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How to Get ExpressVPN for Free in 2022 (Easy Hack)

How to Get ExpressVPN for Free in 2022 (Easy Hack)



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ExpressVPN does not have an account or free trial. Hence, this post teaches you how to get ExpressVPN free trial with a risk-free money-back guarantee hack app no ​​questions asked.

ExpressVPN has become a market leader, all thanks to its security, speed, and reliability. But you might be wondering,How do I know if it is the right VPN for me?The best way to be sure is Get ExpressVPN Free Trial.

despite of ExpressVPN does not offer a completely free trial As do some of the other best VPNs. still Offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. It can help you test ExpressVPN and see if it meets your requirements yourself, all without risk.

After testing it with different accounts, we can guarantee ExpressVPN’s money-back guarantee; it’s working. We got our money back every time.

Now, here is a detailed guide to enable you to get ExpressVPN for free. Besides learning how to get ExpressVPN free trial, you will also be able to read some amazing stats that will surely convince you to use a powerful VPN like ExpressVPN at all times.

Let’s get started!

Get ExpressVPN Free Trial – Quick Steps

Are you excited enough to get ExpressVPN for free? Follow these quick steps to get the amazing VPN on your device without checking out the complete guide.

β€’ Go to ExpressVPN’s website Select a subscription plan to sign up.
β€’ Complete the registration By submitting your billing details and payments.
β€’ Download the VPN app on your device and start using it with full premium features for a month.
β€’ Request a refund before completing the 30-day trial period And get your money back within a few working days.

It was very easy to enjoy this paid VPN service for free. but that is not all! Read on to learn more about getting a free VPN with no prepayments, a 30-day free use hack, and more.

How to Get ExpressVPN Free Trial – No Upfront Payment

ExpressVPN is mostly a paid VPN that is generally known for its no-risk money-back guarantee. However, since it offers top-notch services, it costs somewhat higher than competing VPN services. This is the reason why people who cannot invest a few dollars for a month leave the idea of ​​trying this VPN.

However, not much is known about ExpressVPN’s free trial without upfront payments.

You read it correctly! ExpressVPN comes with a completely free trial for a few days. But, unfortunately, it is not advertised as aggressively as the money-back guarantee. That is why we describe it in detail here to allow you to test this VPN at no cost.

But there is a catch!

This free trial version is only available for mobile users. This means that you must download this VPN on your Android or iOS device to test it; You cannot use your computer So.

Second, this The free trial only lasts for 7 days. Then, you have to sign up for one of their pricing plans to use the VPN. (Of course, your payment is still protected by a money-back guarantee.)

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Free ExpressVPN on Mobile

  1. Go to the App Store On your mobile device (Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS).
  2. Search for a file ExpressVPN App and download it.
  3. Open the app And Participation with your email address. Click the “Create Account” button to register.
  4. Grant the required permissions to the application.
  5. You will now land in the VPN dashboard. You can also See the free trial logo at the top of your screen with a mention of how long you can use the app for free.
  6. Choose the server from the dropdown menu and Press the power icon to connect.

that’s it. You can now enjoy using ExpressVPN with access to all its features for 7 days. No need to enter your payment details or make advance payments to test the app.

Get 30 Days Free ExpressVPN Account – Easy Hack

As we have already explained, the 7-day free trial is only applicable to mobile users. So, if you want to test this VPN on other devices, you need to invest money. However, you will now learn how Convert your subscription to a free account.

Basically, you will hack the money back guarantee offered by the provider to convert it to a completely free demo account. For this, you will be the first Subscribe to the service and then cancel your subscription. In the end, you Get 30 days of quality VPN service without spending a dime.

Follow these steps to take advantage of ExpressVPN’s free trial.

The key here is to make sure you remember to unsubscribe before the 30 days have passed. It may help to set up an alert on your mobile phone or computer for the payment due date.

