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How to Install and Setup ExpressVPN on Router in 2020

How to Install and Setup ExpressVPN on Router in 2020


Last update: August 20, 2020

Muhammad Hamza martyr

Learn how to install and set up ExpressVPN on your router to enjoy a VPN connection throughout your household for the ultimate in security and protection!

Whether you are a journalist who wants to remain anonymous, or you are starting a new business that requires a local network to share data securely and conveniently, having a dedicated ExpressVPN router can come in very handy.

It provides a safer, stronger, and more stable internet experience, while also working in the interest of keeping your family safe if they engage in P2P/Torrenting, or simply want their information safe from identity thieves, malware, and viruses.

How to protect your home Wi-Fi with a VPN router

Step 1: Get an ExpressVPN free trial or subscription from their order page

Step 2: Buy a preconfigured VPN router here

Step 3: Set up your router with these steps for Asus, LinkSys, and Netgear!

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Benefits of using ExpressVPN on a router

  • Gain powerful protection: Take advantage of a VPN connection on devices that cannot run the software. This includes smart TVs, game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and IoT devices like light bulbs, smart speakers, security cameras, etc.
  • Benefit from strong security: VPN works at its best when it is always connected. With an ExpressVPN router, you don’t have to reconnect all the time. All devices receive robust security directly when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Easy to use and configure: ExpressVPN router makes connecting to different VPN server locations very easy. Just go to VPN Connections, select the server, click the Connect button, that’s it!
  • Connect more devices: With an ExpressVPN subscription, you can connect on 5 devices at the same time. With the ExpressVPN router app, you won’t be required to install separate apps on all devices.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions: With ExpressVPN, you can unblock any and all streaming platforms, which include ExpressVPN Netflix, ExpressVPN Hulu, ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer, and ExpressVPN Disney Plus.

Get ExpressVPN Now! 30 day money back guarantee

How to set up ExpressVPN Router App for Linksys

  1. Loading Correct ExpressVPN Firmware By clicking here and from the dropdown list, select the appropriate Linksys model for your router.
  2. in the address bar of your browser, Enter The IP address of the router. This will open the administration panel. By default, the IP address of most is
  3. Enters Linksys router dashboard username and password. You will find this information on the bottom of the router in a printed form.
  4. click On “Contact” after logging in, Determine “Choose a file”, Loading The ExpressVPN firmware you have downloaded, and press the “Start” button.
  5. A pop-up notification will appear telling you that the firmware is not recognized and that the update will ask you to restart your router.
  6. long shoes Your router after rebooting and He goes To the URL: or to start setting up the new firmware.
  7. sign in Using “Admin” as username and Access The 8-digit password. You can find the relevant password at the bottom of your router.
  8. You will now be asked to activate your ExpressVPN account. sign in To your account, click Set up ExpressVPN, and copy the 23-digit activation code.
  9. paste it In the ExpressVPN Router “Account Setup” menu and Success Activate button. Click on the “VPN Connections” tab and connect to any VPN server!

Get ExpressVPN Now! 30 day money back guarantee

How to change ExpressVPN router settings

If you would like to change any settings of an ExpressVPN router, you can do so by entering the following URL into your browser address bar: or simply (similar to accessing any router else) .

Once accessed, you can easily change your Wi-Fi name and password, if necessary. You can also switch to Hide Network Name (SSID) from this menu. Last but not least, you can perform a soft reset by selecting “reboot router”.

How to upgrade ExpressVPN router firmware

  1. Loading The latest firmware for your ExpressVPN router is here.
  2. Mobility to the ExpressVPN dashboard by entering in your browser
  3. click In the “Advanced Settings” in the sidebar and select “Software Update”
  4. Choose “Choose a file” and click on the firmware you are downloading.
  5. Success Button “Update Now” and enjoy the latest upgrade!

ExpressVPN prompt: FAQ

What is a VPN router?

VPN routers are a more advanced version of standard Wi-Fi, which enables users to take advantage of robust connections at the hardware level. This eliminates the need for individual software installations, as the software is preloaded with an intuitive application.

How do I update my ExpressVPN router?

The update process does not require any rocket science. Users just have to click here, download the latest firmware for their router model, and then upload it into their router!

What routers support VPN?

Almost all DD-WRT routers support VPN configuration and setup. For more specific information about different router models, you can check out Flash routers. Here you can find details about the best Wi-Fi VPN routers.

Benefits of using ExpressVPN on a router

Secures all your Wi-networked devices at home, reduces overall IT costs by creating a local network for data sharing, and improves reliability of remote connections (ensuring data transmission is secure)

Can I put ExpressVPN on my router?

Yes, you can get ExpressVPn on your router. This means that you don’t have to install their app on every device you own. Simply connect each device to the router and enjoy the VPN connection.

What routers are ExpressVPN compatible with?

ExpressVPN offers router app firmware on a number of different LinkSys, Asus, and Netgear routers. You can take a look at the list of supported routers by checking out their page here.

How do I configure ExpressVPN on my router?

You will have to install the ExpressVPN firmware on your current router and then access the ExpressVPN router dashboard by entering in the address bar of your browser.

What to do if you are unable to connect to your ExpressVPN router?

Under the circumstances where you installed ExpressVPN on your router and had trouble connecting, check out the troubleshooting guides provided by the provider to get instant help!

wrap things

With this, we have come to the end of the ExpressVPN Router guide, which should help users set up a VPN on their router manually or directly from the provider.

If you encounter any issues/problems, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, feel free to share the guide with your friends/family members, who are looking for a permanent solution.

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