location is another annoying thing in the online world.

Sometimes, the content providers themselves limit their audience to a specific location only. Like BBC iPlayer is not available outside the UK.

While, in most cases, Government authorities block various websites To limit people’s access to certain information. This can be done for various political or moral gain. Anyway, this is not part of our discussion.

What is our goal is that we, as free human beings, reserve the right to freely surf the Internet (ethically).

So, if you are tired of these geo-restrictions, know how to change a country’s IP address to another IP address. This will lift any content that is blocked from you since your website will appear differently from where you are.

5. Use Netflix and other streaming services anywhere

Did you miss watching BBC iPlayer when you were abroad? Can’t you watch your favorite show on Netflix just because you’ve traveled to another country?

Then you definitely need to change your IP address to a different country.

Streaming platforms like Netflix often have different genres Enable geo-restrictions on the content they display. This can be a requirement by media studios, or they have to block certain content in an area based on that country’s media policies.

In either case, it is you, the user, who suffers.

These services track your IP address To see your location and apply content restrictions.

So, as a workaround, simply change the IP country of your device to the country where the content you want to access is available.

Doing so will change your location on the internet, and you will be able to unblock Netflix USA and other similar networks as they will not be able to track your exact location. Thus, you can continue to enjoy your favorite shows no matter where you are.

6. Evading government tracking and eavesdropping

Apart from content censorship, Government authorities often eavesdrop on you.

Although the extent of this eavesdropping may be different.

Some countries like China and Iran are notorious for keeping track of their citizens very strict. Whereas, the United States frequently eavesdrops on users through their own National Security Agency.

Likewise, government authorities in other countries monitor their users’ online activities, whether they disclose it publicly or not.

these Authorities strictly keep track of your IP address To find out what you do online. While this is bad, what is somewhat shocking and dangerous is the way states share citizens’ data.

Today, huge spying alliances, such as 5 Eyes and 9 Eyes, have made sharing data between countries much easier.

Although this is necessary to contain criminal activities, it is also a file privacy violation of ordinary users.

However, if you know how to get a new IP address for your device, you can easily Avoid such tapping.

7. Prevent your ISP from tracking you

Whether you use a private search engine, frequently clear your browsing history, or do just about anything to prevent online tracking, there is one resource that is constantly tracking you. This is for you Internet service provider (or ISP).

Your ISP controls everything you do online. that they Record all your activitiesEven browsing activity in incognito mode.

They then keep it and share it with law enforcement and government authorities when needed.

While you can’t stop them from spying on you, you certainly can Protect yourself by hiding your public IP address. Your ISP will only be able to track you if you continue browsing using the IP address they provide.

But, if you get a file Fake country IPEspecially with a VPN that also encrypts your data, your ISP will not know anything about your online activities.

8. Stay away from hackers’ radar

Changing the IP address is not only required to protect your privacy, but your security as well.

such as websites and government agencies, Also, criminal hackers are always looking for your information Online.

In fact, they are in fact waiting to identify your weaknesses, whether it is about vulnerabilities in your device’s security system or your personal life.

Once they get a hint of your weakness, they won’t waste a single minute preying on you. They can then achieve long-term benefits including financial gain…

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