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN

The 30-day money-back guarantee begins when you sign up for the service. So, first you need to register for the service like any other paying customer to qualify for it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to ExpressVPN’s website and Click onGet ExpressVPNA button is available there.
  2. Choose the package to subscribe to. ExpressVPN offers a 1 monthAnd 15 months, And 6-month subscription plan.
    Obviously, the 1-month subscription plan is the cheapest plan as you can pay once. But it is ultimately more expensive in the long run. However, the idea here is to get your money back. So It doesn’t really matter which plan you choose.
    Just make sure to cancel your subscription before one month is upNo matter which plan you choose. Your money will be refunded if you cancel the service one month before; Otherwise, it will charge you a fee.
  3. Enter your email address and select your preferred payment option. ExpressVPN boasts a flexible payment system where you can pay with PayPal, your credit and debit card, Bitpay, and even Bitcoin.
  4. if done With the payment for your chosen subscription, you will Receive confirmation of your account details. The same email will have a link to change your ExpressVPN password (if you wish) along with “Set up ExpressVPNbutton. The email will look like this.
  5. Click onSet up ExpressVPNbutton. It will take you to ExpressVPN Control Panel, where you can see files Activation code. You can also specify individual VPN client links and manual setup guides for specific devices and operating systems. Click on the relevant link or button Install/configure ExpressVPN on your device.
  6. Once installed, the file The ExpressVPN client will ask for your activation code at launch. This is the same activation code that appeared on the ExpressVPN dashboard.
  7. as soon as Enter your activation code, you will be logged into the VPN app. You are now ready to call and Start ExpressVPN Test Outside. Clicking the Connect button will connect you to the fastest VPN server available.
  8. Once your connection is resolved, so will you All ready to start enjoying your ExpressVPN account for 30 days and refund your money (considering that you canceled on time).

NoticeableExpressVPN does not offer a “totally free trial” except for mobile users. The above workaround gives you access to all ExpressVPN offerings. This means that your account will not have any restrictions on features, bandwidth, servers or speed. But keep in mind that the money-back guarantee lasts specifically for 30 days. So, to be on the safe side, you should cancel your account by or before the 29th day of signing up and request a refund. (Even after requesting a refund, you can still use the VPN until you have completed the 30-day period.)

2. Cancel your subscription for a full refund

Requesting a refund with ExpressVPN is easy because the company prides itself on No-questions-asked policy Money Back Guarantee.

Here are the simple steps you can follow to cancel your account and get your money back after using ExpressVPN for 30 days for free:

  1. Log in to your account on and locate “Subscription settings Where you will see your active subscriptions.
  2. under “Subscription,” Click on “Manages” Selection.
  3. There is what you need Click on the line saying, “Turn off automatic renewal. β€œHe will ask you Reconfirm your choice A few times before turning off the automatic renewal. Please note that You don’t even need to turn off auto-renewal if you sign up for a 1-month plan.
  4. Now, you need to Contact customer support.
    The easiest way to contact ExpressVPN customer service and request a refund is Start a live chat With them. You can do this by clicking on the green button available in the lower right corner of the site, which reads, β€œneed help? Chat with us!Clicking the button will launch a live chat window where you can request a refund without any hesitation.
    They may ask the reason behind the cancellation, but this is just a formality. Chat support agent will soon confirm cancellation It has been sent to the billing department and you will Get a full refund in about Five to seven working days.
  5. everything is okay! Now that you have used ExpressVPN for 30 days already and have successfully submitted a refund claim, all you have to do is Wait for some days to get your money back Finally, your task is to get a free ExpressVPN account.

What makes ExpressVPN a better experience than free VPNs?

After reading about the hacks to use this premium VPN for free, you might be wondering why it isn’t just a free service instead. Of course this will save you from all this trouble, right?

Although there are no costs, Free services cannot be compared to their premium counterparts, like ExpressVPN, for good reason.

You can check out this guide to find out what makes paid VPNs better than free ones. But let’s briefly mention not only free VPNs You risk privacy and security but also provide bad services. Even some free service providers Register and invest your data, thus completely destroying the purpose of using a VPN. While those who provide a free form often Restrict services to free models to force users to upgrade.

This is where ExpressVPN’s free trial becomes worth using.

At first, you don’t have to worry about logging data as ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy. Then, the provider offers a risk-free money-back guarantee, thus, it becomes Free-to-use option for short-term users. This means, for a period of 30 days, you can access all the premium features of this VPN without any risk to your online privacy, security and money.

Since, if you first choose 7-day free use on your mobile phone, you can Enjoy this paid VPN for 37 days! During this time, you can access online servers from 94 countries, unlimited bandwidth, and fast speed connection. In addition, you can also use the VPN on 5 devices, including your router. (This pretty much makes your entire network secure.)

Certainly, you cannot get all these benefits with free VPNs no matter how long you use them.

What is a VPN anyway?

VPNs, also known as virtual private networks, are vital components of today’s internet-connected devices. a A VPN gives you web anonymity and privacy by configuring a private network outside of a public internet connection for you.

Have you ever been worried about hackers and your privacy on the internet? Have you ever worried about spyware, tracking cookies, and annoying ads?

You might be trying to access a website or web app that is not accessible in your country due to geo-blocking. Or maybe you want to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other blocked streaming sites? Using a VPN can help you To solve all these problems and get the freedom of the Internet.

A VPN can also help you avoid malware and keyloggers along with acting as a security firewall when connected to the Internet. Moreover, a VPN will prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth as well.

Today, various types of VPN services with different functions are available. But Not all of them offer adequate privacy and security for your devices.

some of them …

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