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How to install and use ExpressVPN on Kali Linux

How to install and use ExpressVPN on Kali Linux


It comes as no surprise to learn that Kali Linux and VPNs are a match made in heaven. Debian-based Linux distro supports VPNs in many different ways – we will focus on the most effective of them. So here’s how to set up and use ExpressVPN on Kali Linux.


According to ExpressVPN documentation, this VPN was tested on Kali Linux 2020.4. However, newer and older versions of Kali should work with ExpressVPN just fine. Of course, for your safety, we recommend updating to the latest version of Kali Linux.


Officially, ExpressVPN does not support Kali Linux. However, since it supports various Linux distributions, this VPN runs amazingly smooth on Kali. The only downside is that the ExpressVPN team will not provide assistance in case of any problems.

1. Start this procedure by getting your ExpressVPN subscription.

2. Once you are on the ExpressVPN website, click on any of the “Get ExpressVPN‘ buttons.

3. Then choose A Subscription plan (In the long run it comes with big savings).

4. Once you submit a file E-mail, choose a Payment method or payment and finish the procedure.

5. Expect to get a Confirmation email From ExpressVPN once you sign up.

6. Then go back to the file Homepage From ExpressVPN website.

7. Click “ArithmeticVisible in the upper-right corner (in the main menu).

8. Your saving E-mail address And The password, then selectsign in“.

9. When asked about a Confirmation emailCopy it from your email inbox.

10. At this moment, you should see a file ExpressVPN Account Dashboard.

11. Then choose “Set up other devicesAnd a new page should open.

12. Picklinux‘ On the left hand side.

13. Depending on which version of Kali you have, choose “Ubuntu 64-bit operating system‘ or ‘Ubuntu 32-bit operating system“.

14. Next, download the installation file by clicking on “Loading“.

15. Make sure to keep this page open, as you will need it very soon.

16. Now, turn on emulator station on your kali.

17. Run the following command: sudo dpkg -i [file path/file_name] and press Enters.

18. Activate the application by running the following command: Activate Expressvpn.

19. Copy the ExpressVPN activation code from your online account dashboard.

20. Answer B s or n When asked about Anonymous data logging.

21. That’s it! You have ExpressVPN set up on your Kali Linux, so let’s see how to use it.

22. To contact nearest servant, go with this command: Express vpn connection.

23 Disconnect From your current connection, use this: Express VPN Disconnect.

23. If you want to choose a specific server, use the ‘Expressvpn قائمة List‘ ordering.

24. Now, take a closer look at that list – including three columns You will see there.

25. To connect to a specific server, go to “Express vpn connection [COUNTRY]‘ ordering.


For example, to connect to a server in Germany, you can use the ‘Expressvpn connects Germany‘ ordering. However, you can also specify an exact server – for example: Expressvpn connects to Santa Clara.

26. To check what else you can do, run “candid man VPN‘ ordering.

27. This will show you ExpressVPN guide, with everything in it Supported commands.

There you have it – you now know how to set up and use ExpressVPN on Kali Linux. If you have any questions on your mind, be sure to post them via the comments section below. Finally, thank you for reading!

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